Physical and Spiritual Survival During COVID-19

about a year ago

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Peter R. Breggin MD

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Originally posted to YouTube on Mar 4, 2021.  This video had 7,013 views and 348 likes.

Zev Zelenko MD’s second interview with me will save lives, save souls, and help deliver America from the crushing weight of growing totalitarianism. Dr. Zelenko describes the COVID-19 treatment he first fully developed and that saves the lives of nearly everyone who receives it. For standing up for his patients and humanity, he has endured ostracism and rejection. On top of that he was already suffering from a severe illness. These experiences have demanded that he save his own soul, and you will see how well he has done it—and he wants to help us do the same for ourselves in these trying times. Finally, he talks about the larger political and spiritual condition of the world in a deeply knowing way. Dr. Zelenko is one of the three top COVID-19 physicians who have written incredible Introductions to our new book with my coauthor and wife Ginger Breggin. The science- and medicine-based book is called COVID-19 and the Global Predators—We Are the Prey. We are targeting to have pre-release announcement up in the next week.