Mike Lindell Speaks at Election Integrity Rally in Houston, TX - 04-02-2022

About 2 years ago

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Dr. Steven F. Hotze: I know you've been waiting with great anticipation for our headline Speaker Mike Lindell. But before I introduce Mike Lindell, who needs no introduction. I do want to say something about Mike Lindell. He is a Christian patriot, par excellence! I know Mike, and I spent time with him today. I know why he's so successful. He's got a great, engaging personality. He's a great salesman, obviously. Let me ask you a question. How many of you, if your son came to you and said, "Hey, Dad, I got a great idea. I'm going to sell pillows to people." What? How many people do you know in this country that don't have a pillow already? You don't think this guy's a good salesman, that he can sell 46 million pillows in America in ten years? Give me a break. My gosh, he could sell ice cream cones to a bunch of people up in Alaska and convince them they needed them. I'm talking about Eskimos convincing them they needed an ice tray. He's a great salesman, but the best thing about a salesman is the salesman believes in what he sells.

Dr. Steven F. Hotze: I have no doubt he believes in MyPillow and all his other products, which my wife and I have bought $1,500 dollars’ worth of. When I first heard he was outed by all these other people, de-platformed. They said we're not going to let him come on TV anymore. We're not going to sell his products anymore because he stood up. He believed that there had been tremendous injustice done to the American public, and the election had been stolen. He puts his money where his mouth is. He spent over $35 million out of his own pocket going across the country, organizing, evaluating, and coming up with plans. This man is a Christian patriot. He puts his money where his mouth is. He believes in what he's doing, and I can't tell you what a privilege it is to have met him today. And you're going to hear from a great man tonight. Mike Lindell, please come up and join us.


Mike Lindell:  Thank you all. Before I do my speech, I want to give you some stats here in Texas. You might not know this, but in this election, there were two things. It's very simple what they did. You raise the voter rolls. You do all the ground cheating and the mail-in voting. Then you do it with the machines. You flip them. Like you've seen with Russ and Mark up here. What Ken did was save the state of Texas because he stopped them. He kept it. All those 12 cases he won. They couldn't get enough voters, enough names, in order to take Texas. What they did beforehand was, remember the propaganda. Texas could turn blue. They did that for a reason. You were going to lose Texas, and we were going to lose the United States of America. In spite of that, and even though he stopped that, I'm going to tell you what we're up against. The number one state in the country they took votes from was California; 1.5 million went from Donald Trump to Biden. The second, do you know what the second was? Texas, 960,000 votes went from Trump to Biden.

Mike Lindell: You guys won Texas by actually almost one 1,500,000 votes. That's the good news because if you have a fair election, it's all red, right? In Harris County, I'll tell you about Harris County. In Harris County alone, 136,000 votes were taken. If you took 70,000 votes, it would be the difference if you took the machine, count-out. Now, if you take the organic cheating that you're going to have. I'm talking about ballot harvesting and all the other stuff. Harris County might have gone to Donald Trump. We don't know that part, but that's why it's very important. I'm sitting by Vital Martinez over here. You need to be the judge of Harris County.

Mike Lindell: I'll tell you that right now. And I can't say enough about the greatest attorney general that's ever walked this planet in, Ken Paxton. His team single-handedly saved Texas, which saved the United States in that election. I'm going to tell you a couple more things before I go into my speech. There's another thing that went on. You know, I fly around going back and forth all across this country, every day from morning till night, dealing with the bad media. That's the only voice we got. Conservative media went south on us. I call it going Fox on you. They don't talk about things we need to hear about nowadays, and shame on you, Fox. That's just a commercial. (Laughing)

Mike Lindell: The overseas voting, this is our veterans. I mean, these are the military and other people that have requested overseas votes. Well, this was really interesting to me. There was a whistleblower, and I'm not going to name the state because they could probably pin him down. But I flew there in the middle of the night about two weeks ago. He kept watching my TV show, Lindell TV. I have my show every day on FrankSpeech at 6:00 PM. He had told different people three times he was almost going to come out with talking about this. He said, "I'll only meet Mike Lindell." It got to me, and I said, "Okay, I'm going to meet him." Two in the morning, I flew into this state and met him. He worked for one of the counties in this state. On the night of the election, I found out from him that the overseas voting was always 45 days. Let's say you're overseas, and you request your vote. Your vote gets mailed to you. That's why it's 45 days, and then you mail it back. Well, Obama changed that. I'm guessing it's like 2008 or 2009, where you could email back and forth. So, come to find out from this guy that all of our overseas votes are emailed. Just about 99%, according to him. Remember, he works for one of the counties, county commissioner or county clerk, whatever it was.

Mike Lindell: Well, the way it goes. You email in your request for a ballot. And it goes where? It goes to the machine companies, this big data computer. Your Dominion ES&S, Hart, and Diebold they're all the same; Smartmatic, it's like a big criminal crime family. So, it goes into this database, and now it comes back. You get your ballot, and then you email it back in. Well, this gets distributed to every county in the United States. So, now on November 3rd, they go to count those overseas ballots. They hit a button, and it prints them out on typing paper like this. (Holds up typing paper)

Mike Lindell: Well, him and this gal in the room, they're looking at these, and they’re like, what? Normally they get five. He's been doing this for, like, 20 years. Normally they get five; he had 256. They were all for Biden, and she said to him, "Well, maybe the military, those young men have turned liberal?" He goes, “No.” They had chills that went down their spines. So, they called a couple of their other friends in other counties. The same thing, every overseas vote was for Biden. I've since checked another state. I'll tell you, that state was Arizona. A county in Arizona that we were able to get to, that we knew about, all for Biden.

Mike Lindell: We checked the third state just this last week. This state's way up in the northwest, all for Biden. So, now let me tell you, 1.2 million ballots were requested from overseas, and 890,000 of them were actually used if you extrapolate that out. Donald Trump wins every single one of those five swing states just on that alone if they are all Biden. I mean, that's scary. Now, I'll tell you this. Two states, one of them was Utah, used three of their counties in the municipal election. They were able to try a test pilot to email and text in your ballots. You just email and text them in. Now, not only do we have cell phones, but you watched here that you can just hack into these machines. But you can vote that way, okay. So, that being said. I just wanted to tell you those two things. During this last election, you guys, seven states had more registered voters than voters in the state. Texas wasn't one of them, and that had a lot to do with Ken, with those 12 cases. One state had more votes than voters. Y'all know what state that was? You should if you've been watching my show. They have a constitutional law up in Pennsylvania. Are you ready for this? You can't have more votes than voters. What?

