Nigel Is Running: It's Time for a Political Revolt - Geert Wilder's Party Big Win in EU 6/9/24

About a month ago

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World News Report- UK politics just got interesting as Nigel Farage announced he is running for a seat in the UK Parliament and has taken over leadership of the Reform UK Party from Richard Tice. Left-wing Labor Party is set to win in a landslide, & Conservative Tories are sitting idly by because their policies are virtually the same as Labor. This leaves a massive opening for a new party to take hold, that could really shake things up in Britain. Geert Wilder's Party for Freedom has ridden the wave in Dutch domestic politics into the EU Parliament, as they are set to win 7 seats, compared to zero in 2019. In France, Macron's party is taking a beating, as Marine Le Pen's party is set to come out on top in the same European elections. Joe Biden embarrassed the United States once again with a series of gaffs while in France as world leaders met to commemorate D-Day. All of that & much more in This Week’s Top World News Stories! Read More:

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