Peter Wohler Interview - Source MN Ministries – OvercomersTV.Live #321

about 2 months ago

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- Peter has worked with at-risk youth since the mid-80's, ’85-’92 as a volunteer and staff with Family Hope Services and then in '92-'93 worked with homeless youth and brothels in red-light districts of Amsterdam, Europe and India. Peter returned to his own back yard, his "Jerusalem," Minneapolis - to work with homeless youth, teens in prostitution, young addicts, the at-risk and unreached. 1995 he became the Director of Source Mn, soon after he founded the first Joshua House, sober transitional home, with no budget and couple of Christian peers that wanted to be mentors and willing to pay rent. Since 1995 Peter and his wife jessica have lead source through many seasons of reaching out to the marginalized and the city. 4 children born 2001-2009.
- The Dreaded Pastor passions include disicpling the marginalized, creative outreach, Minneaoplis (his Jerusalem), the un-chruched and Over-churched, coaching soccer and fantasy football.

Since 1995 Source has included:
- Source located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, Source includes Urban Outreach, Anti-Trafficiing, Fallout Urban Art Center & Coop, Transitional Homes and National Homeless Youth Outreach and Merge Church. After working with teens in prostitution since 1995, Source began Source Anti-Trafficking in 2010. Source has partnered with local law enforcement and the FBI to advocate for victims and survivors. In 2018 Source was the Victim Resource Coordinators for Super Bowl 52.
- Source is located at the epicenter of the 2020 Mpls unrest. Source responded to the 2020 food crisis with thousands of meals and over 350 tons of groceries in 2020. We continue providing $2.5-3 million of food relief annually. And see approximately 200 1st time commitments to follow Christ each year since 2020.

And this is the victory that has overcome the world our faith...