Mike Lindell Responds to Mostly Positive Article in The Guardian

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: Good evening. Welcome to the Lindell Report with your host, Mike Lindell, who'll be joining us momentarily. And before Mike joins us, I want to go to an audio clip for you. Oh, is Mike ready? Well, then I will not go to that audio clip. I will save it for my show. Mike, welcome aboard. Glad you're able to join us tonight.

Mike Lindell: Save your audio clip, Brannon. This is my show. (laughing) Oh, hey, thanks for filling in while I was getting ready. I was just doing an event in Georgia. March...

Brannon Howse: Wait a minute. March? What?

Mike Lindell: May 22nd in Georgia. It's a rally, and it's coming up real quick. For Georgia, and to bring down Brian Kemp, everyone knows I endorsed Kandiss Taylor. She's going to be there, and it's going to be big. It's going to be real big.

Brannon Howse: I'm assuming we're going to carry it here at Lindell TV.

Mike Lindell: Yeah, you should, Brandon. I'm counting on you. I got a lot of stuff coming up. I should probably tell you about all our events.

Brannon Howse: You probably should.

Mike Lindell: All right, I'll tell everybody too. We're going to Wyoming. We'll kind of do it in order, everybody. Remember, we're filing another preliminary injunction in South Dakota this week or early next week. I guess I'll check with the attorneys, and you'll be very surprised everybody. Remember I told you that you would be surprised by the plaintiffs that were in Arizona. Wait until you hear the plaintiffs in South Dakota. By the way, we got the canvassing back in South Dakota; 48,000, I believe, votes were taken from Trump in the state of South Dakota. That's just huge; that's like 10%. I think it's just a huge amount they took in South Dakota. Remember, they took a lot of votes wherever it was red. Wherever they could get away with this is what they did with the machines, everybody. So, another thing coming up is we're going to Alabama. This is huge. This is May 19th, and yes, Brannon. We will be there in Alabama, live. Guys, this is so big in Alabama. We're going to go in there and do three cities. I don't even know all the details yet. We're going to get it up here on FrankSpeech soon. Alabama, you guys, that canvas has got so much there.

Mike Lindell: Thank you. The results are in. We're going to put up the canvassing results here. We've got them back. The guys are looking at them all now and putting together a nice report when we get down to Alabama. Remember my good friend John Merrow down there, secretary of state. John, we're coming back. Yes, there is fraud in Alabama, and it is so bad. It's unbelievable, and we're going to be there. We got the canvassing. We've got the cyber evidence of Alabama. We also got another face. Remember, Alabama is one of the states where we had the overseas ballots for our military that are all mailed in by emailemailed in all for Biden. So, this is big. Alabama is like the Triple Crown. Then they have the new polling books. Also, they are the worst things on the planet. They're all corrupt, so we're going to Alabama with the preliminary injunction also for Alabama. Brandon, can you tell me again, do you know the plaintiffs are the secretary of state. Could you tell me who the secretary of state of Alabama is?

Brannon Howse: I don't know who the secretary of state of Alabama is.

Mike Lindell: It is John Merrill.

Brannon Howse: Oh, that's right. Well, we just talked about John. How would I not know that?

Mike Lindell: Yeah, John Merrill, I've been there three times with John. John says, "Mike, there's nothing to see here." We show him the evidence. He goes, "Oh, no, we can be off by 1%, a couple of percent. That's okay. Come on, Mike. We're in Alabama. We're all red here. We're all conservatives." Really, John? It's okay then if you steal 130,000 votes from Alabama, you steal down tickets. It's not okay, and I'm kind of hoping John just embraces it and says, "You know, in light of the evidence, let's just get rid of these machines and computers." By the way, everybody, remember I told you about the new movie? I'm going to go ahead and announce the name right here. I might get in trouble for it. We had big meetings today, and that means - Let me get it up here. I should have you put it up, Brandon, but this is 99%. You know what? Maybe I shouldn't put it out there yet.

Brannon Howse: Nothing like teasing the audience.

Mike Lindell: Okay, well, let me just see here. Okay, everybody, remember, this movie's coming out. It's a game-changer of all time. It's called Selection Code. Selection Code, it's a really cool logo. Selection code, but the S comes off, so it's selection. Remember, we had a selection, not an election run.

Brannon Howse: Right.

Mike Lindell: Section Code; Terminate the Machines. The movie is on fire; it's off the charts. I loved it. If you see it, Selection Code, the S comes off, so it's supposed to be an election, and this moves, and here comes the S, cyberland. Now it's a selection. You know you didn't have an election, Brannon. Did you know that? Even in Tennessee, it's called this selection, Brannon, not an election. That's what it is nowadays.

Brannon Howse: So, that's the name of the movie. It's Selection Code.

Mike Lindell:  Selection code, and then in the subtitle is Terminate the Machines. And I'm going to tell everybody what we talked about today on the call and remember. This is a movie with Lara Logan. Lara Logan financed it; they do it. I have not seen it. I don't even know all the details. They've been working on it for months and months, but I will tell everybody this. We are on like the cusp, there are two paths here right now, and we are in history right now. If you remember the movie The Terminator, Brannon. Remember, they beat the machines, eventually. So, what did the machines do? They took a time thing backway back then, with that lady, that guy, and the machines. I think her name was Connor, remember that? I don't know if you saw Terminator.

