With Midterms in 3 Days Election Integrity Problems Arise | R. Doraisamy, R. Altomare, T. Wilson

About a year ago

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As the midterms are a few days away the heat among the three parties in the United States causes problems to boil over. The Leftists, the America First Candidates, and the Uniparty battle it out for who will control the direction of the country after November 8th.

Already 2020 has risen to prominence in the current elections since early voting began. The same people who caused problems for the electoral system in the country then are doing more with rapid actions now. Stacey Abrams funnels millions. The DOJ and other federal agencies work with Demos to activate voters for the Democrat Party.

Poll watchers are forced out of areas. Voter intimidation occurs more frequently. The violence toward Conservatives due to the violent rhetoric from Joe Biden continues to escalate with a Marco Rubio canvass worker brutally attacked

The slander never stops and the Uniparty expects victory.

Yet, Americans are not going to give in so easily. Not until they breathe their last will they give up. In fact, they rise and bring solutions.

Raj Doraisamy of Defend Our Union joins to discuss his election involvement boot camp programs. Through these classes can we regain what Americans were more than a hundred years ago?

Robert Altomare of BreathEasy joins to discuss the new VotEasy extension which will be used to rate and monitor polling locations.

Retired Army Special Forces and Green Beret SFC Travis Wilson joins to discuss One More Mission which activates veterans and first responders to become poll watchers and service providers.

Through these programs and organizations will America return to its former Constitutional Republic or is it too late to reach Americans? Dustin Faulkner and these men present the answers to the question.

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