Millennial Millie Show With Millie Weaver - 05-12-2022

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Millie Weaver: I'm Millie Weaver, and you're watching the Millennial Millie show.

Millie Weaver: So food shortages are on the rise right now. American families are worrying about whether or not they're going to even have baby formula to feed their babies. All because of Joe Biden and the Democrats and their failing horrible policies. Meanwhile, the Democrats have more stimulus checks planned and in store for 11 states. So if you're in some of these states, maybe you'll get a stimulus check, even though the stimulus checks really don't do too much. It's looking like maybe about $800. So when we're all paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars more for gas and food because of the Biden administration, at least we get $800. They're printing money like it's paper. And this is the exact situation we all anticipated and feared would happen if the Biden administration got into power. There's a reason why the people in Venezuela were using their dollars, their money, to just throw in the fire to make a fire tender or a fire starter.

Millie Weaver: It's because their dollar became worthless because of the inflation and the printing of money. It loses its value. Is this all a concerted effort to destroy the American economy, to destroy America as we know it? We know that the Democrat Party hates America. They don't love America. And the foundations upon which we hold all of our rights, like the Constitution that Obama has talked about, that, you know, it's just an outdated piece of paper.

Millie Weaver: They don't respect the Constitution. In fact, they would like it to be rewritten. Many feminists are out there now. Part of this new effort to push and terrorize the justices that are considering overturning Roe versus Wade. They've been talking about how the Constitution is a document that is just written by white racist males, and it never took into consideration the rights of minorities or the rights of women. Therefore, yes, there's no constitutional right that a woman can have an abortion or kill her baby. Therefore, we should just burn the Constitution. I mean, this is the level of insanity that we are at in the country right now. It's moral relativity. It's people thinking they can say two plus two is three, or you're not a man or a woman or you're some millionth gender identity that they can think of or pansexual or whatever they come up with in their imagination like a man can be pregnant, or a man can have a baby, or a woman can have a penis. I mean, this is the level of insanity we're dealing with.

Millie Weaver: And the problem is this level of insanity has real-world consequences. Is it all just the low-level Democrats that are communists that happen to get in power now that are doing this? Well, I don't believe it's entirely just them. I believe that this is a global, concerted effort by the globalists to engage in de-population and to essentially bring humanity to its knees and into a global government.

Millie Weaver: We're seeing food shortages popping up across many nations right now. Yes, America is being greatly affected, and if President Trump was in office and our rightful president as he was elected, then we wouldn't be having these problems that we're seeing. America's economy was doing wonderful while he was in office. Now, not so much. Just the other day, when I went to the gas pump, it was over $5 pretty much to get the higher value gas. That's insane. And the grocery prices were skyrocketing. And of course, they have those taped-up papers on some of the grocery stores, glass doors in the frozen section just to kind of cover up how much food is missing from the shelves. So are Americans are going to panic and be looting and rioting at some point in the near future? I don't know if it will get to this point, but I think what's important is I think that the smart Americans out there should be getting prepared. They should be making sure their home is in order. They should be growing their own garden, having chickens, and figuring it out. If there ever were to be maybe a power shortage or anything like that, how they could have backup generators or backup heat sources? It's always good to have those things, no matter what. Even if the food shortages improve by some miracle and we don't end up having a disaster on our hands.

Millie Weaver: Those things would be good to have just in the event that there was ever a power outage or a storm that came through in your area. It's always nice to have that on hand and also have some for your other family members or neighbors nearby as well. So that's what I'm doing. I know we have chickens, and we have a garden we're doing this year. And, of course, everyone has their Second Amendment rights. So if things get crazy, more rioting, we never know if there's going to be more riots because of the Roe versus Wade possibility that it will be overturned. So those of you living near the cities, you do have that right as well. So.

Millie Weaver: Recently, some of these left-wing protesters have been protesting outside the houses of the Supreme Court justices. If these people are so emblazoned and bold that they feel that they have the right to protest outside of a justice's house when it is illegal because it is considered to be trying to influence the decision of justice when they're a judge when they're essentially making a decision on a case if they're just boldly violating the law like that. The Democrats in power, like Joe Biden and even his press secretary who relays his information, Jen Psaki, say that they are they've already made their position on it clear and that they support that.

