The Machines Can be Preprogrammed To Shift Votes

about a year ago

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Are Wyoming’s Voter Machines Tamper Proof or Are They Like Every Other Machine?

Wyoming says they have voting machines that do not allow for internet access. Mike and Brannon say let us know what machines you have so we can verify this statement. Mike disputes their preelection audit with their post-election audit. He also states that algorithms do not kick in until after the 200th vote. Thus suggesting that most would be satisfied with what they see long before the 200th vote is cast. The algorithm used is spread over all 50 states. Wyoming stating that Trump won with 70% of the vote doesn't mean that he didn't win by 75% due to false votes. With winning states the algorithm could pull names from these areas without anyone noticing. He talks about 106,000 votes in Michigan for Biden coming sown in the middle of the night. People in turn blamed it on the mail-in vote to which Mike replies that those votes were counted on November 3rd. The algorithms ran out of deviations. This happened in Georgia recently where a candidate was a 38-point favorite. He ended up getting 52% of the vote showing that something was obviously wrong.