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Millie Weaver: I'm Millie Weaver, and you're watching the Millennial Millie Show. Who lost Biden's agenda? Well, I'm sure Biden doesn't have a clue. In fact, Biden probably doesn't even know he has an agenda. Democrats are in a panic now after their realization that the Build Back Better Act has become a massive failure. In fact, the Biden administration's presidency in itself has become a massive failure. And this latest one that the Democrats have hailed as their ultimate power pole position has been their most epic failure. After a Trump-backed US District Court Judge Katheryne Kimball Mizelle recently passed a ruling that destroys the COVID mask mandates, making it so that the Democrats can no longer try to enforce mask mandates at airports and on airplanes. This sets the legal precedent that almost all of these mask mandates can be challenged anywhere, and in fact, they would now be considered illegal. So, this is a big problem when the Democrats have used these mask mandates in order to gain power and control and even influence the way the 2020 election was done. This timed with the upcoming midterm elections could be a big problem for the Democrats. So, they are rightly so in a massive panic. But don't worry, those experts say that the masks are still safe and effective in preventing the spread of COVID 19, so you should just all voluntarily wear them. Okay, we're going to see a couple of masked Karens walking around with their mask, their face shield, and their triple mask or whatever with their plastic gloves on. But most normal human beings in America are over the masks, and they want their life to just resume as normal.

Millie Weaver: So, I predict that we're going to see most people just voluntarily not wearing a mask, just voluntarily breathing fresh air as they should be allowed to in America. This is the country we're in. Delta has put out a notice saying that you may experience some inconsistent enforcement during the next 24 hours as this adjustment takes place. So, if you have a flight coming up soon in a day or so, remember the rights that you do not have to wear a mask on the airplane, and make sure to think of this new young up and coming Judge Katheryne Kimball Mizelle because she is a true patriot for doing what she has done. Now, Biden and his many failures, one of which is his public speaking events. We've seen Biden speak in mumbles and jumbles, and we can't even make out half of what he's saying most of the time. But recently, Joe Biden, after giving his speech, turned around and then proceeded to give a handshake to the air.

Video Clip: (Joe Biden walking around on stage)

Millie Weaver: As though he thought someone was standing behind him, or maybe he was seeing someone behind him. We really don't know, but he then proceeds to not figure out which way the exit is to the stage. Remember, folks, Biden is completely mentally fit, and we should never challenge him, say, the Democrats. Remember when the Democrats weren't so lenient on President Trump, who has never expressed any bit of mental unfitness as Joe Biden has? Remember when they were questioning whether Trump was mentally fit? Well, I do.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: If senior administration officials think that the president of the United States is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th Amendment.

Video Clip: Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a possible 2020 contender, weighing in on the stunning New York Times op-ed in which an anonymous senior Trump administration official claimed that members of the Cabinet actually considered at one point invoking the 25th Amendment to begin proceedings to remove President Trump from office.

Millie Weaver: And I remember how many of these articles from these left-wing outlets said, Don't even listen to President Trump's physical. President Trump had to get a physical from his physician to prove and get the mainstream media off his back about his mental fitness. Where is this when it comes to Joe Biden? Has Joe Biden been forced to undergo a mental evaluation? And maybe we should start saying that he should because, really and truly, he's the commander in chief, the president of the United States. If this man doesn't know where he is half the time, that's a national security risk, and that's a big problem. But remember, no worries here. Joe Biden is completely mentally fit, according to PolitiFact. The fact that fact-checkers actually fact-checked whether or not Joe Biden turned and shook hands with the air is beyond me. But it shows the psychology and the mental state of these left-wing fashion fact-checkers when they go and just blatantly try to fact-check something that you can obviously see with your own eyes. They say that no geriatric experts say Brit Hume's claim that Joe Biden is senile is wrong. They're like, no, he doesn't have any signs of dementia. He doesn't show any bit of cognitive decline. I'm sorry, but anyone with eyes and ears can see that this man is clearly suffering from some kind of dementia or senile issues. If anything, the people around him might be engaging in the form of elder abuse. We've seen how after Obama was the man of the party at the recent party with Obama and Biden, where Biden was literally being ignored, it's clear to see who's the real person pulling the strings behind the scenes. I would beg to argue that President Obama might still just be a president pulling the strings with Biden as his puppet.

Joe Biden, President of the United States: My name is Joe Biden. I'm Barack Obama's Vice President. Mr. President, welcome back to the White House, man.

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States: Vice President Biden, Vice President.