Mike Lindell: I mean, is that crazy? This is the craziest thing we've ever been through. It's like being in the Twilight Zone. All of these states, when Ken talked about that Supreme Court case, they brought it up a year ago. What that was telling you is all these states they made the secretary of state – I mean, I've been finding out that most of them are crooked. I'm just telling you, even Republican ones like Brad Rosenberger down in Georgia. You know the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia? He was looking for Brian Kemp and Chris Carr. I can't believe it. Anyway, all those states, you've got, Wisconsin they are the worst. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Michigan, the Secretary of State, mailed out 7 million ballots against the law, against our Constitution. The legislatures decide this, everybody. All five of those swing states are Republican-controlled. I've told them all directly I'm going after them these next three months like you wouldn't believe. You're either going to be a traitor or a hero. There's nothing in between this time-around, period.

Mike Lindell: There is nothing in between. This is for our country, and they sit back and they're cowards. A lot of them are either compromised or in fear. This is a second chance for them all. Right now, you could decertify Arizona, Wisconsin tomorrow, and Pennsylvania. I was just in Michigan. I was there this morning. I did a speech at the rally at noon before the President, and then I flew here. By the way, our great President, he said to say, “Hello.” He knew we were speaking tonight. Our real great President, we only have one, so there are a couple of things that have to happen. Those states cannot break their laws again, and if they do. You know, all those laws. You have to have that part, and you also have to get rid of the machines. They have to go 100%.

Mike Lindell: Well, now I'm going to give you a story about what got us here. I just want to put that out there right now, and then I'm going to tell you. You're going to leave here with hope because God's had his hand in all of this. We are in the best position we've ever been in. The 2020 election will go down in history as the most important election ever, what's come out and what's transpired since then. Whenever I do talk to our President, which is quite often, and I'll tell him, "You know, God's had his hand in all of this." Because if you look up patience, if you Google patience, it's probably not Donald Trump or me.

Mike Lindell: Anyway, I'm going to take it back and tell you a little story. I didn't think politics mattered at all. I was an ex-crack cocaine addict, amongst other things. In the summer of 2016, I had a dream I was going to meet Donald Trump. This was in the spring of ‘15. I said, "Why would I want to meet Donald Trump?" I get these dreams, and they usually come to fruition. Well, anyway, a year went by, and I went over to Israel. We were over there with my friend Stephen Baldwin, his wife, another couple, and Kendra and me. I asked, what's the difference between a liberal and a conservative, a Democrat and a Republican? I didn't know a filibuster from a milibuster, okay? But what I noticed was I couldn't believe the division. I actually Googled it, and I'm going, “What?” I said, "How can it be such a divide?" If you're over here, you have to be this. If you're over here, you have to be that. It just seemed like, you know, we're all people. Wouldn't there be some kind of blend? But it had all gotten to where it's almost like a complete division, which by the way, I'm going to interject things as I think of them. Just two days ago, there was a poll by Real Clear Politics. Right now, 34% of Democrats believe this election was stolen. That's an incredible statistic. I'm telling you.

Mike Lindell: That means they're coming on over, okay. So, we go to Israel, and I learn about all this. Well, then it comes to fruition, and we get to August 15, 2016. I actually was on an airplane going to California at the beginning of August, and I was going out there for a movie that I was doing. It was called Church People, and I got up, and I was by myself in the bulkhead. I had just got a magazine about Donald Trump, and I opened it up. I had a new phone where it dinged when I got an email, and we were up over 10,000 feet. I opened up the magazine. Finally, I just shut it, and I said, "God, I know I have seen this in my dream and prayer." I said, "I need to know right now." I mean, this is August, and the elections are coming up. I said, "Am I supposed to meet him or what? I need to know right now." At that moment in time, my phone dinged. It said, "Mike, this is Donald Trump. Will you meet me in Trump Tower in New York City?" I went, “God?” I start bawling almost, and the guy next to me goes, “Are you okay?” The flight attendant goes, “Are you okay?” I said, "Yes, it's a miracle."

Mike Lindell: But it was the fact that I was answered by God in real-time, not that I was going to meet Donald Trump. That was exciting, though, too. But anyway, I go to meet him, and they said, "You're never going to meet him alone, and whatever you do, don't tell him you were a crack addict." They have all these rules going in, and I'm going, “Okay, all right.” So, I get in there, I get into his office, and a bunch of stuff happened right as I was going in where they kept peeling people off. There were about six of us that were going to go in, and they got all peeled off. It ended up it was just me. His longtime assistant said, "Mike, you just go in. You don't have to wait for anybody," and she directed me. It was just like in my dream. I walked up. It was just him and I, and he said, "Mike, you always wear your cross?" He says, "Are you a Christian?" I said, "Yes, Mr. Trump, and this is a divine appointment." We sat down and started talking. He wanted to know. He says, "You know, you make all your pillows here?" He said, "I'm going to bring manufacturing back." I said, "Yeah, I was a crack addict," and looked at him. (Laughing) I go; “I'm going to have this MikeLindellRecoveryNetwork.org. By the way, I have it. If you know anybody addicted, it's free. It's online; go there. It's free for everyone to get help.”

Mike Lindell: He said, "Yeah, I'm going to stop the drugs pouring in from the southern border." It was just this back and forth, and what I saw was this common-sense solution. He just was amazing, and his only agenda was he cared about our country. I've been to a lot of places and met a lot of people. I've had to read people in different situations, and it was just so amazing. I go, “Wow, he's going to be the greatest president in history if he does these things, right?” I just knew that he believed he could do them, and there was no hidden agenda. So, I walked out of his office and went out; Kendra and I actually talked to some of his employees and quite a few of them. I said, "Is this real? What's he like to work for?" Every one of them said the same thing. “Great man, great boss. Interestingly enough, they all had a specific thing where he had gone out of his way for them, personally. I thought that was amazing. Everyone said, "You should see what he did for me once, or he helped me out." He made them all feel special. It's like this huge family.