Millie Weaver: And they and they basically bring up the example of, well, you know, conservatives have been protesting outside of abortion clinics, harassing women, making a decision on whether or not they're going to kill their baby. So therefore, we have the right to violate the law. Really and truly, what they're saying is they have the right to pick and choose when the law is applied, and when it isn't, when they decide to follow it and when they don't, it's almost like there's a double standard where they can do whatever they want with immunity. And people like us, well, we get the book thrown at us. People like us that were even anywhere even near the Capitol, like on January 6th, are labeled as terrorists. Even the grandmas that probably were raided by the FBI for just moseying on in the Capitol, not even realizing that they weren't allowed in there because the gates had already been breached and police were waving some of them through, to begin with. So there lies the problem. There's an unequal protection of the law right now in the United States. And we're also seeing January 6th really get to this point now where we're going to see it come into the media more and more. More people are being subpoenaed. We hear talk that the Democrats are planning to try to figure out a way to make an accusation and file some kind of charges against President Trump, trying to push the false allegation that President Trump incited the riot or incited people to breach the Capitol on January 6th, when all of the evidence that I have done and what I've seen is that President Trump had nothing to do with any of that.

Millie Weaver: The groups who came there were left-wing radical groups and even some right-wing radical groups which their leaders tended to be FBI informants. Those people came there with a pre-planned agenda to do that, regardless of whatever Trump said or didn't say during his speech. That's what all the evidence points to. Yet they want to try to use it to take out Trump and to take out the grassroots conservatives and Tea Party.

Millie Weaver: We're not going to let them do it. We're going to make sure that the truth is out there. No matter what we do, we are working our butt off. And that is why right now I'm actually coming to you from a hotel in Florida because I'm out here working my butt off, working with the Trump team, making sure I get them the information that I have collected with a group of wonderful patriots where we have all come together and just seeking the truthdone amazing investigative work in order to just get to the bottom of what really happened on January 6th and leading up to January 6th. So we're pretty confident that the truth is going to come out and that these people, just like with what happened with the whole Russia collusion hoax, these people are going to eat crow.

Millie Weaver: They're going to be made fools of. They are the masters of misinformation and disinformation. That is why it is so ironic that the Biden administration and these corrupt socialist-communist Democrats that are in power want to set up this ministry of truth when they're the purveyors of fake news. Well, I hope you guys have learned something from this today, from this live stream.

Millie Weaver: I'm Millie Weaver, and you can support me directly by going to Millie Weaver on Subscribe Star. Also, you can support me by going to and making a purchase. You can use promo code, Millie, in order to get up to 66% off. And one last thing, I want to talk to you about Qux. Qux is a tech company that is taking on big tech. Why am I talking about this? Well, obviously, I will tell you, to be honest, I am part of being an affiliate with Qux. And the whole premise and purpose of this company is to take on big tech and to essentially have a solution for when they decide to start shutting people down from electronic devices. We saw them do this with Russia when Russia essentially started this escalation with Ukraine, with the Biden administration, and with Germany; Microsoft shut down their services in Russia. The Apple store was essentially disengaged from Russia as well like all the apps were disabled.

Millie Weaver: And so why are they doing this? Essentially, they are demonstrating capabilities, and their capability is that they can shut people out of their devices and their electronics if they choose to. I recently noticed that Google just recently changed their browser, their Chrome browser, to where you now have to be logged in or signed in for searches. And I don't know if that's just on my computer, I'm going to look more into it, but this is what I'm talking about. People will be shut out from those electronic devices. So it's more important that conservatives, more important than ever, that they get behind a technology that really and truly is patriot-owned and has the intention to maintain free speech and to maintain the rights of American citizens for privacy as well.

Millie Weaver: Because when we talk about privacy and data collection, we're not just talking about, oh, the NSA, the intelligence companies are spying on you so they can look at your wives or look at you through their cameras. That's not it. It's not that they're trying to be creepy voyeurs. Where would the sense be in that? I mean, how could they really monetize that? They monetize your data by essentially selling it to third-party companies, and the third-party companies, they can actually use the data to predictably model out events and election outcomes. They could tell who needs what votes and what county exactly to a tee, just like what we saw with 2000 Mules.