Brannon Howse: I just saw clips of it. I'm more of a John Wayne Mike Lindell: Well, I'm going to tell everybody anyway. So, in that movie, it got to be where machines and computers took over, robots and artificial intelligence, all this stuff. In the movie, they had stopped it, but then the machines, through time, sent people back or sent a machine back. The Terminator to kill the people that we're the ones that said, "Hey, we have to get rid of the machines. We have to stop the machines." Now, did they succeed? No. Of course, there was a trilogy, blah, blah, blah. Well, I'm telling you where we're at in this world. Right now, at this time in history, the election machines, ES&S. Yes, ES&S, please sue me. I'm waiting for ES&S, Dominion, and Smartmatic. They're just names, everybody. These are computers. This is where we've gotten to with this technology we have. What we've learned is we have to get them out of our elections 100%, or it's over. This is not just our freedom, Brannon. This is eternity; this is it. This would be our world as we know it. When they say, "Well, oh, boy, the more you get computerized, the better is." No, there's a tipping point where all of a sudden, now you dehumanize everybody. It's over, and that's where we're at in this time in history where it's not just the machines. Do you remember the song "In the Year 2525?" You probably don't remember that either, but it starts talking about technology in the year 2525. It goes on and on, each decade as you get further out there on how machines and humans become nothing here, and I believe that where we're at now, it's such spiritual warfare, a battle that's why I've been saying, "We are in the greatest revival in history." In fact, one of the titles I thought of first before I heard this was inside the machines a path to revival. One of the paths to stop this is by leading, by us stopping and seeing how everything we have. It's like sucking the joy and sucking everything out of our lives. Not just our freedoms. Do you follow me?

Brannon Howse: The election has had so many consequences. The inflation right now, no baby formula. Eggs just spiked 163%. I mean, everything.

Mike Lindell: Right. So, people are going to see firsthand in this movie how these machines were caught and used them. It was a selection, not an election. Also, that's just one place we can never, ever use the technology of machines or computers. Do you follow me? Certain things we'll never, ever - we're going to learn from this. You can never, ever, and one of them is an election. We've brought this up. What are we going to do, Brannon, when the technology is so good that you could sit and frame someone. They can do it now. You could put words in my mouth and put it out there in the media, saying I said something, and I've never said it. Do you follow me?

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

Mike Lindell: This is stuff that we're getting to. It's kind of scary, and once again, it's also not just losing our freedoms, but losing our communication. When you don't have communication, and you can do like what Fox and Newsmax are doing now to Dinesh's movie, you can do anything. You can control everything, but now you add computers to that. Now you can put all lies and propaganda. You can do everything. I'm just saying, everybody, you could really get deep into this, but we've got to start with the lowest hanging fruit that will steal everything, and it tried to, but we were caught. That's the voting machines and all the technologies that go into that. A big article came out in The Guardian today about me, and maybe you have that, Brannon. Do You have that?

Brannon Howse: By the way, part of that technology you're talking about is called deep fakes. They can take a deep fake, do a video, make it look just like you, and even make it sound like you all through artificial intelligence. That's not a video of you. That's not you saying it, but no one would know the difference.

Mike Lindell: Right, and this is where we're at. I don't know all the answers. You know, it's in God's hands, but all I know is we're here right now. And this election of 2020, it was all through computers. It was called Selection Code. This is what this movie is, selection. It wasn't an election. It was a selection. People, a very small group and they say small. Maybe it's 100, maybe it's 1000, whatever that is. They decided who won every single thing in this country, and that's a fact. Well, why didn't they take it all? Well, you got to try and disguise it, and they've done a good job, everything they do. I want to ask everybody. We are also talking about this on the call today. Why do you think Fox News and Newsmax are censoring 2000 Mules, Dinesh's movie? This is very disturbing. It's all over social media. Why are they doing that when it doesn't have anything to do with the machines or electronics? These are people on video that committed felonies, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Do you want my answer?

Mike Lindell: Okay. You give me your answer, and then I'll give you mine.

Brannon Howse: My answer is that most of these people have probably always been in controlled opposition. We thought they weren't doing it because they were afraid the machine companies were getting sued, but this is showing us no. At the end of the day, they've controlled opposition. So, it's the same with vaccines and everything else.

Mike Lindell: Yeah. Exactly. You control them. They're showing right now, everybody. First, they showed it with the therapeutics. They showed it with the vaccine, but that kind of got washed out. That got brought up after the machines. So, remember I said, "I believe Fox," said, "Hey, come on, Dominion. Come on, Smartmatic, sue us. So, it makes it look good to the public." Do you know what I mean? Sue us, so it makes it look good. Like, if you have a big drug bust and you have an informant, you're going to haul the foreman to jail, too, to make it look, right.

Brannon Howse: Right.

Mike Lindell: And in the same way with Chris Ruddy over at Newsmax. I asked Chris the other day, and I said, "Chris, we have all the evidence. Why don't I give it to your lawyers if you're so worried about your lawsuits?" If you're really worried about your lawsuits and, you know, a guy that spent $30 million on this, wouldn't you want to get his information and share it with your attorneys and go, "Hey, they're guilty," right? Well, he didn't want to do that. He hasn't called. So, what Brannon's saying, everybody. Now, Dinesh's movie comes on there, and both Fox and Newsmax are suppressing it. They will not talk about the movie. The movie has nothing to do with the machines, everybody. So, like Brannon said. It can only mean two things, and they're really one and the same. The only reason you would not talk about a movie having Dinesh on like any other movie. You know, he had other movies he made about politics, if you want to call it politics, but this isn't politics. This just shows that it's like a murder story or somethinga crime scene where they have those crimes. There are people committing felonies, one after another, on the government's tape, Brannon. So, why would they not have them on? Because it's a gateway to, hey, let's look at these felonies, and then it's a gateway that brings us back to the mothership, which is the computers.

