President Trump Speaks at Save America Rally in Commerce, GA - 03-26-2022

About 2 years ago

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March 26th, Commerce Georgia

President Trump’s Save America Rally in Commerce GA was, as expected, a true love fest. Thousands of Trump MAGA supporters were on hand to listen to what nearly everyone there professed as the greatest president of their lifetimes.

Trump was there largely to support the campaign of David Perdue, the former Georgia Senator, running against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp in the Republican primary. It’s no secret that the former president is not a fan of Kemp and he made that quite clear at the rally. Trump is hoping Perdue will be running alongside NFL great Herschel Walker, who is vying for a Georgia Senate seat in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

Donald Trump True to Form

It was a blustery day as Trump called out to the crowd “Do you mind if I put on a hat?” They cheered as he donned his signature MAGA hat. Then he referenced the newly popular “Trump Was Right!” hat. 

Continuing on, he proceeded to cover the litany of disasters and policy failures of both the Democratic party and the Joe Biden administration declaring:

“Take five of the worst presidents and they would have not done the damage Joe Biden did in his first 15 months”

Speaking on Ukraine

Putin would have never invaded Ukraine under Trump! That was said more than once and based on the crowd reaction, everyone there agreed. “Peace through strength” Trump proclaimed. Russia under Putin invaded other countries during every presidency except for Donald Trump. Russia invaded Georgia under Bush. Crimea under Obama. However, no one was invaded under Trump. Now with Biden, all of Ukraine is under Russia's invasion. 

Of course, the only thing shared by the liberal media was the quote “smartest one gets to the top”; claiming Trump is praising Putin. Incorrect and out of context, as usual. Their agenda prevents them from reporting just how hard (and timely) Trump would hit the despicable dictator. 

Border, Covid, Elections & Women's Sports

Before wrapping up, President Trump revisited the candidates; Perdue, Walker, Jody Heiss, Burt Jones, John Gordon, and a few other notables. Each candidate was waved up to the stage by Trump, where they heaped praise on the former president and vowed to support a 2024 presidential run. 

John Gordon, who is running for Attorney General in Georgia, vowed to open an investigation into voting irregularities attributed to the 2020 election. Trump appeared surprised but pleased. “Kemp is weak,” Trump said, and it is known how much he dislikes the current Attorney General.

Border Disaster

Looking to the border, Trump referenced Thomas Homan, the former Director of the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement. Homan in an earlier appearance vowed to come back and serve Trump in 2024 when he wins the election. The President amusingly told the story of how the President of Mexico authorized 28,000 troops to man the border. 

Trump then asks Homan, “Isn’t that right Tom?” looking for agreement on border protection. True to form Trump said, “If he said no, I would have to take all the nice things I said about him back.” By the laughter, you can tell the crowd loved “Trump being Trump.”

Wrapping Up

Finally, he covered hot Republican talking points:

STOP inflation caused by the frivolous spending of Socialist Democrats

STOP the Covid mandates

STOP Critical Race Theory in our schools and support the parents

STOP Men competing in women's sports.

To that last point, the comedic Trump cited swimming and weightlifting. He emphasized the work women have to put in to be the best in their sport, whereas these biological males have an unfair advantage.  All in all, it was a good time as usual with the President.



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