Pastor Chuck Reich, Tina Marie Griffin and Donna Watson - #NRB2024 Overcomers.TV - FrankSpeech

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Troy' mom tells about her All-American kid that loved life. His heart was so big it didn’t fit in his chest. His life changed forever his senior year when he was in a car accident. This began a 12-year horrific journey of ups and downs. Troy never lost his faith. During this journey Troy helped as many people as he could. Troy planted seeds of hope and faith throughout his journal. He never gave up hope and planted so many seeds before his death at age 31.


http://www.Overcomers.TV - ANSWERING THE CALL TV Series is produced by Horizon Media Studios - 501(c)(3) non-profit media ministry that features other Christ-centered ministries who are "ANSWERING THE CALL". 


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