Mike Lindell: For some reason, everybody has always protected the Dominions of the world and the Smartmatic, but it's the computers. The selection, Brannon. It was the selection when these few people were able to select and run the selection and select whoever they wanted. We're not just talking on the presidential side. Then you had to use propaganda. Remember, you needed the propaganda like, "Hey, Texas could turn blue." Do you know what, you guys? We didn't just hear that from the fake news. We heard it from Fox and Newsmax. So, I want everybody to think about that for a minute. Why? I'm going to ask everyone again. I'm going to ask you if you're watching from Newsmax and Fox because it's all-over social media today. Why are Fox and Newsmax not showing or not talking about 2000 Mules? Why would you protect tens of thousands of people that committed felonies on national T.V. because they have the tapes they got from the government, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Mike Lindell: So, I'm telling you, everyone, it's what I've been saying all along, and it's a shame. When you have something right in front of you, and you're Tucker, according to Dinesh, was a Catherine? What's your name? Engelbrecht?

Brannon Howse: Engelbrecht.

Mike Lindell: Yeah. When she went on Tucker, I guess, this is what you heard out there. It's all over the media. She was told you could not talk about 2000 Mules. What?

Brannon Howse: Why would you have her on if you're not going to let her talk about that?

Mike Lindell: You guys, it's like having me on, Brannon. You know, they're afraid to have me on. They won't have me on to talk about MyPillow, you know. "Hey, Mike, can you come on and talk about MyPillow?" No, they're not going to do that because you know what's going to come out of my mouth. I won't have MyPillow company if these machines aren't gone. These computers are not gone. It's the computers. They got to go. I can't even address it enough. I've wanted to reach out. If Elon Musk, if you're watching, I want to reach out to Elon Musk, Brannon, and not for any other reason other than he's got a big presence out there right now. You know he's all over the news, right. And he's driving the left crazy. He's trying to woo conservatives. I guess that would be the word. Well, my thing is, I'd like to sit down with Elon myself, one on one, and show him in a 15-minute little presentation. I would say, "Here's where we're at. This is what they did. You flew to the moon or whatever, flew to outer space. Here's the cyber stuff. No one else is looking, no one else."  Ealon Duke looked at it, and he just suppressed it. He and his guys. Everyone here, every time I raise my hand, we have it at FrankSpeech.com, too.

Mike Lindell: But just give it to him, and say what they did to our country so he could just look at it and say, "You know what? Do you realize now everything you're talking about, free speech, don't even think about free speech? If we don't get these machines gone, we lose everything. Not just free speech." It's over, people. It's over. So, if he knew this, I don't know what he'd do or what he would want to. I don't even know what the answer would be, but he's got a big word. He could at least say, "Hey, they got the evidence over at FrankSpeech.com." It says, "Dominion Exposed. The evidence is there. All the evidence is there is Bombshell Proof." It's been there for two months. I had 34 terabytes of data over a year now. All this stuff, and it's like, okay, it's just noise. Michael Lindell is just making noise, you know. And someone like that has just another voice. So, if anybody out there works with Elon Musk, all I'm asking is, I just want to have 15 minutes, even if it's a phone call, whatever. I'm trying to get to him. As you know, I've been trying to get to him for that reason. I know a lot of people are probably reaching out to him for other reasons. He's serious about our freedom of speech. Well, you know, here the heart of it is these computers that were used against our country.

Mike Lindell: That will be over. They're going to use it in this next election. I'm very concerned over Texas right now. Ken Paxton is running. It's a run-off down there.

Brannon Howse: For attorney general, right?

Mike Lindell: Yeah, for the attorney general. They took away his right to prosecute crime. I just talked to someone in Texas, and they sent out millions upon millions of flyers postcards and to slam and badmouth Ken. Going all the way back to 2015. He wouldn't be attorney general if the stuff, these lies, and attacks in this card that was sent out. This was a mailer. They did the same thing to me in Minnesota. Walsh did here when he thought I was running for governor. We do not want a Trumpian coming to our state to be governor. I got news for you, Walsh. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life. Have you? I don't know if he has, but don't sit here and tell coming to Minnesota. I'm already here, you know. I mean, these are the things that are going on right now. We're in a battle, everybody. You look at it all, and there are so many pieces right now. I just would like to put it all up here, get it up here on FrankSpeech, and what I want to do, Brannon. I really want to work on it next week. I want to get a chart to show which states.

Brannon Howse: By the way, Walsh was born in Nebraska.

Mike Lindell: Well, there you go. Well, we don't want one of them coming to our state. Walsh, I've been here all my life.

Brannon Howse: You're born there.

Mike Lindell: I was born here. I've never moved from here. I guess I lived in Las Vegas once for three months out of a van if you want to count that. So, I don't know. Anyway, Brannon, why don't you pull up the Guardian. I want to show to the left-wing all my fake news friends that have helped us the last year by attacking me. Zack still won't talk to me now. I unblocked him. It's a mistake, Zach. Sorry, you weren't the one that wrote the bad article or the wrote the fake news about Dinesh. But this guy was named Peter. He writes for the Guardian. Here it is, guys. Peter took his time. He interviewed me and interviewed me. The Guardian is a big publication, everybody.

