Our New Press Sec Has a track Record Of Antisemitism, Progressive Activism and Is a Supporter Of The Iran Deal

about a year ago

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Is the President’s New Press Secretary Anti-Semitic and Pro-Abortion?

The new press secretary for the president has come out in the past against APAC. She says that the group is racist and is Islamaphobic. Say's the group is known to be trafficking in anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric. Brannon says that if she wants to hear Islamiphoic talk, she should tune in to his show tonight. APAC exists to prove that Israel has the legal right to exist. Nothing anti-Islamic about APAC. They are just pro Isreal. Woods say Islam is not a race. It is a religion that transcends several races. She used to be connected with Moveon.org. He calls the new secretary an ideolog and a radical. 
Finally a somewhat rhetorical question; Why promote anyone who is against the Iran deal from Obama?