Mike Lindell Encourages Missouri Election Watch at Trump Rally 2

About 2 years ago

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During an RSBN interview at the Trump Rally in Michigan on Oct 1, 2022, Mike Lindell mentions the Missouri Election Watch project as a way to participate in watching the 2022 General election. (This was the second mention)

Learn More About the Election Watch Project

Go to Cause of America - Missouri on FrankSpeech to learn about the election watch project. Scroll down through our videos to find the Election Watch Project videos, or click the Introduction Video link below:

Introduction Video

Contains links to all training videos and documents (PDF)

Adapt the Project to Your County or State

How to Adapt the Election Watch Project to your State or County

Contains MS Word doc versions of Incident Reports which can be customized

About the EWP

The Missouri Election Watch Project is a grassroots effort to monitor our elections and submit failures, fraud, anomalies, and anything 'fishy' via Incident Reports. Projects are created to watch Public Testing of Machines, Voter Experience, and Procedures at the Polls. Anyone can participate: voters, candidates, poll workers, election officials, and concerned citizens. The Project is coordinated by Missouri Canvassers ([email protected]) and Cause of America - Missouri ([email protected]).

There are 3 topics (so far) for the Missouri Election Watch Project: Machine Public Testing, Voter Experience, and Polling Place.

Each topic has a training video (found in TV tab of Cause of America - Missouri) and a documents tab (News Tab) that includes an Incident Report and supporting documents.


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