Mike Lindell Speaks at CSPOA Press Conference in Las Vegas

About 2 years ago

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Mike Lindell Tells Compelling Story

Last night Mike Lindell spoke at the CSPOA Press Conference in Las Vegas as a special guest. Mike was received with generous applause and immediately started to address how nearly every judge in the country refused to hear cases of voting fraud during the 2020 election.

“Only one judge in Antrim County Michigan looked at it and didn’t rule on it”

Why? Most likely due to fear. Even now Supreme Court judges are being personally threatened. Back then any mention of support for this was met with silence in the media or intimidation.  In fact, some Democratic senators and representatives were calling for antagonists to disrupt anyone not representing their views.

February 4th was a turning point Mike explained. He and many people were shut out and silenced. Fox News, Newsmax, nobody would report on anything to do with Electronic Machine Voting problems. After that, he started FrankSpeech, and subsequently, 2000 Mules was produced.  Still, it was released without mention on any media, including Fox News or Newsmax.

We are starting to see change

Mike continued by bringing up the positives of how more people are standing up. Two women in Florida sought an end to the airline mask mandate in a federal lawsuit, as an example. 2020 voting irregularities are now creeping into the national conversation as well. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling on ballot boxes being unlawful is the latest.

Mike wraps up by thanking Sheriff Mack and CSPOA for working on these issues. He says that when it started he stated that the 2020 election would be the most important in history. Well, after going through everything, 40% of the people know the election was stolen. If they hadn’t gone through this, that wouldn’t have happened.

Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)