about 2 years ago

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Steel Truth

1 Subscribers PLEASE DONATE AND / OR HELP THIS FAMILY. Jennifer, his wife, is trying to stop the killing of her husband by the hands of the hospital who refuse to listen to their wishes. ATTN ALL HEALTHCARE WORKERS...YOU ARE IN DANGER... The revised language of the EUA, especially 3024 under CURES Act 2016, is in direct violation of the 9th amendment. Health Care Providers believing that they have immunity from committing Crimes Against Humanity against the American people because of a ‘memo’ they received from HHS are in for a rude awakening. The 9th ensures our federal or local governments or private entities or individuals are not allowed to take away our ‘inalienable rights’- life and liberties. LIFE kind of a key word. So the EUA is in and of itself unconstitutional and forget defaulting to the 10th. States don’t have the right to pass laws that allow employers or HCPs to be immune from manslaughter. Ignorance is not a defense