Michigan's Attorney General Has Done Nothing To Investigate 2022 and Refuses To Do Anything To Prevent Future Fraud

about a year ago

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The Michigan AG Race Is Very Important and Is Expected To Be Very Heated

As Michigan's Attorney General refuses to look into election fraud in 2020, Mike now asks current AG candidate Deperno if he has any rights to open this up in 2022. The current Michigan AG is the most radical the state has ever seen with the way she handles the office. Deperno is in a dead heat in the current election and this race is called one of the top 20 nationwide in 2022. Deperno says he needs all the help he can get right now as the current AG is funded by people like George Soros, the Hollywood elite, and the elites of New York. The AG position is important for the country. A good AG will stand up for the constitution and show everyone how things should be correctly done. In 2020 the Michigan Secretary of State mailed out illegal ballots and later told local clerks to ignore signatures. All with the blessing of the Michigan AG. Further, the state allowed Zuckerberg to come in with large amounts of money to install ballot collection boxes in heavily democrat areas. Connect all of this to the movie 2000 Mules to understand how election fraud could occur in Michigan.