Mike Lindell: I got back to Minnesota and walked into my board meeting, and I said, "I wanted to do a press release." Remember, I was the media's darling back then. I'd say, yeah, I'm going to hire 200 more people. How many are you hiring? I could walk across the street, and they would say, how fast are you walking? I mean, it was amazing, you know. Anyway, I get back, and I'm going to do a press release just saying I met Donald Trump to tell everybody about him and how it's going to be amazing. Well, I remember having a board meeting, and one of my corporate attorneys at the time says, "You know, if you do this, you're going to lose half your business, easy."

Mike Lindell: He was a leftist. He was a Democrat, and he said, "You're going to lose half of your business. You can't do that." So, I got mad and walked out of the room. Our CMO came out, and she says, "We didn't get this far by you not listening to God." I walked back to the boardroom, and I said, " Yeah, we didn't get this far by me not listening to God. We're going to do that press release." We did that press release and something happened that had never happened to us before, to MyPillow or me. We were attacked. It was silence, and then the attacks came. They called me a racist. They called me everything you could imagine in the newspapers. Underneath the comments online, I didn't know they were bots and trolls. I didn't know they were paid, attack groups. I thought, “Wow, what did I do?” I had to correct one of them. They even put that Mike was a drug dealer, so that one I did have to get corrected by the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, the rotten paper they are. Most papers are in this country. I said, "No, I tried to rid the state of Minnesota of drugs by doing them all. I was a drug user, not a dealer."

Mike Lindell: But that one bothered me because they tried to take my reputation and attack me. Then the Better Business Bureau took us from the highest award - I went all in then. I prayed to God, and I went all in. When I go all-in on something, I don't ever back down, by the way. When I went all-in the Better Business Bureau, the crooked Better Business Bureau, which was started in Minnesota, it was a paper play game. They took MyPillow; we were up for their highest award, their torch award. For the best customer service, the best in the United States, their highest award. They took us from an A+ to an F. They did it because they said, "I ran my ads too long." It was all political. I met with them, and I told them, “If they were going to give me a C.” I said, "You just as well can give me an F. Nobody will believe that. You should be ashamed of yourself," and I walked out of there. On January 2nd of, 2017, they did that press release. It was the biggest attack you have ever seen. I got off the plane coming from Toronto. I had done a thing up there. My dad had gone to the hospital. He was going to be in for six months. I got that news at the same time as this. I get off the plane, and every media outlet in the country, people that I knew are going are just attacking me, even the camera guys.

Mike Lindell: I'm going, hum? You know, I was devastated. I thought, how are we going to get through this? By the grace of God, there was a reporter who, for five months, kind of shadowed MyPillow and shadowed me. It was a Bloomberg article, you can all go back and see it, and it was this full page in this magazine they were going to do. Nobody had ever done anything like that with me, ever. When this thing came out on the second, and they attacked us, of course, Fox took us down. The View took us down. You expected the View, but Fox took the ads down. QVC attacked; Costco attacked me. I mean, these were things that came at that time in ‘17. Well, this article came out in three days. It was perfect timing, God's timing, and what it was if you look at it. It's probably the best review of my life ever. It tells about my book, my whole story. My story of redemption, of coming to Jesus, tells everything, and the whole country got behind us. It was a miracle. They all got behind us, and MyPillow got bigger.

Mike Lindell: So, that was training for what happened last year. Believe me, nothing there compared. But my employees, everybody was concerned. We had our faith, and we got through it. By the way, it's still up with the Better Business Bureau. I left it there. That's just fantastic, right? When I know that God's got his hand in everything, and for me to even to know that God exists for my deep faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, all my life, my book; What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, but I would use mathematics to know that God exists. I would look at something and go, “What are the odds that this just happened?” It's one in a million, well, this is a one in a billion, or this is impossible? When do you add them all together and call it a miracle? Well, in my life, if you read my book, by the way, if you get the FrankSpeech app, my audiobook is free. I'm telling you that right now. I put it up there to help people so you can get it. It is free. All my life, God has been chasing me. I had 14 near-death experiences. I've had guns to my head. I've had swords to my throat. I've been an entrepreneur and a functioning addict.

Mike Lindell: You know, people think that addicts are just homeless on the streets. Well, I'll tell you, addiction affects everybody from no forks all the way to four-forkers and everything in between. These are wounds from childhood. I come from a family that was divorced when I was nine years old, or seven years old, back in 1968. I was put into a new school, and divorce wasn't common back then. So, I was the only kid from a broken home, right, the only one. So, I either wouldn't talk, or I would show off and say, "Watch me climb out this bus window and jump. Which I did. Anyway, for me, I looked back, and I wouldn't talk. If you said I'd be up here speaking, I couldn't speak to two people in the same room. I was almost introverted. Then along came cocaine and things, but when you talk about addictions, they can block pain. They can also give false courage. They can do a lot of things, but those wounds are planted in childhood. When you have that, they'll manifest. The devil lies, saying, "I'm not good enough," or the fear of rejection. That's a big one, fear of rejection. For me, it was like, you don't get rejected if you don't talk. It's pretty simple, you know—the reason I'm bringing it up and telling you all is you always see me wearing my cross on TV for years, and I put it out there. Back then, I wasn't saved yet. I would sit there, and I would take phone calls. People would call and go; “You're wearing your cross.” The Christians would call and go, “You're wearing your cross just to sell pillows?” I would say, "No, I wear my cross even when I was in the crack houses." I'd send them pictures of me in the crack houses with my cross on, right? The other ones that would call would be the atheists or non-believers going; “You're wearing your cross, you’re a Christian, blah, blah, blah.” I would tell them, just like I used to tell my friends after the bars would close. I tell them about Revelation that I read in the Bible when I was in jail. My friends, a lot of them would get saved, and my other friends are saying, "Will you quit talking about that stuff. We're losing friends."

Mike Lindell: But people would call. I'd be the only call service. They'd call up, and they'd be saying something about my cross. I would tell them all about Jesus, Revelation, and stuff in the Bible. You know end times. They'd get saved, and I'd go there, take that. And I wasn't saved yet, right? The reason I'm telling you all this is because a guy, one of my book writers, or not my book writers, helped me write my book. My book took seven years to write. Finally, I had to almost go line by line and take myself back into all these things that happened. But I remember in the spring of 2015, we had all this audio where we had transcripts of my whole life, hundreds of them. They were laid out on this big table I had, and I remember this pastor, I said, "You know, I don't know what to leave in and what to leave out," and he said, "Mike, go around and pick any pile." I grabbed a pile. It was December, let's say 1985. He said, "Read that." So, I read him that version or that thing that happened to me at that time, and he said, "The average person, anybody would surrender to Jesus on the spot because that was a miracle there or it was impossible." He said, "Maybe all of this stuff because you're so incorrigible. Maybe all of this stuff that's happened in your life is to get you to the Lord so you can preach and disciple other people and ministry to other people. You can't ministry something if you've never been there, right?”