Millie Weaver: But this just all speaks to the psychological warfare on social media and the ability of the mainstream media to put out these headlines to attack anyone they want. But then, when it comes to the exact same issue, if it's someone they're trying to protect, like Joe Biden, they will lie. They will push a narrative to cover for him left and right, but if it's somebody that the establishment doesn't like, like President Trump. They will come at him with everything, including lies. Remember the story with the dress, the golden and white dress. Is it golden white or is it blue and black? You know, they can make you see whichever way they want you to see. That's the trick. How do we know that there wasn't just a social media campaign to put out two images simultaneously? One of a blue and black dress, one of a white and gold dress, and make you believe that different people were seeing it differently when there were just two images. The fact that I can see on this gif here the two different versions of those dresses tells me that it might have just been some kind of a psychological experiment going on with people if you could convince them they actually saw differently from each other. This is what's going on. Psychological weapons of warfare are being used on social media in order to steer narratives and control the minds of the masses so that they can keep us all complacent and under their control.

Millie Weaver: Well, let's get to the Florida parental rights and education bill. We know that the Florida parental rights and education bill has been a success in Florida, but the Democrats have decided to label it as something else other than what it really is. See the name of the bill, Parental rights in education. That sounds like everything anyone would be okay with. Of course, parents should have more rights in their children's education. They should have a say in what their child is taught and isn't taught. That just makes sense. But see, the mainstream media has relabeled this bill, the Don't Say Gay bill to the point where on social media, you have some of these left-wing SJWs going into full-on meltdowns, thinking that this bill means that you can't say the word gay or that you can't talk about anything gay anywhere. I mean, people are completely reading into a false narrative, and they're not actually reading the legislation or what this bill means.

Millie Weaver: Nonetheless, despite the mainstream media's attack against it, the bill was successful, and now 19 other states are eyeing their own parental rights and education bills. Parents should have the right to say. I don't want my child taught about sex in school, especially between the ages which this bill lines out as kindergarten and second or third grade. That makes sense. Parents should have a say. We can all have a talk with our children about sex and their gender and reproduction and those sensitive issues. We don't need people politically indoctrinating children with ideas of multiple genders, pronouns, and all these other theories and homosexual lifestyles. This could very well infringe on many people's religious rights, not just Christians okay, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and other people that might have their children in the public school system. They might not want their child to be exposed to this. So, it's good news that Ohio and many of these other states are taking on this bill and trying to push it in their own states as well. It makes sense, especially when recently, in Texas, a parent dressed as an Easter bunny and handed out condoms at a Texas elementary school. I'm not kidding you. In this day and age, people are going down very weird and radical paths. Whose idea was it to dress up as an Easter bunny and hand out eggs with condoms in them? I do not know, but of course, this happened in Austin, Texas, of all places, which, you know, keeping Austin weird makes sense. Austin is pretty weird, but this is why there needs to be the Parental Rights and Education bill. Parents should have a say in this. I'm sure that the majority of most parents would think that this is unacceptable and this other parent or person shouldn't be doing it. If it were an educator or a teacher, they shouldn't be doing it. Just because a few people with fringe views want to enact those views on all of our children doesn't make it right and doesn't mean they can do it. Other parents should definitely have a say. Parents should have a say in their own children and what they're exposed to.

Millie Weaver: So, let's get to Texas and the Texas border crisis that's now looming. A border crisis is looming at the Texas border by the Rio Grande Valley border crossing. Over 170,000 illegal immigrants are said to be waiting on the Mexican side of the US border. They're waiting to get into the United States. Why? They're waiting for Title 42, the COVID restriction, which is said to end in May. They're waiting for that to lift, and then we're expected to see those 170,000 people pour into the United States. The number of crossings has already been up to about 7,000 migrants per day on average. Those numbers are expected to climb to 12 to 18,000 crossers per day after Title 42 is lifted this May. The Border Patrol down there is now asking for help and resources because they are predicting and seeing they're likely going to be overrun at the border, and they're going to be fighting off many of these illegal immigrants with riot gear and other non-lethal forces when they get rushed this coming May. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been fighting back. He's been busing illegal immigrants up to Washington, DC, in order to make a point to the bureaucrats in the DC swamp.

