Neighborhood Theme Song - Blessed To Teach by JT Wilde

about 2 years ago

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This version is focused on the Patriots fighting the Cabal as we speak!
It includes a sampling of these 27 Patriots:
1. General Flynn
2. Mike Lindell
3. Sydney Powell
4. Clay Clark
5. Pastor Art (from Canada)
6. Pastor Dave Scarlett (His Glory)
7. Amanda Grace
8. Ananda's Husband Chris
9. Joe Oltman (exposing Dominion)
10. Thomas Renz (Attorney suing the CDC & mroe)
11. Scott McCay (Patriot Streetfighter)
12. Charlene Bollinger (The Truth About Cancer)
13. Dr. Judy Mikovits (Fauci whistleblower)
14. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
15. Dr. Ardis (eposes Fauci on Remdesivir)
16. Dr. Carrie Madej (Human 2.0)
17. Dr. Christiane Northrup
18. Dr. Stella Immanuel
19. Dr. Mark Sherwood
20. Ann Vandersteel
21. Chris Eryx aka. Baby Trump (Flex the Truth)
22/23. Iowa Moma Bears
24. Kent Henry (64 presence-based worship albums!)
25. Doug Billings
26. Rick B2T
27. and of course, JT Wilde!