Mike Lindell: Remember, that was in May of ‘15, and then I had the dream about Donald Trump, right? So, now all the stuff that happened to me, I'm going, “This is impossible.” Like, we get up to ‘17, and all of a sudden, I'm in the White House in 2017! I got invited to the White House, and it was surreal for me. Believe me, with my past, I never thought. It'd be a miracle for me to be within 200 yards of the White House without being arrested. So, here I am, I walk into the White House, and there's a table. It was a roundtable event, and at the table, there were about 12 people. It was a Made in America event or something. A manufacturers summit that the President called. And I'm sitting here, and there are no nametags. I said, "Who's sitting here?" He said, “The President is.” I'm going, “Whoa.” Because I hadn't talked to him since that one day. Well, that went live on national TV, it was him and I. You have probably seen me facing out, and all my crack friends and all my friends back home are going, “What is this crack guy doing sitting next to the president? Jesus is real because this would be impossible.”

Mike Lindell: Well, I thought the same thing. So, we got into February. I had met Kendra in 2014, and I knew she had something that I didn't have, and that was a personal relationship with Jesus. I kept longing for that. Well, on February 18th, 2017, I went into this retreat. It was actually for veterans. It was a miracle I was even there, and on that day, I went in there with the hope that I could have what she had. I got on my knees, and I surrendered, and it was forgiveness. It was a relief. I had never felt it before. So, I could give it all to the Lord. I didn't have to have all this stuff on me. Two months later, after being saved, here I am, a guy that couldn't talk was at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis doing this big Christian event, with 56,000 people there. The guy goes, who was interviewing me for 5 minutes telling my story of being saved in February, and he says, "Mike, lead us in prayer." I'm going, "What?" So, anyway, I did this prayer, and I spoke there for like 5 minutes. Two weeks later, I was at an amusement park with my granddaughter, and she's sitting there, and all these kids were coming up, these 20, 15 to 30-year-olds just coming up and going, “On your story, I found Jesus.” You know, it meant so much to me. This is with all the speakers that were there and everything. That resonated with them because it was real. Finally, my granddaughter said, "He is my grandpa. We need to go on rides." But the point I'm making is I knew I was on the right path. And, you know, I always use Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all ways acknowledge him, and he will guide your path.”

Mike Lindell: So, I go all-in for the election. The president actually made me the co-campaign director of Minnesota. So, I'm all in on this, right? Well, an interesting thing I'm going to tell all of you out there, in December of 2019. I want you all to go back in time. Let's go back to December of 2019. There isn't one-person, well, maybe there is, but I couldn't find them back then in the United States, where your lives; no matter where you were to start with, two years earlier, your life had improved somewhat.

Mike Lindell: It was the highest consumer confidence in history, the lowest unemployment ever. Everything that went on was because of decisions made by a politician. He won't call himself out, but, you know, made by a politician or his administration, in spite of all the attacks. So, we learned what good decisions in politics could get us at that point. We were very blessed. Everybody learned that, by the way, not just the Republicans. I mean, when I talk about people. I talk about all people. You're never going to hear me badmouthing. In my company, I have 2,600 - 2,700 employees. We have a mix of Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, and every race known to man. This has been a uniting for us. We're like one big family because we're not a divided country. That's something that Obama did to us. He said, "Hey, let's put up a racial division." We're not racist at all. That's a joke. Anyway, you get to 2019, and it was beautiful. I was with a guy we were out elk hunting, and I had never met him before. I remember sitting in a stand, and we didn't see any elk. Finally, it was very uncomfortable. Like when you're in an elevator and nobody talks. It’s taking too long to get to the next floor. Well, all of a sudden, he breaks the ice and says, "We just as well talk." He says, "You know, Mike, our country has turned its back on God." He says, "We've taken God out of the schools. You know, to get our nation back to God, to get people to God, it would take the Great Depression. People will not turn to God unless things are bad," he says, "It would take the Great Depression again." I said, "No, we have something even better than that. We have an addiction." I said, "Back with the Depression, people had God, but they were praying for, you know, food and shelter." Well, with addiction, I said, "They're praying for people's souls. They're praying for people that hurt, the pain," and he goes, "Yeah, I guess you're right." So, I was thinking of using addiction as the biggest opportunity at that point, and I told him about the Lindell Recovery Network. I said, "People that have been there, that's the hope. You've been there, and you can see it, and that hope is Jesus."

Mike Lindell: Well, we're talking about that, and then what came along even better than addiction; The China virus, a stolen election, and what manifested from that. Now I'm going to tell you. For me, where God said, "If I would have told you, I'd be standing up here, and all of a sudden, we get to this." I could look back and see the one in a trillion things that happened to get to where we're at now. But I'm talking specifically about my life. I get a call. This is a funny story. That's why I'm going to add this. So, right at the beginning of the China virus, it was in March. We hadn't all gone into lockdown yet. MyPillow decided; I said, "We've got to get ahead of this, and we're going to make masks." That's before, I didn't know they didn't work, but we're going to make masks.

Mike Lindell: Yeah, I don't think I wore one the whole time, maybe for 5 minutes, anyway. So, we had just laid off a couple of hundred people because I could see what was going to come. These were all people that were traveling, doing Costco Road roadshows and such. By the way, they lost that a year later, remember, with rotten Costco. That's another story. So, I laid them off and some other employees. Four days later, I had what I call my God dreams. I felt God just saying, "Hire them all back. You're going to go up four times." So, I told my son, and we've been through this before, I said, "Hire everybody back. In fact, hire more." This was on a Wednesday, and that Thursday, I was signing books. I get an email from the White House, and it says it is from the vice president's office. My assistant opened it up, and she said, "Yeah, you're invited to a roundtable event." Remember, I've been to the roundtables. I was at two of them. You sit around, talk, and leave after you talk to the President or Vice President. So, she says, "They've invited you there, and you have to have approved remarks." I said, "What do you mean approved remarks?" I said, "Tell them I'm coming." I go, "I can say whatever I want. That's dumb." She says, "No," they said, "You got to tell us what you're doing with the China virus. What you're doing with making masks." I said, "Just put down whatever you want." So, she writes this thing, and I head out to Washington, DC, on that Monday. I'm in Dallas Airport, I'm walking through, and I actually took a video. I felt just this overwhelming thing that something was going to change that day.

