Marxist Indoctrination in Our Failing Schools | FP Episode 30

About a year ago

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American education is in crisis. Public school districts across the country are ignoring parents’ rights and focusing less on reading and math, and more on critical race theory and the transgender agenda.  Indeed, today you’ll learn about one California school district that has reportedly been teaching a secret Marxist curriculum, hiding it from parents. By and large, our public schools are no longer educating our children. They are indoctrinating them with dangerous, extreme, anti-American leftist ideology.

Then, in our Behind the Headlines segment: Marianne Williamson is challenging Joe Biden in the Democratic Presidential Primary; Woody Harrelson earns the ire of the Left by calling out Big Pharma on Saturday Night Live; and the Department of Energy finally concludes what everyone knew years ago: COVID-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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Happily cancelling the radical Left with the pure force of truth and reason, America First conservative, constitutional lawyer, and MyPillow attorney Doug Wardlow delivers unique and incisive commentary on the most important happenings in politics, the law, and the culture. His mission: to chart a course back to America's founding principles and help keep America great!

To Doug, this mission is second nature. Doug has spent his entire career fighting for Americans' constitutional rights, both inside and outside the courtroom. Currently the general counsel for MyPillow, Doug previously litigated cases for Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal ministry that fights for free speech and religious freedom all across the country. Doug also served as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, where he earned a reputation as a principled conservative warrior, and he was the 2018 Republican nominee for Minnesota Attorney General.

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