Millie Weaver: He's been busing about 20, 30, or maybe 40 a day. But really and truly, the mounting numbers of illegal immigrants that have been coming into Texas and pouring through are not being addressed, and it's not being stopped. And bussing 40 or 30 people into DC that are voluntarily going up there, I mean, they're just getting a free bus ticket. It's really not doing quite enough. See, it's hard when the Conservatives are continually trying to use legal means to fight what the Democrats are doing, which are illegal means. We really need to figure out a situation in which Texas can seal its border and pretty much go tell the federal government and Biden to pound sand. We don't know what's going to happen when we have mounting food shortages, rocket high gas prices, and other destabilization with our economy. And we're going to be pouring in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of more illegal migrants on the Texas border. If you ask me, it's a recipe for disaster. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey blasts the media for creating conflict in an online rant just one day after weighing in on Elon Musk's attempted hostile takeover and boards, dysfunctional plots, and coups. Dorsey, 45, on Monday evening, condemned the media, accusing them of creating conflict. The co-founder of Twitter criticized CNN in particular, but when one conservative said Dorsey's remarks appeared to praise Fox News, he demurred. Brian Stelter came out on Twitter and said Tucker Carlson is always selling the same thing.

Millie Weaver: He's selling doubt. Jack Dorsey replied, "and you all are selling hope." Critics then criticized Jack Dorsey for coming to Tucker Carlson's defense. Jack Dorsey then replied, saying, "not defending a thing, holding up a mirror." He's essentially pointing out that the left-wing media, CNN, engages in their own selling of false news. A woman named Saral, Miss Iraq, said, "even CNN sometimes sells false news. I know this from covering Iraq events in 2019. People need to understand that every media is prone to mistakes or deliberate corruption. Do your own investigation before believing what they're there selling." Jack Dorsey then replied, "I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it, causing the protesters to chant screw CNN." It seems that some of these big tech CEOs are fighting back against the mainstream media on both the left and the right sides. Now, does this make them good guys? Does this make them heroes in this tale? I would say no. I would say not. They might just have their own political agenda for taking out the media. Does this mean the media's good or innocent? Nope. It just means they're all sharks. And the bigger sharks like to sometimes eat the smaller sharks to ensure their own survival. Check out this video of the Easter Bunny having to direct Joe Biden where to go and stand.

Video Clip: (Joe Biden was quickly interrupted by Easter Bunny at the White House.)

Millie Weaver: It kind of makes you think that it's just a Secret Service person or CIA handler inside of an Easter Bunny costume.

Joe Biden, President of the United States: There's the Easter Bunny. (laughing)

Millie Weaver: It kind of seems like the Easter Bunny is more aware of Joe Biden's surroundings than he is. Hey, maybe the Easter Bunny is more qualified to be president of the United States than Joe Biden.

Video Clip: We are all part of a secret society, Stan. A very ancient, very important society of men who follow the way of the rabbit and protect the secret of the Easter Bunny.