Mike Lindell: It's going to be huge. It's going to change the course we're on, is what I thought. I didn't know I was going to be involved, but anyway, I took the video. We get to the roundtable, and we're all around the table. There were three companies there. I don't know who they were; Honeywell and GE were there. You go around the table and say what you're doing. One company says, "We're going to give 100,000 to blah, blah, blah." I go, big deal, whoop de do. It came around, and said, "We took half of our company and we're making it into making masks, giving them away, and all this stuff." So, we go around, and then the President comes in—we kind of went around again. There are only four of us, the President and the Vice President. Well, we got up to leave, and I said, "We didn't read these remarks," because I had mine. I ran it out before I left, crumbled it up, and put it in my pocket. Just crumbled it up, and he said, "Oh, no, Mike. You might be called up at the Rose Garden." Now, I hadn't been watching TV at all, so I didn't know he was doing these press conferences out at the Rose Garden.

Mike Lindell: Anyway, the President turns to me, and he says, "Mike, come here," and Fauci was staying there. I had seen him. He asks Fauci, "When are we going to have a vaccine for this?" He says, "Next February." He didn't even blink an eye. It's like he already knew it, next February. Then he said, "What are we going to do until then?" Fauci says, "Wear a mask," and says, "Not outside." He said, "Oh, yeah, outside, too." He looked at me, saying, "What do you think of that, Mike?" I said, "I think it's the dumbest thing I ever heard." But it wasn't just the mask part. It was this vaccine. I go, "Wait a minute. How would you know it's next February?" I said, "If I'm having a computer built, having a website built, or something in my company, and they say it's going to take eight months. I say, well, why don't you do it and bring in six more geeks, charge me $1,000,000 more and do it in two months?” Fauci says that's not how this is done. He walked away, and the President said, "You see what I'm up against." Now, we walk into the Oval Office.

Mike Lindell: This is where it gets pretty funny. So, here's the Oval Office. The desk is behind me. (Gesturing with his hands behind) You've got a picture of this. There are two chairs facing out from the desk, okay? (Gesturing with his hands moving outwards) This is the famous picture you see with the desk facing out. Then there's a couch like this, right? (Gesturing hand in front of him) Well, the CEOs, three of them, go sit on that couch thing. I'm going. “I will sit right here in this chair.” It is open. Then this lady sits in this chair next to me. Right behind me are the Vice President and the President. They're looking at the speech, and I grabbed the Vice President. I said, "I needed to talk to him. There was something else I needed to talk to him about," and he went, "Yeah, he knows Mike." So, now I sit here, and I'm kind of uncomfortable. This lady, I don't know where she's from. I had never met her before, and she wasn't in the other room. I said, "Hi, I'm Michael Lindell, and who are you?" She says, "I'm Dr. Burke."  I go, "And why are you here?" I'm going... (Slaps head) I didn't know she was there for this virus. So, I felt awkward. She looked at me like I was insane, right? If that wouldn't have happened, I was so awkward it brought back memories of not being able to talk. I'm going, "Aw ha." At that moment in time, I had to act like I was doing something because I didn't want to talk to her. I kind of embarrassed myself. So, I pull out the sheet, and I start reading this thing about the China virus. It says we are a vertically integrated company. You know, talking about MyPillow. I'm going, what? I don't even know what that means. So, I start crossing off words. I go; this is terrible. I started crossing off words, and I flipped it over. I thought I would write something really good. So, I sat there, and I prayed a little bit. I wrote, “God gave us grace on November 8th, 2016,” and I said, "We need to now spend time with our families, reading our Bibles, and getting back in the word." But in the meantime, I'm crossing off words. Do you ever do that? You put an arrow down, and then an arrow comes back up, and you catch this part. I just get done writing this, and I go this seems okay now that I got to rewrite it. I no more and did that, and the President hits me on the back and goes, "Come on, Mike, 100 million people are going to see this."

Mike Lindell: I'm looking at this going, what? (Holds up the paper and opens mouth in shock) So now here I am, I'm walking out to the Rose Garden, and all I see is the rotten reporters out there. They're all on my phone. Every one of them lined up like cordwood, right, six feet apart, and all spread out for a quarter mile. So, here I got my sheet, and if you're ever in a group like on tour and you're concentrating and you look up, and your tour is gone. Well, that was me. I'm walking out, and all of a sudden, I look up, and the CEOs are gone. Our little tour guide is gone, and I'm facing all the reporters, and this one gal is standing there. I'm probably the only one that could get away with just staying behind, your tour guide, right. I said, "Where did everybody go?" She goes, "Oh, they went out there." (Points his finger) I said, "Well, where do I sit?" She goes, "Just don't sit there." It was right in front of the stage to the left. The Vice President was sitting there. I said, "Okay," and I walked out there, and there was one seat open right in front of the podium.

Mike Lindell: So, I sat right where you're at right there. (Pointing his finger) While all the other CEOs were way out west of the tree, and they were going to put everybody up at the same time. I didn't get the memo, right. I'm still looking at my thing going, Aw ha! All of a sudden, here comes out of the White House, the last two people to get their seats, Dr. Burke and Pence, right? So, they come walking up, and Pence sits in his seat. Guess whose seat I was in? I look at her, and I go, move along the seats taken. So, that happens, and she has to go out by the tree. But if that wouldn't have happened, I'm telling you, the odds of this are just unreal, right? So, now the President, when he goes up, they have the CEOs come up. Well, he sees me, I'm sure. Wherever they ran through this with him like I was sitting right in front of him, they're over by the tree. He goes, "Come on up, Mike." Well, I didn't know you were supposed to go around. I went right up to the podium. So, by doing that, they stopped all the people by the tree. So, we went live just the way God meant it to be, and I'm reading this garbage, "We're a vertically integrated company."