Brannon Howse: Yes, it is.

Mike Lindell: It is huge, and if you read this, sure, he has to put his normal stuff in there pushing. See what it says, "Mr. Lindell, still pushing Trump lies." They got to do those kinds of headlines. I don't care. That's beautiful, but what does it tell you? Mike, I'd like to file lawsuits in all 50 states. You read through this, and it names the states. It says what we've already filed. Do you know what? He puts in there they've already filed in Arizona, I believe (Begins reading) "Among the crusaders promoting Donald Trump's false claims." You know, get through that, and it goes, "In some respects, Lindell is an unlikely figure to emerge as a hotbed of U.S. politics. A chief executive of MyPillow." I mean, he writes the story of who I am. I didn't plan on jumping in and going after machine companies. Are you kidding? Brannon, we run a company with 2,700 employees or something like that. Every day I spend 18 hours a day fighting for this country, and it all revolves around these electronics? "Electronic experts and voting watchdogs say Lindell's legal blitz to ditch phony machines and other drives that sustained are deeply flawed and potentially dangerous and potentially further damaged voter confidence." Okay, now let's just take part right there, everybody. "But Lindell experts and voting watchdogs." What is that? Okay, I wonder what that is.

Mike Lindell: "Election experts." Who's an expert? Brian Kemp, Brad Rosenberger? I didn't know there were election experts. I'll tell you who's an election expert. I think I've forgotten more about elections, especially the 2020 election, than most people will ever know. I bet if I had to go to college for an election. I went for one year, 18 hours a day, since November 4th when I got up on November 4th. Every single day, it doesn't leave my mind. It's 18 hours a day, and tens of millions of dollars are spent on it. But it says there is "Lindell's legal blitz to ditch voting machines." I'm going to tell everybody as you read through. Now there says, "Lindell sounds undaunted, telling The Guardian that he has spent 30 million, 70 lawyers, cyber consultants, private investigators, staffers to prove widespread fraud despite mountains of contrary evidence." No, there's no contrary evidence, everybody. That's a lie. All the evidence is mountains of evidence. "Last month, Lindell pumped 500,000 into an Arizona lawsuit." Now, this is where it gets good, everybody. I want all your fake news people on the left. This is where you got to report. This is why I told Peter he's one of the best journalists of the year. He gets journalists of the year, Brannon. Remember, no journalists at Fox and Newsmax talk. We're not counting our platform, and we're not counting Real American Voice. We're not counting the small groups that are still putting out the news.

Mike Lindell: But right here, guys, "Lindell pumped about 500,000 to an Arizona lawsuit filed by two Trump and Lindell-backed state candidates for Secretary of State, Mark Finchem, and Cory Lake, respectively, to obtain a preliminary injunction against voting machines that Lindell has repeatedly charged are defective." Now, you guys, right there. Hold it, Brannon. Let's talk about that. You can leave it up, though. Everybody, he just told you, he validated that, yes, Fox, Newsmax, and everybody should have reported. Everybody should have reported that, yes, this thing was filed. It's a real lawsuit. This isn't something made up that Mike Lindell said, "Hey, what are you going to do with all your evidence, Mike?" Well, we're dropping them in these states individually, Brannon. Every one of these states, every one of them. We're showing them here's what happened in your state with the machine. Here's what happened in your state with the machine. Hey, guess what? Here's what happened in your state, and we're even showing them county by county. But, "Election experts and body watchdogs lie." Okay, now let's go to last month, "Obtain a preliminary injunction against voting machines." Okay, it went kind of goofy. Okay, there we go. I don't know what's going on. Can you go down further? It's kind of fuzzy. The other way, please. Your computer's goofy.

Brannon Howse: That's weird because we're right in the middle.

Mike Lindell: Keep going, so I can see more of the article.

Brannon Howse: How's that? Nothing's changed on our end. That's weird. Were you right here, "Kari Lakeshore, to obtain a preliminary injunction."

Mike Lindell: I want you to keep going, keep growing if you can. But it's showing up really screwed up on the screen. Keep going, just keep going further.

Brannon Howse: Okay.

Mike Lindell: Stop right there and see if it clears up.

Brannon Howse: Okay?

Mike Lindell: Is your computer doing this?

Brannon Howse: No, our computers are clear as a bell. I'm looking at an 85-inch screen that shows it. What's it looking like?

Mike Lindell: I can't read it, can you?

Brannon Howse: Is it a blur?

Mike Lindell: On my screen here. I got it on her phone. I'll have to read it on here.

Brannon Howse: Do you want me to read it?

Mike Lindell: It's something on my screen. I can't read it. Okay, I can read it here. I got it on my phone. So, "Lindell backhanded first to win in June. Okay, so hold on.

Brannon Howse: Do you know that if you're watching it on an app, it's going to be delayed?

Mike Lindell: Okay, why don't you read it on your end because I can't read it.

Brannon Howse: So, the last sentence I heard you say was that (begins reading) "Last month, Lindell pumped about 500,000 Arizona lawsuits filed by two Trump and Lindell backed state candidates for Secretary of State and Governor Mark Finchem and Kari  Lake, respectively, to obtain a preliminary injunction against voting machines at Lindell has repeatedly charged our defective." That's where you stopped it. "Lindell said that he plans to underwrite similar anti-voting machine lawsuits in the next few months and many other states, including Colorado, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Alabama. Quote, I'd like to file the lawsuits in all 50 states," end quote. He said, quote, "I didn't come all this way not to succeed. We've got to get rid of them all."

