Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 3

About 5 months ago

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America's Future

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EPISODE 3: Not On My Watch – The show revealing the facts and truth to end the war on children, produced by America’s Future Project Defend & Protect Our Children (PDPC).

The story of Michelle Peterson and her son, Andrew, is one all Americans must hear, especially parents. It is the story of a warrior mother who instinctively knew that a late-night phone call to her son by one of his high school teachers was out-of-line and might be nefarious. Michelle was right. By listening to her gut and knowing her son, this “ultimate MaMa bear” was able to prevent further sexual grooming from occurring to her son by this teacher…and, in the end, her actions protected other young people.

Watch Episode 3 of America’s Future Not On My Watch with host Liz Crokin, investigative journalist and a member of America’s Future Project Defend & Protect Our Children Advisory Board, and her interview with Michelle as she recounts her family’s fight that lasted over three years (2010-2013) to have her son’s groomer incarcerated. Michelle’s courage and persistence with school officials, law enforcement, child protective services executives, state leaders, and others were the characteristics required to see her through the ordeal. She cautions parents to be alert for any changes in the behavior of their son or daughter and stresses the need for parents to monitor their children’s digital use, including their mobile phones, and to never give up fighting. She is now on a mission to have a federal law passed prohibiting plea deals and increase the penalties for those convicted of sexual grooming.

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