Mike Lindell: I couldn't wait to get to the other side, right? I turned to him. This is very key. Something made me turn to him and say, "Do you mind if I say something?" Remember, these were supposed to be approved remarks, and I turned to him, I said, "Do you mind if I say something off the cuff?" And he goes, "Sure." I get out there. I start, "God gave us grace on November 18th." I talk about the Bible and Jesus spending time with our families. Now, if you watch, you can look at it online, the expression on his face. To this day, I wonder if he's going, “What is he saying? Or how is he reading his writing?” But I got done, and nobody applauded. Remember, this was tens of millions. They've seen it around the world. Well, I'm going, “Wow, that's weird, nobody's clapping.” Then I remember who these journalists were, right? So, I turn to go down, and he grabs the microphone. It just was so amazing what he said. He goes, "I did not know he was going to say that. Mike's a friend of mine. Thank you, Mike," next CEO. Anyway, I left the White House three hours later, and he never said a word about it. By the way, at that time, we just went to the Oval Office. That's the time we actually got to finally spend some time where we didn't have anyone else in there. He's showing me all this stuff and telling me, as a businessman and friend. Anyway, I go to leave the White House, and I get my phone back. I look, and there are 875 text messages. I didn't know I had that many friends that knew my number, and it was the number one news story in the world for seven days because someone had dared to talk about God from the oval office, from the podium. I was attacked by all the media here, and there was media there from all around the world. It was like this spiritual battle, spiritual warfare. That's what we've been in everybody. You know all know that. This has been a battle of historic proportions. Now, I'm going to tell you. I just wanted to give you that background because at MyPillow I believe it gave my employees, me, and everybody training for what was to come this year. All of them. That's one thing they all have is faith. They have faith in God. They have faith that we're going to get through this, and they have faith in what we're going to be coming out the other end, not just MyPillow, but their country.

Mike Lindell: So, I'm going to tell you the miracles that get us right where we're at. You're going to say, "Well, Mike, had a miracle?" What are the odds that they misjudged the amount of votes for Donald Trump that they were going to steal? You know, if they would have made it right if they'd have predicted 80 million for Donald Trump. If they had predicted that, we would have gone to bed at three in the morning. Biden would have won. We'd have said, "Boy, we're going to get them next time. We're going to campaign harder." You couldn't campaign any harder, but they made a mistake. They only figured he'd get 68 million max. So, what that did, and I'm going to tell you this, so you get it. If you would have said in the state of Texas that Donald Trump won 8 million to Biden's 100,000. What would you all say? You would have said, "It's a computer glitch. Something's wrong. Something is wrong with the computers." Even if it was the other way around, those are called deviations. I do them every day with MyPillow.

Mike Lindell: If you have a radio station or a TV station and it's higher or lower than normal. I spend the whole day. You ask MyPillow. It doesn't matter. We find out the input. You have to have a different input to get an output in the power of numbers. That's just a fact. There is no other reason. You have to have a different input in mathematics. So, you see what they had to do. If you'd have said at my state of Minnesota, 3 million to 100,000, either way, you would say... Then as you level that off, people go, well, that could be. Just like you've all come here in Texas, if Texas had lost, you'd all said, "Well, they said we could turn blue." Instead, you're very fortunate that Ken Paxton saved the state because, you know what? You really won by 1.5 million votes, but you've accepted a 500,000 win. We can't accept what they did to the whole country. They boiled every county and every state, from Hawaii to Alaska. Every single state uses these computers, attach them with the mail-in voting, and attaches them to the voter rolls. There's a thing called ERIC we’ve got to get rid of too, but I'm telling you this for a reason. In that, if they wouldn't misjudge. When they stopped everything at three in the morning, those were all deviations, everybody. That was a deviation in history. But what did they say to convince you? Well, it's all different now because of the China virus.

Mike Lindell: I'll give you an example of a deviation in Michigan. In Michigan, 106,000 votes come in the middle of the night for Biden and 3,000 for Donald Trump. What did everybody say? What did the news say to you? All those mail-in votes, and those Democrats, you know, they all vote, the inner city. Well, that's a lie. The mail-in votes in Michigan were counted on the morning of the third. Now, how did they get away with that? Because conservative media went south on us. Some of them because of Lawfare. Dominion, suing everybody, whatever. But most of it is because they just went silent on it. I'm telling you if they hadn't gone silent on us and Donald Trump was put back in, we’d lose our country forever. I'm going to tell you why in a minute. Now, what are the odds that no judges in the United States look at it except for one small county, Antrim County, Michigan? What are the odds of judges doing that? You guys, it's astronomical, but it's the biggest blessing in history. That's just one of the blessings because if they had found everything. They might not have found the machines and stuff.

Mike Lindell: We would have lost our country forever. We might not have found all the corruption. We might not have found all this. It would have been too early. It was in God's timing. So, now you have this where no judges look at it. So, what did they do in Antrim County, Michigan? They found 7,000 out of 15,000 votes for Roscoe's. There they go down, and then they do this. What do they do? They hide what is inside the machines. A lady says she deleted stuff. She admits it. They bring in the FBI. They never arrest her, and the media buries it. They try to discredit Russ. Try to discredit the report. Well, you know, that's what they did. But that's part of the miracle of what I'm going to tell you. Then what are the odds that Ken puts this great case up to the Supreme Court that says, “Hey, all we want to do here is tell these other states they didn't follow the Constitution.” How simple is that? You're not saying anything other than, “Hey, you didn't follow laws, Pennsylvania. You turned in your electors, and you had more votes than voters.” Common sense was thrown out the window, and it's impossible that they say "No" there too. Then December 14th, if December 14th didn't happen, if it happened the other way. I'm telling you; we’d lose our country forever. I'm going to tell you why in a second. So, I didn't realize this during this whole time. I saw something I hadn't seen before. I was throwing money everywhere, at anybody. I'm throwing money, you name it. If somebody was investigating something, I don't care if it was what you heard about overseas. I threw money at that. Anybody that needed money, I'd throw it out there. But in the meantime, I was doing my own investigation, and I'm looking at this. Every state that I've seen had non-residents that voted that didn't live in that state, and they had people that had long since died. So, I'm going, okay. But it was the state ones that didn't live in the state bothered me the most because people are genuinely good people. I just couldn't see people marching out of Nevada over to Arizona and voting or watching from Minnesota and marching over to Wisconsin. Thousands of people are committing crimes. It just doesn't happen. Now, did a lot of people in on this commit crimes? More than I can ever imagine. But that part just didn't make sense to me. So, it's got to be with the machines. This was always bugging me. It's got to be with the computers for the numbers that I was getting in my head. It was that massive.

