Poll: Are Young Women More Conservative than You Think?

About 2 months ago

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At least 7 in 10 young women, regardless of their political stances, agree that children should wait until adulthood to undergo gender transition and that violent criminals should not be released on bail, according to a poll from a right-leaning women’s advocacy group. The poll surveyed 800 women aged 18–24, with a 3.5% margin of error.

Planet Fitness loses $400 million in stock value after banning a woman who complained about 
Planet Fitness lost $400 million in stock value in just five days on the heels of banning a woman who complained about a biological male shaving in the female locker room, the Daily Mail reported. The company's value dropped from $5.3 billion on March 14 to $4.9 billion on Tuesday, the outlet said, and its shares were down 13.59% compared to a month ago. 

On location at NRB Lana Silk, she is giving the Gospel to some who need it the most: Iranian sisters and brothers waiting to come to Jesus.

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