Millie Weaver: How True The Vote and those investigators were able to use the data that they were able to purchase of the geolocation tracking and cell phone ping data. They were able to use that data to kind of back engineer and figure out how these meals were moving and what they were doing. Well, these other companies, NGOs, they already get that data, and they buy it. Many of them buy it in real-time to where they can have a common operational picture of what is happening throughout the election season and cycle. And they can use that data to know, well, looks like Bill is very unlikely to show up to vote or looks like Bill is actually out of state and hasn't been back in the state. So we could steal his vote. I mean, this is the level of sophistication that they can operate on with our data. So our data is not only just making us vulnerable, it's actually causing others to be vulnerable as well. Plus, this data is also going to be used in the future to be plugged into a social credit score system where people like the citizens of China have already been plagued by a social credit score system and will have to be tracked and monitored all the time and surveyed. And anything they do, either social media or even if it's that they're not crossing the crosswalk and they're jaywalking, it will affect their social credit score.

Millie Weaver: What you purchase and what you eat will affect your social credit score. Of course, who you talk about or how you talk about things online would as well. This is not the America I want to live in, and I know it's not the America you want to live in either. I want to live in a free America, an America where I have privacy. So I'm going to use my vote with my wallet to support Qux. The tech company says essentially that first, they've come out with the Qux TV box. And the Qux TV box is like a social media television box device. There's really nothing like it out there, and it has an e-commerce store on it. It's a place where people can post and live stream and put their video content up without the worry of it being banned or censored. And people can engage with each other socially on there in unique ways that have never been done before. There's its own app store on there. That way, app developers don't have to worry about being banned from, say, like the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Well, at least they get banned from those. They can always be on the Qux App Store. So I've heard also that Qux has plans for other electronics in the future as well.

Millie Weaver: So get behind a real tech solution by going to and checking out what they're doing and getting behind it and supporting it.

So, we saw 2000 Mules. If you haven't seen 2000 Mules yet, I highly, highly suggest you watch it. I'm not going to be giving out any spoilers because I don't want to ruin it for you. But those of you who have just been following True The Vote and the information they've been putting out, it's phenomenal. I mean, we're talking about why would a mule need to go to a voting location at, say, you know, five in the morning or three in the morning? I mean, that's on average between 8 p.m. and like, I think it was like three or five in the morning. That's when most of these meals were actually going to these illegal drop boxes. Illegal drop boxes. This is not normal to be having these drop boxes. And, of course, the left always tries to say, well, it's more secure and safe than a mailbox. Is it? Is it really? Because if somebody was out there messing around my mailbox, I probably noticed I might even have my own surveillance camera or doorbell camera in front of my house. They could see what was going on, whereas one person could just go and hit up these mailboxes or these drop boxes and just dump tons of ballots in it.

Millie Weaver: Of course, the left is now come out with their fact-checkers, and they've tried to say, well, the geolocation data isn't that accurate? Sometimes there can be up to a 30-foot discretion as to the exact location. I mean, if this person is constantly coming back and forth to within 30 feet of this dropbox, I would say that's still significant evidence. And besides the point, why are we all focusing on defending their accusation that geolocation tracking is not that accurate when the fact of the matter is that in Dinesh D'Souza's movie, there's video surveillance evidence of the mules dropping the ballots in the drop boxes. So try to refute that. Of course, they'll probably try to say, "Oh, it's a deep fake," or "Oh, it's fake," or who knows what they'll try to say. They'll just try to put out whatever fits their agenda, really, truly. So if you want to watch Dinesh D'Souza's new movie, I highly suggest you do it. It's you can go to to find out more about it, but also I believe it is available on Rumble as well. So you can go watch it on Rumble. I know that YouTube has been removing it off of their site as well.

Millie Weaver: Speaking of YouTube, I have been entirely demonetized on YouTube, and I know a lot of other creators have been as well especially conservative creators, and many of them have been banned from YouTube.