Mike Lindell: Now pause there. Stop right there. I want to tell everyone in the news that this is news. This reporter, Peter, put out the news "Hey, we're coming to Colorado, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alabama. You know, this is what they haven't done. I've announced this on my show here. No other outlets said this. I've told all these people on the left. I've told them. I actually called up Newsmax and said, "Can we get on and talk about these injunctions? Don't you think people want to know whether you're a Democrat or Republican? Let's get rid of these voting machines, so we have election confidence back. What's wrong with that, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Exactly.

Mike Lindell: (Reading)"Now, to further spur his conservative agenda," which has nothing to do with conservative agenda, it has to do with Americans losing our country, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican. "Lindell has publicly endorsed several candidates for the top." Oh, I guess that part, yeah. "Including Lake and Finchem early this month benefited by Trump's sponsored fundraiser. Lindell is also backing a candidate for Colorado for Secretary of State, Tina Peters, a Mesa County clerk, indicted." Now, listen, but you know what? Now, let's look at this. It says, I'm backing Tina Peters, who's running for secretary of state. A lot of people on the national level don't know that Brannon. Because that part they don't want you to know about it. Do you follow me? Then it says, "With voting machines, she was indicted on ten counts for tampering with voting equipment in an effort to reveal what she thought were sizable election voting machine errors whom Lindell headlined a rally last month. A judge on May 10th barred Tina from running for the country election. Well, let me tell you, there's a little bit of a lie there. The facts are misconstrued. Tina did not tamper with anybody because she backed up her computer before they got there to do the trusted build.

Mike Lindell: Like every other clerk should have done, only a few of them did it. That's their job. Anyway, I thought this was very good because he put down about Tina Peters running for secretary of state. Now, keep going, Brannon. Okay, in Michigan, here you go. I mean, he's basically putting the word out. "Mike Lindell went for Matt DePinho and Kristina Karamo. They were endorsed by the state Republican convention." They're running for attorney general and secretary of state. Why did I back these two, Brannon? You understand backing people that have the people's back. People stood up against these machines and this election crime. I don't know why everybody would want that. Why would not everybody want that? But here comes everybody; "To promote his message more widely. Lindell said he'd recruited the ex-Fox News reporter Lara Logan, who claims she was pushed out by Fox after comments comparing Fauci to notorious Nazi doctor Joseph," whoever that is.

Brannon Howse: Mengele, Josef Mengele, was a Nazi doctor that practiced on children, twins, and all kinds of extreme, off-the-chart experiments in Nazi Germany.

Mike Lindell: Lara Logan compared Fauci to that.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Well, there are reports that Fauci's group has taken the scalps of aborted babies and put them on rodents to grow hair on these rodents.

Mike Lindell: Oh, my gosh. Let's go back to the thing.

Brannon Howse: That is Josef Mengele stuff in my mind.

Mike Lindell: Unbelievable. Yeah, absolutely. Anyway, Fox did let Lara go, and she was making this documentary, everybody, called Selection Code: Terminate the machines. It says, "Doing a documentary about voting machine fraud and voting machine companies that Lindell boasts will be huge." So, this guy, he put the word out. That's news, right, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Yeah. He's telling the story we went out there.

Mike Lindell: (Reading) "Moreover, to help spread dubious claims of widespread election fraud, Lindell late last year launched Cause of America." Now he's going to get Cause of America, a good thing. We've been telling the news, "Hey, we became like a hub of a wheel. Cause of Americans in all 50 states. By the way, if you're out there and you're in a state, reach out. Cause of Americans right here. You can contact us online. And by the way, go see what I have for an email for FrankSpeech. I want to know what emails are available because I'm going to give out that email tonight. I'm going to give out an email, Brannon, that everybody can use because I have a lot of requests out there. I know it's going to fill up, but I'm going to give it out here in a little bit, everybody. Do I have that one? I'm going to give an email out in a little bit, my email. I want a lot of people, whistleblowers, everything, anyone that has a way to contact Elon. I want to have anybody who wants to get this going in their states. Let's go back to the article. I'm kind of all over the board tonight. (Reading) "Currently to facilitate the CEO's price, he lawsuit's to get rid of the voting machines which legal and voting experts say fakes long odds." Now, look at that. All he's saying is, the lawsuits, we have these preliminary injunctions. "Legal and voting experts say face long odds." Well, you know what? Our country depends on it.

Mike Lindell: And it says, "Lindell has retained a team of lawyers, including Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz and Kurt Olson and many, many others. Brannon, if you've got people, Alan Dershowitz voted for Biden, and he still says, "These lawsuits to get rid of these machines." These are how important these preliminary lawsuits and injunctions are, everybody. This isn't whether you're a Democrat or Republican. Why would you want the machines? Why would you want the machines? Nobody in this country, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, everybody knows the election was stolen through computers. Why would you want them? So, anyway, election watchdogs say Lindell's lawsuit spending spree is promoting conspiracy views of voter fraud and his scant chance of legal success. Scant chance; at least he gives me a chance. Remember that one in a billion? So, you're telling me there's a chance, Brandon. "Carries big risks to further confuse voters about the risk of voter fraud in 2020." Let me tell you. It was the biggest crime in history. Everybody knows that. We need to get rid of the machines and get the replacement in there now. So, we have voter confidence. So, people trust again. They trust whether you're a Democrat or Republican. This is a completely separate thing. And then, of course, they put in the treasonous William Barr. Even William Barr, really? William Barr was afraid of getting impeached, and he lied to the American people that he looked into the evidence. He never looked into a thing. In fact, he told others not to look right, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: He told a Philadelphia U.S. district attorney, "Don't mess with it. We have the letter."