Mike Lindell: Then it comes to January 4th. I was in Georgia with the President that day. That was the runoff of the two Senators. Now, remember, they can control every single thing, every election, from the down tickets. They've been doing it for almost a decade. You said the 2014 mark, but they really cranked it up in ‘18 and 2020 to take our country forever. But on January 4th, I stood there, and I'm a marketer. I'm praying, and the President actually got on the stage and said, "I know a friend of mine." Actually, Linwood had said, "Don't even bother and vote they're going to use the machines again." Remember when he said that? We were trying; he's trying to get them out and vote, whatever. Well, I sat there and go, wait a minute, I prayed to God. I said, "Please let the Democrats steal them both," and you're all going, “Why did you do that?” Because my prayer was answered, okay? I'm telling you, if I'd have been their marketer, I would have said, "Give them back a Republican, so they shut up about this election." Had they done that, if they would have done that, everybody, maybe not you in this room. But most of the people over here on the right would have said, "Oh, we still have the Senate." Even though they had three corrupt ones, we didn't have the Senate. But let's just say that happens. They're all going to say, "We’ll, get them in 2022. We'll take back the house, blah, blah, blah. At least we still have the Senate. “Garbage. If that had happened, we would have lost our country forever. I'm telling you. If they had done that, we lose our country forever. Instead, it was a miracle they were stupid and took them both. When they took them both, you all remember where you were standing that day. You remember going, “Now, what are we going to do? Can we withhold?” Half of this country's said, "You know what? There really was election crime.”

Mike Lindell: Now their eyes are open going we got to do something. Well, then they had January 6th all figured out, didn't they? So, that was their net, and I'm telling you, one of the most important days in history was January 7th. On January 7th, that's the day that they were turning the lights out on your country forever and the world. That's the day they took 1.2 million people off of, not just our President, Twitter off of Vimeo, crooked YouTube, SuckerBucks Facebook, Dorkies's Twitter, all these platforms. They suppressed everybody. I compare it to when you're growing up. When we grow up as kids, we have black and white TVs, and we turn them off. It would go down to that little, tiny blue dot, and we, as kids, would see who could get the smallest. You turn it back on, and it would come back to life. Everybody did it. But that's the way they were. They wanted us to be gone forever, and you can't bring it up because they put everybody into fear. You either didn't have a platform, or your platform was gone. You take away your platform, and they put fear in you. Well, that's what Nazi Germany did. They did the propaganda. Then they put fear into everybody. So, they took away the platform. There's only one platform you're hearing. On January 9th and I'll fast forward through this. What are the odds that everyone then starts bringing me stuff, and they bring me something that explained it was machine evidence? It was evidence that it was a machine from computers, 100% evidence which I spent months validating. I got that, so I got to get it to the White House, right? I got to get it to the White House, and on January 15th, remember, the media wasn't talking to me. It was silence. They would have never talked to me again in history, period, about anything.

Mike Lindell: So, on January 15th, I go through the White House. I'll make it real short. I go through there, and I get pushed around. I was also delivering two pieces of paper sealed in an envelope from some lawyers. But I had the evidence that I was bringing. I bring it to the President, and they say, "Bring it up to the lawyers, Mike, and see what he's got." I got upstairs, they brought me back downstairs, and they said, "Well, you can get in and meet with them in a minute." But they had the papers, and they had opened them up. She comes back down with the papers, and she gives them to me, and she says, "You know what? We can't see it today. You know, it's going to be 2 hours." I said, "I'm not leaving until that man in the other room tells me I'm going to leave." Then I'm going to tell you that it's a trillion to 1 that I end up where I ended up next. So, you can't have your phone going off outside the West Wing of the White House. So, I'm sitting there and taking pictures. She went marched back upstairs, all upset I'm not leaving. The secret service was taking pictures. Five days before the inauguration, I said, "Can I get my phone back?" I said, "I need to make a call. I am going to call my son."

Mike Lindell: She says, "Yeah, Mike, go ahead." So, I'm outside the White House, remember, and that picture. You've all seen the famous picture with me standing there with martial law hanging out of my hand from a quarter-mile away. Well, I didn't know what it said in that. I've never read those papers to this day. Anyway, this is a miracle part of it. I'm on the phone with my son, and I look at the hill, and it looks like a herd of buffalo is coming over the hill. All these reporters and journalists are running down the hill, falling over, and cameras are falling and running. I go, this is crazy, Darren, I got to go. I look up, and they all stop like sheep right in front of me. I go. Would you all like me to answer questions, and they'll go, "Yeah." I said, "No, I changed my mind. Y'all find something real nice to write about me,” and I went back into the White House. Now, I get shooed out of the White House after being up there meeting them, and they take the papers back. I head over to Virginia with Kendra and about ten others. I called Ben Carson on the way there, or he called me. He said, "How'd it go?" And I said, "It was not good."

Mike Lindell: And I said, "I was just devastated because I couldn't get something to save the country before the 20th." Ben said something to me; he went, "Mike," he talked real calmly. He says, "You know, God's got his hand in all this," and he says, "He doesn't go by dates. You know, November 3rd or December 14th or January 6th or even January 20th." He goes, "Maybe he's got a bigger plan that we don't know of." But when he talked to me, it gave me peace. That gave me peace, and I got over to Virginia. All of a sudden, I get a text from my daughter, and she goes, "Get out of there. What are you doing?" It was all over everywhere, that picture of me outside the White House with martial law. Nine days after January 6th, and I'm looking at it. Kendra and I looked at it, and I knew right away that it was meant to be that picture. By the way, I got a picture of the guy that took it just two weeks ago at CPAC. I said, "You helped save our country. Thank you, sir." Some rotten guy from The Washington Post. Anyway, we got there, and then the media started calling me. See, they couldn't resist themselves, right? They couldn't resist. They started calling. You know what? I got to call from a good paper first. It was like The Washington Times, I think. I said, "I'm going to give you the whole story of what I was there for. I have evidence, machine evidence of this crime." So, I'm telling her, and now my phone's beeping in. I see one of them is Jim Acosta. So, I go, "Jim, what's up?" He goes, "Mike, why are you carrying Marshall Law?" I go, "Jim, I'm on the phone with the real reporter. You're going to have to hold." "Yeah, I'll hold." So, he holds, and he held for 26 minutes, by the way.