Millie Weaver: But, you know, with that, I continually get these community guidelines strikes, and with the community guidelines strikes, they typically remove videos. So the most recent removal I had was they decided to remove the video that I did an interview with Mike Lindell on CPAC. They said that was against their community guidelines. I mean, Mike Lindell is probably one of the most highly banned people of this year, I would say of this year. Mike Lindell has been very banned. Even recently, on Twitter, when everyone was saying, Oh, Elon Musk is the new owner, he purchased Twitter, and therefore Twitter is free now. Well, from what I've seen on Twitter, I've seen a lot of conservatives being banned. And I saw Mike Lindell within about 30 minutes or so or however long that he was on there. I think he got up to like 56 or 50 something thousand followers. He was instantly banned on Twitter. So obviously, the banning is still alive and well on Twitter. And I highly doubt that it will change. A lot of people will say, no, you know, and I don't know if these are just bots on social media, but I get a lot of people saying, Oh, no, it's because Elon Musk doesn't own Twitter yet. The deal hasn't fully gone through, and it won't go through for like at least six months or so. How convenient. So just after the midterms, right?

Millie Weaver: Let's all just hold our breath. Hold our breath until after the midterms, and then maybe Twitter will be free. But in the meantime, everyone's like, Oh, let's forget about true social. Why it's always good to have multiple social media and other options, it smells like an IO to me, an information operation. And given that there's a bot problem on Twitter and there are a lot of bots using misattribution and bot farms out there, it's very likely that it is. So you never know on these current social media if you're engaging with bots or not because they were set up and designed and created to be able to have anonymous accounts and bots on there. It's just how it is.

Millie Weaver: And there's no coincidence that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is at the center of this whole scandal pertaining to election fraud when he donated over $400 million to the various states in America, especially the swing states, in order to get out the vote, in order to make sure that voting was safe and secure throughout the pandemic. But, of course, he had those clawback clauses in those contracts so that the cities, after they had accepted the funds, they had to make sure they followed the very strict rules and demands of these left-wing organizations funded by Zuckerberg. And if they didn't, they would be forced to give all of the money back. Well, see, that's a major problem when they pull that trick on you and start pulling those strings when the city's already spent half the money.

Millie Weaver: So that's how they get you. And what were some of those clauses? Well, they wanted to be able to have access to the data and the reporting of the people who were registering to vote and who were voting. I mean, so information pertaining to the election, which a private organization didn't have a right to have in the first place. They paid to have all these ballot drop boxes put throughout the city, the illegal drop boxes, and having these big voting in the parties where they turned voting into just a party in the street. Well, they say, what's wrong with that? You know, we're trying to get more people out to vote. Well, what's wrong with it is it's not secure. And who are these people? Are they like poll workers that are collecting ballots, or are they just some random individuals? How do we know that they're actually verifying the people and looking up to see if they're registered or even to see if they're handling the ballots properly? So as you can just see, there are a number of problems and issues with the way this election was handled. And so. It's not right that so many Americans are being censored over questioning certain things surrounding the election. And we heard for literally like four years straight from the Democrat side, Russian interference, Russian interference, bots, election interference. Right.

Millie Weaver: And that was okay somehow. But this is not allowed? This is the double standard that we're dealing with here, folks. We're in a situation in this country where the double standard has become the new norm, the new normal. Right. And we need to figure out a way to get on other platforms. And that's why FrankSpeech is an awesome place because it allows journalists like me to come on here and share my thoughts and be able to openly express my opinions and get this information to you real and raw so that I'm not having to self-censor. 

Millie Weaver: So please support by going to MyPillow. I know Mike Lindell sells some amazing products, amazing sheets, pajama sets, pillows, and towels. His towels are very soft. He literally has very high-quality products like the linens and the sheets. He even has dog beds. Okay. And they're really quality. So use promo code, Millie, if you decide to go to and take advantage of some great comfy new sheets or pajamas while supporting journalism; and I appreciate all the support you guys are giving me. It allows me to be out here doing the amazing journalistic work I'm doing to make sure that the truth is revealed in regards to what really happened on January 6th. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the Millennial Millie show today, and you guys all have a great day. I'm Millie Weaver signing off.

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