Pt. 2 Inflation Coming In HOT; Tulsi Leaves Democrat Party; GabPay Trumps Paypal 10/14/22

About 2 years ago

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US inflation hits 8.2% in September – as all the media pundits spout in unison “hotter than expected.” Core CPI (Consumer Price Index) surged to 6.6%, the highest since 1982. However we all know those are government numbers and real inflation is closer to 16%-18%. Meanwhile Joe Biden is out there telling people that if they vote Republican they will lose all their savings including the savings that they’ve been receiving on their electric bills. The rest of us want to know what savings have we been receiving on our electric bills?

Tulsi Gabbard has officially left the Democrat party calling out their war mongering, fake social justice, and down right corruption. She SHOCKED Joe Rogan saying: If you go against Hillary Clinton, you’re DEAD.

Fed up parents are taking on their school boards decline critical race theory and “family friendly” drag shows.

Rebel News has an update on Amish Farmer Amos Miller whose organic farm was raided by armed fed agents & economically crippled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Now Amos is going toe to toe with the federal govt to protect himself & other American farmers.

Thanks to Andrew Torba of Gab, there is now a replacement for Paypal, GabPay. We will be switching Resistance Chicks donations to! Find us there @ResistanceChicks That and much more ahead!!! Read More:

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