Mike Lindell: But the point I'm making is, what happened from that day on, every single day, we were attacked. It was the biggest attack. They wanted to take away my voice, but they couldn't resist calling going, "Mike, you lost three more retailers. How do you feel? Did you hear about China, Dominion, and Smartmatic? Did you hear about our country getting attacked, the cyber-attack? Did you hear we're going to lose our country? Don't you care?" These journalists would call me from morning till night. From the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, that's all I had. Because you know who we didn't have? We didn't have conservative media. We didn't have Fox. We didn't have Newsmax. They went silent on us. So, I actually thanked all the bad media just a couple of weeks ago. I said, "Well, now that we got all the evidence, we're going to get it out there, and we're doing all these lawsuits." I said, "I want to apologize for using you guys for the last year to get the word out and help save our country."

Mike Lindell: But now I'm going to tell you for the last year, and what we've all seen. I'm going to tell you what this has all meant. If any of that wouldn't of happen. I'll tell you one more about the inauguration on the 20th. If I were their marketer, I would have said to all of them. When I say them, I don't know if it's just the CCP, the Democrat Party, or the crooked Republicans that are bubbling their heads up. But I would have said to them. “Let's not do anything to ruin the country until they shut up about this election,” because they could have done that. They could have done that, just coast it in, and get out of the China virus. Then hit us was communism, but once again, what did they do on the first day? They take away the Keystone pipeline, open up the borders, and hit the ground running to destroy our country.

Mike Lindell: So, what's happened since then? Everybody, it's a miracle in itself. All the stuff, think back then if it would have happened. We might not have known about these machines. Now we're going to get rid of them all. We might not have known how bad all the social media platforms are. We're going to get rid of them all and the new ones that have come up. We're going to get rid of your Fox News that didn't have our backs. All of these terrible Republicans, we're going to replace them with people, Republicans that have the people's back. Now it's pretty easy to sort through them. It's pretty easy to sort the good from the bad. You go to somebody running for office, and here's what you asked them. Do you think this election was stolen? If not, you think Biden won? You are out. I was just in Ohio. The guy up there wanted me to endorse him. I said, "Do you think the election was stolen?" "Oh, yeah, it was stolen, but not in Ohio. Trump won Ohio." It's really easy to sort them out. You can sort your legislatures by if they're not going to fix the most important thing. Every other thing, like Ken, said, “Every other thing manifested from the 2020 election.”

Mike Lindell: Everything, gas prices, killing our babies, three states right now are passing bills, Colorado, Maryland, and a couple of other ones are passing bills you can kill babies up to a month after being born. This is all a manifestation of a stolen country, not just that election. But here's the good news. All of this has been revealed. That's a miracle in itself, and right now, just ten days ago, what you see with Mark and Russ putting up here. That's a brave person. A brave person named Tina Peters in Colorado. She was a county clerk. Before Dominion came in to do their trustee bill, which was to delete the 2020 election, she did a backup of her computer, as did other clerks. That's their job. Well, it was a seven-month investigation of going through that with cyber guys. Going through the inside. Finally, seeing inside a machine what goes on and what they did to our election. They not only found what they did to the 2020 election across our country, and that's ES&S, Hart you have that in Texas, Smartmatic, all of them. It's a criminal crime family, like I said, with the CCP coming in and being part of this. Now what they found was not just that election of 2020. The reason they fell into this in the first place. The people in the town it was city clerk. It was a city council election in 2021, and they said all the Republicans were favored. You guys really need to listen to this because this is what you got going on in Harris County. All the Republicans were favored. They stole them all across the board. Now, that was a deviation. It was too much of where everybody, even the Democrats, was going; "Aw ha, we stole it." These are the people going, "Yeah, we did it." So, they all came, and we got the image for the first time in history. You can go to FrankSpeech right now and watch that report. I put up what's inside the cyber stuff, inside the machine. So, if you know a cyber guy, you can go there and have a ball. We have 1.2 million downloads of that. And you say, "Well, Mike, where is it going to fall?" Like what Russ said, "We're bringing it to the people now across the country. We're bringing it to everybody." But here's what we're doing right now - I'm almost done.

Mike Lindell: What we're doing is we're taking that, and we've been waiting for this. We're doing injunctions. They're called preliminary injunctions, and we're going to every state. We're starting with seven of them. It's under 42 US Section 983. Pretty good, huh, Ken, 983? The people are the plaintiffs. It's no computerized machines in each state. To get rid of them for good. The first eight we're going after are Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, and Texas. You guys are hearing this first, and then after that, we go state by state. Now, we're also going county by county. We have 40 counties on board in the United States now that are going to be complete with the new system, which is like paper on steroids, developed right here in Texas. By the way, in the new system, there are no machines. I'm not even going to name the town. So, the bad media doesn't come and pick on the company, but it's a great company. So, what I'm saying is right now, we are in the best place we've ever been. You're going to look back. I'm going to tell you this—MyPillow when I first did my first infomercial. I was living in my sister's basement on October 7, 2011. I had ten employees, and 40 days later, I had 500. Now, I took in $100 million over the next six months.

Mike Lindell: Didn't use a bank. I woke up one day, and I was $6 million in debt. I looked up and said, "What did I do, God?" I'm on my knee praying, but I'll tell you what. If 2012 hadn't happened, I looked at the corruption that had gone on. I looked at companies that had betrayed me, people, who had betrayed me in 2012. I spent the next two years learning from that. I would not be here without 74 million MyPillow’s later and 2,700 employees if 2012 had not happened. So, what I say to you is if 2020 had not happened. We're going to look back on this and when we have God back in our schools. We're at this beautiful place, and we have no machines in our elections. People are here on this earth, and you have joyful lives. We're going to look back, and we're going to say, you know what? For the 2020 election, we had to learn from it and fix 2020 first. That's why right now, remember; that people aren't looking for hope unless things are bad. So, every time you see this administration doing something bad. Hope they keep it up for the next few months while we are fixing everything. Because I'll tell you right now, the Democrats, I'm talking about people we're all getting united, and we're coming into one thing. We are in the greatest revival in history for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you. God bless.