The New York Times Interviewed Mike Lindell Today

about a year ago

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Mike Discusses Media, FrankSocial and Alternative Platforms

In an interview that lasted over an hour, Mike Lindell discussed important issues that are rarely reported on media like Fox News and Newsmax. Topics like the harm that can come from vaccines and voting machines are strictly taboo. On the other hand, there are so many new platforms like Gettr, Gab, Substack, and others where canceled voices are able to speak.

FrankSocial and FrankSpeech

Mike went on to announce the new FrankSocial platform is now available to everyone. "Just go to and sign up now!" He also discussed FrankSpeech as an alternative and noted that the reporter seemed surprised to find out that 100's of shows and podcasts that were banned on Twitter and Facebook are available on FrankSpeech and now FrankSocial as well.

Media Truce and Revelation

At this point, Mike told the reporter that he was not going to bad-mouth the media anymore, in fact, he just had shared an article from Newsweek. However, he pointed out that the double standard and total lack of reporting is incredible. He gave the reporter an example from just this week where Mike called Newsmax to ask if they would report on the lawsuit against Arizona to remove voting machines upon which he was told they wouldn't because of the subject.

Again, the reporter was surprised that they are willing to report the Dominion lawsuits against Mike, but when it comes to a lawsuit trying to force the removal of those voting machines, the media refuse to cover it. I guess we'll find out if the New York Times reporter mentions this in his article if there is one.