Mike Lindell: Yeah. William Barr, Traitor, period. That's all you could call him. I don't know why he did what he did, but he doubled down and did it again last spring. William Barr should come out and say, "You know what?" Maybe William Barr wants to come on our show, and he can sit and tell us all the evidence there. That all these people have gathered for a year, all the hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people that have canvassed in this country that went out and found all of these phantom voters that they threw through the machines, that they're just nothing, William Barr. The least you could do, Bill Barr, is come on and say, "Hey, I didn't know. They didn't have this back when I was in office." But you did know in the spring after we came out with all the evidence, and you doubled down again, Bill Barr. So, maybe it's the time to come out and say why you did it. Were you in on it, Bill? You could at least play plausible deniability by saying, "I don't know. All I did was watch Fox News. I thought they would report it, but I guess they didn't." I guess he can use that. A lot of people can use Fox News, especially our politicians say, "All I did was watch Fox News every night and Newsmax, and they never said there was any crime."

Mike Lindell: What do you think, Brandon? Do you think that's true? You know, will that be a good defense for him? I'm sorry, your honor. I watch Fox News. They don't even have to plead the Fifth because they can just say, "I don't know anything. I watch Fox News. I know nothing." You know, like most other states, Arizona conducts its elections entirely on a paper ballot. Now, let me tell you this, (Continues reading) "It's a conjunction, entire election on paper ballots." You guys, you need to understand this. "And audits the machine results with the review of ballots after the election is over." He added, "Every post-election review of 2020, including the partisan reviewed by senators, confirms that Joe Biden won." That is a lie, a lie, and a lie. There are so many lies there, but you know what? That's the big cover-up. And then look at this, "Hand counting ballots in any but the tiniest of jurisdictions is far too time-consuming," says Norden. Who the heck is Norden? So, Larry Norden, the senior director of elections and government of the Brannon Center. Who's Brannon?

Brannon Howse: The Brannon Center is a real liberal law center think tank.

Mike Lindell: According to Larry Norden, he's okay with it.

Brannon Howse: I may not have seen The Terminator, know the song 2025, but I know what the Brannon Center was. See, I'm contributing now.

Mike Lindell: Well, let me tell you this, Larry Norden, shame on you, Larry Norden. You're a traitor to our country. You sit there and lie. Oh, yeah, "Even the smallest jurisdiction will require trained election staff working in multiple member teams overnight, with oversight." Let me tell you, 25 years ago, Larry, that's what we did. That is what France does. They got done in one day. One day, it's called Election Day, Larry Norden.

Brannon Howse: Sixty-seven votes, 67 million.

Mike Lindell: I wonder if Larry Nolan, Alan Duke, and Bill Barr sit around a big room and go, "How much can we keep this under wraps and keep the big lie," which is the big lie? "How long can we keep it going, everybody? We've only got to make it five more months so we can steal everything again, everything, and wipe out the United States forever."

Brannon Howse: You know, Mike, they're already talking today about COVID death rates rising. We might have to go back to lockdowns this fall.

Mike Lindell: Yeah, and by the way, everybody, I want to say this. Here's another thing they said as soon as they heard that we have the replacement for the Machines, this paper that's like the best, most secure paper in history, with cameras in the complaint. They said, "Well, there could be there's going to be a paper shortage." Well, I got news for you. There's not. There is enough paper to do the whole 2020 election. So, all you fake news people out there and liars, that's it. Anyway, we just saw Peter's article. I liked it because he at least reported what we're trying to get the word out. He did do all the fake things because, you know what? He went and did his due diligence. When you talk to liars, he's just putting down with this, Larry Norton said. Larry Norton is a liar. He'll be one of the guys behind the prison bars like this, Brannan, "Let me out, let me out." Then they're going to have to see the words ES&S, Dominion, and Smartmatic. We're going to make sure those words are written on the inside of the prison bar so they can stare at him every day. They're going to learn how to spell Dominion, Smartmatic, ES&S, Hart, Diebold, all these words. In fact, we're going to name all the prisons. All the prisons that we can build for all these criminals of the 2020 election, the Diebold prison, the Dominion Prison, ES&S, boy, I don't want to go to ES&S. I heard it's really bad there. That's for the lifers. Yes, ES&S, and by the way, I was going to get a website SueMikeLindell.com., so we have a template in there for ES&S, so they can quickly just go there. It's already been done many times. Just go ahead, grab it out of there. You know, we don't have it yet, but I want to get it. Make it very easy for them, so they don't have to do a lot of screwing around. Let's just get it done, ES&S. There in Omaha, Nebraska, everybody. They have the majority of the machines in our country, not Dominion. They sold to Dominion. A lot of criminal activity back in the day with old ES&S, right up to the present. We don't have time here. We can sit here and talk all night, but we have whistleblowers. There are insiders that work for them, Brannon. Patents that were taken, just all kinds of stuff. I got more on them than it's unbelievable. You know, there's so much information. But right now, we've got to stay focused on getting rid of them, doing these preliminary injunctions, everybody. The last 10 minutes I want to go...