Video Clip: Whether I'm vaccinated or not, I'm not affecting anyone else, you know that. - I know. - Because she can be vaccinated and carry the virus, and she can be vaccinated, so the chances of  - you know why she can be vaccinated to carry the virus because, yes, it will breakthrough, and it's breaking through because of the unvaccinated - Maybe, we don't know. - We know. - There's a lot we still don't know about this virus - We know the Delta would not exist. And we know that Omicron would not exist if people were vaccinated. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. - But think of the precedent that is being set when we ignore the Nuremberg Code. The reason they made the Nuremberg code was because we don't want to have forced medical procedures on people. We don't want to have forced medical procedures. This is what the Nazis did. - You don't have to convince me. - This is not good. - You're probably not vaccinated - but people are literally - I don't talk to people who are unvaccinated. - You can be vaccinated - and carry it - So, why do you care? No. But I'm taking a risk. - My husband is immune-compromised. - But you're vaccinated. You should be fine, right? - You should be fine. - I can still get it, but I won't end up in the hospital. Let me explain to you. That's an excellent question. - You admit that, though. - Listen to me. Yes, I can still get it. Of course, I can still get it. We all know we can still get it. - You can get it from someone who was vaccinated and someone who wasn't vaccinated. Same. - Okay, but because I'm vaccinated. - You are supposedly more protected, right? - Yes. - Supposedly - Oh, I'm definitely more protected. - That is good for you. - Well, that's good for you - And I have less of a case of it. So, if I pass it on, it's going to - Same. - No, no, no, no. - They say it's the same load. Whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated. - I tell you, this democracy is going down the tubes. - There's no democracy if you're forcing people to get medical treatments they haven't chosen yet. - You will see. I promise you. - Is it democracy to force somebody to take a medical procedure they don't want. - This isn't a medical procedure - It is you're getting something injected into your body. - You eat pizza? Do you eat processed food? This vaccine is safer than eating processed. - I don't eat processed food. - Well, do you breathe the air? Do you drink the water? - Okay. - It's not the same. - We agree to disagree. - But do you think this conversation should be allowed to be on social media? - Yeah, do you think this conversation should be allowed? Because the problem is people are trying to have this conversation. What Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying should not be should be. - Should this conversation be allowed on social media? Because I have to worry, if I put this on social media, it will get banned because we're talking about it. - I hope it does. - Then, you would be being censored. - No, because I believe in life, and I believe in democracy, and I believe in keeping people healthy. And I will tell you this, the hospitals are being overwhelmed right now. - No, no, that is not true. - It is absolutely true. - My husband runs hospitals. - Cases are high, hospitalization. We The New York Times what he was saying lately about cases in Florida. It's the highest case for people who are getting COVID. - You know this is an mRNA vaccine. It's experimental. - I understand - You regret taking it? - I do. - Right. - But are you here to take it? I got COVID. I got COVID in February. - Her children wouldn't see her until she did. - Yeah. So, I got COVID, but I have the right to decide what I want for myself. - No. - What about the people that have naturally had natural immunity? - Do you have the right to drive drunk? - Okay, so here's a here's an example. Like over a year ago, I'm pretty sure I had COVID. I know there are people. I know people who have had it, verifiable had it because they've had it. Their body has natural antibodies. They have natural immunity. Natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity. Every medical person. Ask your husband. - No, 100%, no. - Natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity. It is a fact. - It doesn't last as long. No, no, ask my husband, who's a famous doctor. Let's go, please. - Marci, the T-cells are staying forever. - No, it's - Ask Les. - Les will say to me - you have full-spectrum antibodies. - Nothing. - You get full spectrum antibodies when you get it naturally versus the vaccine. - Do you run a hospital, did you go to - I've done the research. I know my research - Finish it nicely. - No, I don't want to. No, because my husband runs hospitals. He works with COVID tests. - Nobody wants COVID. Nobody wants anyone to get sick. - We just want to hear both sides and more data. - It's our freedom and rights. - No, it's not. - What if it's something else. - If we estimated we would not have Delta, we would not have Omicron, period. - That is not true. We are still getting it. - We would still have it. - We are getting each it. - What about what about Israel? Israel has the highest percentage of the population. - She is Israeli. - Yeah. That's wonderful. I love Israelis. Israel has the highest population of people that have been vaccinated, yet they still are getting COVID. - They are very sick, and I talk to people. - They had Pfizer, which isn't as good as Moderna, but they had no hospitalizations. Then three, four, five,  and six months later, all of a sudden, the hospitals started getting flooded. So, they had to have a second vaccine. Now they're getting a booster. Now they're getting a fourth. - So this is something see the problem is that vaccines are not guaranteed. They're not perfect. - They work. - They're not perfect, and they're not guaranteed. - It's because they are not getting vaccinated. - How do we know? How many studies have been done? Usually, when there's a vaccine, it has been studied for years and years and years before its release and put into the public. This vaccine came rapidly, and it's not even a normal vaccine. It's an mRNA gene therapy vaccine. mRNA gene therapy is new. - You are not a doctor. - Do you know what mRNA gene therapy is. -  Do you know what mRNA gene therapy is? - First time in history. - We don't know these people. - Marcy, but they don't know who we are either. - First time in history that an authorized vaccine was mandated on masses of people. - Which is the concern. It was still experimental at the time. - I understand we obviously, you can see. - And this is what's American. - You talk about Isreal. That's a perfect example. They got vaccinated with no hospitalizations. Within six months - They are still getting COVID, though. - Of course, they are. - Because it doesn't hold Marcy. - Yes, it doesn't hold, so they found out they needed it. - It mutates rapidly. By the time listen, by the time you've injected that version of the COVID vaccine into your body, it's already mutated. It's already mutated, and there's a different form in circulation. You can't get ahead of it. - What's your name. - My name is Millie Weaver. - Millie Weaver - Yeah, you can find me on Or Millennial Millie on YouTube. - Nice to meet you. - No, no, no - It's nice to meet you. - Okay, well, nice to meet you then too. - I don't hold anything you've said against. - I do hold against the information you have that I think is harmful. I'm sorry, not you personally. - You can have that opinion, and I respect your opinion. - You know how I feel about all of this. - All I know is you talk about Isreal. They got vaccinated, no, hospitals. - They still have high rates of COVID, though. - We need another vaccine. They give another vaccine. - We don't know much about it.

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