Q2.0 The New Q - The Real Deal? Can or Should We Trust this? Or TruthSocial Marketing Gimmick?

about a year ago

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Dustin Nemos

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In this episode we explore Q2.0 - Cutting through the mysticism and bullshit and elaborate narratives pulled randomly off the boards to prove "patriots in control" in every episode. We cut straight to the heart of the questions that matter - Is this Q even real? If so, can we trust it? What proofs exist (or don't) to verify this Q's legitimacy? We explore these difficult questions contrasted with Trump's glowing endorsement of the vaccines, which can only mean two things. Trump knowingly endorsed poison, or Trump can't figure out it's poison. Neither are good for the Q narrative. But, The Q posts DID call out the Freemasons - I have hope. Let's Dive In, with Dustin Nemos - Bestselling author of the Q Anon Art of War - QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening at www.TheBookofQAnon.com and one of the top original Q researchers. All of this, and more. For breaking news from one of the most over the target and censored names in the world join our 100% Free newsletter at www.NemosNewsNetwork.com/news Also follow us at Gab https://gab.com/nemosnewsnetwork Nemos News is 100% listener funded. Thank you for your support in our mission to Break the Cycle of Fake News. If you value our work please consider supporting us with our vetted patriot sponsors! www.NemosNewsNetwork.com/sponsors Shop Patriot & Detox the Deep State with www.RedPillLiving.com, Home of Sleepy Joe - the world's most powerful all natural sleep formula & The Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee for Patriots. "Our Specialty, is Waking People Up." Other Links Join our Telegram chat: https://NemosNewsNetwork.com/chat