Brannon Howse: I got to have you comment on something. We have breaking news. Breaking news, Logan, do you want to show this?

Mike Lindell: ES&S suing Mike Lindell. Is that it?

Brannon Howse: No, not that I know of. No.

Mike Lindell: Jimmy Kimmel's calling.

Brannon Howse: No, I wish that was the case, no. Breaking news: Do you remember us talking about smoking crack pipes and all that in the kits? Well, we were told by the Biden regime they were not going to do that. The Washington Free Beacon is reporting tonight. Yes, safe smoking kits include free crack pipes. We know because we got them. Free Beacon investigates five cities and five free crack pipes. Boston, D.C., Baltimore, as you can see, New York City, and Richmond. So, they told us after so many people said no way, we don't want our tax dollars used to do this. Are you kidding me? Well, it is happening anyway. Crack pipes are distributed and safe smoking kits up and down the East Coast, raising questions about the Biden administration's assertions that its multimillion-dollar harm reduction grant program wouldn't funnel taxpayer dollars to drug paraphernalia. This is the result of the Washington Free Beacon's visits to five harm reduction organizations and calls to over two dozen more. In fact, every organization we visited facilities in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond included crack pipes in the kits.

Mike Lindell: Unreal. Well, everybody, this is what we're taking. This is the manifestation. They want to take your country, and I'm talking to Democrats and Republicans. I'm talking to all people in this country. I spent so much time. You see that Chore Boy, those little crack pipe things. They're right in between those little things you put on the top of your crack pipe. We called them Chore Boy. You tear them. You can also cut up lamp cords and bundle them up, but what they've done here.

Brannon Howse: You mean like the reddish-looking balls, there?

Mike Lindell: Yeah, that's it. Let me tell everybody something. Right now, come screen. You know my book: What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO? That's my wheelhouse there. Let me tell you that what you've done there when crack was introduced to the inner cities, it didn't even come out to the suburbs for almost a decade. But it just destroys. It's a destruction vehicle, and people will do anything for it. It's one of the most powerful drugs or powerful things ever, but I'll tell you one thing. If you run out of Chore Boy, you didn't have a pipe, ran out of baking soda, or you needed a spoon, whatever. These are things you need to make the crack and to smoke the crack. Well, a lot of times, if you didn't have that, the thing would end, right. You don't make it convenient to do that. I don't know how to explain this. If you make it so convenient, there would be breaks that crack addicts would take because they have to get these other things to make more crack. Now, you're just enabling them by saying, "Here you go." You're encouraging; the U.S. government for somebody to get hooked on crack.

Mike Lindell: I'll tell you what, they did a study Brannon and the study of all the alcoholics. Anyone that ever took one drink of alcohol, ever. From a teetotaller all the way to a chronic alcoholic. When is the average time span that affects your life? When things start to go downhill or can be turned bad, and that average was, I believe it was, I want to say 12 years. It was in the years, right. Now, cocaine itself, I'm just using these three examples they used. Cocaine was two years. That means there are a lot of functioning cocaine addicts out there. A lot of functioning alcoholics. Do you follow me?

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Mike Lindell: Crack, two weeks. What that means when you're on crack, everybody. If you take that first hit. If there's a first hit a crack, and you take that, you might. There's a proportion of people that would say, "I'm never touching this again," at that point. After you take it the second time you've done it, it's almost 100%. You're done. You're hooked. At one point, we thought, as crackheads, that there was no way out. You're done. Your life goes down. It goes down. It destroys it. I want to tell you. There's a place in Mexico where they would ban baking soda. What is that? Why would they ban baking? They sell cocaine coming out of their eyeballs. Well, they banned baking soda because you need baking soda to make crack.

Mike Lindell: They know when you're on crack, you're never coming back to this tourist town. You're never coming back. When you get on crack, it's over. It takes your possessions, everything you have done. I could literally say, are you a crack addict? And say, "What do you have left for possessions?" People will call me up, Mike, and we're not talking meth or, you know, or heroin, just crack cocaine. And I'll say, "I know so-and-so is on crack." And I'll ask them, "What did they have when you think they started for possessions? For physical possessions." That's jobs, your assets, your physical assets. Then I can tell by what they have then how long they've been on crack. This is how fast it takes you down. If you start with this many assets. You don't run it down and go, "Well, I'm only going to do this much." It's everything you got, job everything, friends, family possessions, and physical possessions. What the government's done here by doing this, I can't tell you how horrific that is because it tells an addict it's okay. It's okay to do crack. I don't even know what their logic would be behind this. It's the devil itself.

Brannon Howse: It's called the destruction of America. This is what communists do to destroy the family and destroy the free market.

Mike Lindell: They call crack the devil's candy. I mean, there's a website up there. If you're an addict out there, it's a great website to go to TheDevil'sCandy.com. But I will tell you, everybody, as long as we're on addiction. Go to LindellRecoveryNetwork.org, go there. If you're sitting out there and just got one of these crack kits from Biden's administration. You know what? Take it and smashes it. It's less than someone else can get. It's disgusting.

Brannon Howse: Look, we showed you Baltimore. Look at Boston. This is Boston, okay. We'll show you, New York.

