Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 2

About 7 months ago

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America's Future

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EPISODE 2: Not On My Watch – The show revealing the facts and truth to end the war on children, produced by America’s Future Project Defend & Protect Our Children (PDPC).

In this episode of Not On My Watch, host and investigative journalist, Liz Crokin conducts a riveting interview with whistleblower Cathy O’Brien, who describes the unimaginable tragedy she endured as a child after her father sold her into the CIA’s Project Monarch MK-Ultra – a U.S. government-funded program that used mind control tactics in children for the purposes of sex slavery and other demented purposes. Cathy recounts the tragic reality of her experiences, her escape from enslavement and success in reclaiming her life’s purpose over time, and why love for her daughter compelled her to speak out.

She encourages the public to persist in seeking the truth to rid society of crimes against children and believes that “the ultimate justice in positive change is through public awareness…as awareness continues to rise and the more questions we ask, the more truth we’re going to find. Sometimes truth is hard to face at first, but wow, it frees us from what has been going on.”

Cathy is the author of three books, TRANCE Formation of America, ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security, and PTSD: Time to Heal. To learn more about her horrific journey as a child victim through young adulthood in the MK-Ultra program, the public is urged to watch the film, TRANCE. The movie threads together Cathy’s “experience as a victim of MK Ultra and Project Monarch, into the macrocosm of past world events, and the agenda currently unfolding.”

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