Mike Lindell: Well, let me tell everybody. I want to tell you guys. There's nothing safe you can smoke. There is nothing safe when they're talking safe smoking kit. I'm going to tell you, Brannon. That stuff right there, that pipe, that Chore boy there, and this stuff, that tin foil. You guys, this stuff will last for one night. One night, that little glass pipe will get burned down to where it's a cinder, and it's done. So, all that is an encouragement for someone that's never done crack, today, the government gave me a kit. You know, maybe they were hooked on other drugs, but this is a gateway to crack. You know, my friends in the black community, when we would sit down there. They thought it was a government plot way back when because they just put crack in the inner cities. It was all in the inner cities. This is what we believe there, but then it started going out to the suburbs in the late nineties, early 2000s, in all these cities. You know what, Brannon? Then all of a sudden, everyone's going, wow, there's a problem. Let's remember everybody that Biden was part, I believe, part of the Clintons that put everybody in prison for a crack for ten years. Do you remember that, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Mike Lindell: Ten years, some of my friends would go ten years in prison. You would hear about a friend of a friend because they made this law. You could have just a little bit of crack, and you got ten years, but you could have all the cocaine you wanted. This is disgusting, and now you're buying crack pipes with U.S. dollars, with our taxpayers' dollars, to promote people to ruin their lives forever. That kit is only for one thing. That's to get someone that's never been on crack, say, "Here, it's okay now," because anyone that uses crack, Brannon. They get one use out of that. One night, that stuff you just showed up there. It's one night, everybody. The pipe just doesn't stay like that to reuse. As you heat, it chisels down to nothing. That metal there, that Chore Boy, we call it. That stuff there, that Chore that goes away. It's one night of smoking crack. So, what are you going to do? Go back and get another kit? Where does it end? Are we going to pay with taxpayers' dollars and just keep buying them over and over? Every addict a new kit every night?

Brannon Howse: Do you want to know something? I put it in the World View Report the other night. Two different bills are pending. If you make an all-natural supplement, they are working to make it hard for you to produce your all-natural health supplement so that if you fill out the form incorrectly or late, you're looking at thousands of dollars in fines and maybe a year in jail. The second one, you could be going away for years. So, if you manufacture a supplement and they slip this into two bills increasing the chances it passes. You could go to jail for developing an all-natural, healthy supplement if this goes to become law by not dotting every I and crossing every T on a bunch of dumb paperwork. But you can give crack kits.

Mike Lindell: You can get crack kits. You guys, everybody needs to see this. Now, I want to talk to people on the left, the liberals and progressives out there. If they can't see that, this is insanity. This is a takeover of our country, and you know what? It's insanity. Like this word needs to get out there. I mean, there's no common sense behind this. There's no logic. What they're trying to do is spin it somehow that you're helping what? You're helping kill somebody. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, you're a part of a murder. I mean, you're going here to try crack. Go for it. You just took their life. You sucked the soul right out of somebody. I can't believe that. This is absolutely insane. That's why I tell you, everybody. You have to start. We have to get rid of these machines. We have to get rid of the computers. I can't tell you enough. I'm not ever going to stop telling you this. We have all the evidence, Brannon. Pull-up and FrankSpeech right now in the last one minute. I want to show everybody what you can still do, where we're at right now. Right there, go to the petition. Go up a little bit, Brannon. Right there.

Mike Lindell: Terminate the machines. You guys sign that petition. Get on there and sign that petition. It doesn't matter what state you are in. We're coming to your state. We're going to throw everything we had at them. The first preliminary injunction was filed in Arizona. It's right there, everybody. Click on it, Dominion Exposed, and Bombshell Proof. It's inside the machines. There it is, everybody. You get there and tell everybody you can about FrankSpeech.com. Go to the App Store, and get FrankSpeech.com. If you get an argument with someone, they say there's no evidence. I've seen Bill Bar. Do you know that trader? He said there was enough to overturn the election. Well, we've got millions of millions of people here now that have canvassed and stuff. All the evidence is right here. Remember, you had to have names to do the machine stuff, Brannon. So, all of this stuff, everybody is right here at FrankSpeech. It's a one-stop shop for evidence, news, and everything. But before we go, I just want to say, if you're out there right now, I'm going to give you an email, [email protected]. How easy is that? For tonight, turn that on. I would like you to reach out if you're a whistleblower. If you're in the state, you want to do a preliminary injunction, and you've got money out there. You have a big donor that donates to candidates, and you know them.

Mike Lindell: You want to put his money, get rid of the machines in your state. Email [email protected]. No, I'm not going to be the one reading every one of them. I have a whole team of people who are going to get together. We want to do these injunctions across our whole country in all 50 states. I have a team of lawyers that will say, "Here's our template, here's the injunction," and we'll say, "Here's all the evidence for your state we already have." Remember, Brannon. We have evidence in all 50 states, including California, Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho. I'm coming up to Idaho and Wyoming. I'll be there soon. So, we've got to all do this together. If you got big donors, you know someone in your state, and you want to save your country. This is where we have to go. This is where we have to put our resources. Remember, we need a separate team of lawyers in the state. It doesn't even cost a lot for them because our team's already done the heavy lifting. So, this is where we're at, called to action. You can put other emails in there too. I'm sure the bots and trolls will throw all their stuff in there and pollute it. Go ahead, bots and trolls. We know how to sort through your garbage. Go ahead. Come on.

Brannon Howse: That's the Lindell Report.

Mike Lindell: Thanks, everybody.

Brannon Howse: Be sure to go to MyPillow.com. Use that promo code l77 promo code l77 to help support Mike's work to Save America and Fix 2020. Get rid of the machines and all the other great things he's doing. Thanks for watching the Lindell report. The Worldview Report is up next. Take care.


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