Lipstick...Code for COVID!

About 2 years ago

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Sherronna Bishop: All right. Today on America's mom, we have Jeremy Dys talking to us about Coach Kennedy and his incredible story and also joining us, Two Red Pills from Utah. And what's up with that? The new director of misinformation. Is this for real? And finally, a look back at when we told you lipstick would become mandatory. 

Sherronna Bishop: Welcome to America's mom, everyone. If you're feeling like the First Amendment is not alive and well in America today, you are accompanied by millions here in our great nation. More and more, your ability to speak publicly, to say what you think, to believe out loud, your values, your virtue, and express those in a public setting to gather together. Right now, as we're speaking, thousands and thousands of dissenters are gathering at the Supreme Court of the United States, and they're going to go there to protest, even just the leaking of the possible notion of reversing Roe vs. Wade. Those people will be welcomed with open arms because they support the current administration and the narrative that women have the right to kill their babies. But if you are someone like me who is just looking for the opportunity to express your grievances to your government because they've overstepped, overreached, try to limit your ability to speak publicly and talk about the things that matter most to you. You will be shut down. You will be put on a list, and you will be called a dissenter and fact. With the Biden administration in power right now, we know that these people like me, like you, are actually called domestic terrorists. Now, what does it take in America to live in a just society? Again, it will take all of us bonding together and struggling through the long, difficult battle of reclaiming our constitutional protections not given by man but established by God.

Sherronna Bishop: I encourage you today, as we go through these incredible stories of endurance and character and strength, that you see yourself in these people and join the fight. Today we have with us Jeremy Dys of the First Liberty Institute, who is talking with us about an incredible coach, Joe Kennedy, who simply chose to pray on the 50-yard line. I'm so excited that you're here with us to catch us up to date on one of the most not only courageous but solid standing. When you talk about integrity, you think about men like Coach Joe Kennedy. And I know he can't be with us, but you're representing him and obviously have been with him through this incredible journey. What happened? What got Coach Kennedy in the spotlight? And walk us through this huge announcement last week about the Supreme Court. And he was going to be taking this case all the way to the top. Walk us through what happened here because as a parent who's looking for courageous coaches and teachers, people who can influence my child, Coach Kennedy is at the top of the list.

Jeremy Dys: Yeah. Coach Kennedy was a retired from the Marine Corps back in about 2006 or seven, if I remember correctly, and very soon thereafter was asked to coach football. Now, he never coached football a day in his life. He was 4'10 in high school and was a wrestler, but he was out on a run, and the athletic director saw him and kind of chased him down for about a year. And so when he finally committed to the weekend before saying, okay, maybe I'm going to do this, he took the weekend to think about it. And as he did, he came across the movie Facing the Giants that happened to be playing on the TV. That just happened to be something he caught, and he didn't go looking for it. It just was there, and it was like a gut punch. He said God was the answer that he needed to figure out how to coach. And if you're familiar with that movie, you know that that coach takes the time after he gets the conviction after the game to take a knee in private prayer by himself at the 50-yard line, and the coach said, that's what I'm going to do. And he made a covenant that day with God that after the game, win or lose, he was going to be at the 50-yard line thanking God for the game, his players, and everything that goes with that.

Jeremy Dys: Now fast forward over about seven years or eight football seasons later, that's kind of morphed into something bigger now. The kids came to him and said, Hey, coach, what you're doing said, I'm thanking God for you guys. Can we join you? Well, it's a free country. Do what you want. And it sort of evolved into this group prayer or post-game pep talk and then, at some point, another school district. Now, get this, they complimented his team and said, hey, this is a great thing that coach is doing. And the school district said, whoa, what is he doing? And they went and did an investigation. They found out he was praying with the kids, and they said, look, you got to stop doing that with the kids. He says, Cool. The commitment I made involved nobody else. It is between God and me. That's all I want to do. And so that's what he attempted to do. But eventually, in the fall of October of 2015, he was suspended from the team, and then ultimately, he was fired from the team for taking a knee in private prayer by himself at the 50-yard line.

Sherronna Bishop: Now, this was in the state of Washington, which has lost its moral compass completely. Was there a lot of pressure from the actual parents of the school to force this coach out? Or was this just simply an internal decision?

Jeremy Dys: No, it truly was not even a big thing. I mean, the team understood what was going on for eight football seasons. Everybody knew what was happening. They were very tight with the parents on every team there. He was the head coach of the JV team as well as an assistant coach of the varsity team. And so they knew what was happening that entire time. And frankly, between you and me, I thought, this is going to be a three-week project with Coach Kennedy. We'd say, hey, no, it's no problem to pray by yourself. I mean, you don't shed your constitutional rights when you walk through the schoolhouse gates. It's the Supreme Court told us anyway. And so we thought we'd be done. But now, here we are, almost seven years later. And just last week, the Supreme Court of the United States has heard his case to depend upon, and that will depend upon whether or not he gets his job back.

Sherronna Bishop: So, Mr. Dys, this is a really important case, not just for Coach Kennedy being able to pray on a football field, but exactly what you said. Do we surrender our constitutional rights when we take on employment? And whether you're in the judicial system, you're at a school, you're working even your own business, and you're being asked by people to surrender your medical protections, to take certain things into your body that violate your conscience. And even just the freedom to speak openly about what you believe about these things is under violation. It's under attack all across this country. So this is a really big deal, not just for the coach, but this ruling that's going to come down is going to affect so many of us who don't even realize how silent we've been. I live in rural Colorado, and I watched teachers be silent because they were afraid of retaliation. They're afraid of exactly what Coach Kennedy is going through and the fact that he's given six years of his life fighting this. What kind of a man are we dealing with? You said he has incredible faith. I mean, this is about him praying on the field. But this is more than that. I've seen people who have faith, but they don't have endurance like this.

Jeremy Dys: Yeah, Coach Kennedy is a fighter, and he always has been. He was adopted at birth. He had some kind of rough growing-up years. He could tell you he was a terrible kid and got into fights. The Marine Corps became his ticket out of Bremerton, and that's where he learned how to push men on a mission. And so when he got out of the Marine Corps, the school district was eager to have him as a coach because he wasn't very good at the X's and O's, but he was great at picking the kid up that was down. After fumbling the ball or maybe chopping the kid down a little bit, they got a little too ahead of themselves, too headstrong on the team. He was the guy that got the kids back up and back into the game over and over and over again. Because everything they've gone through or could have gone through. He did. He lived on the streets. He fought with everybody. He's been in trouble with the law. But it's all past, obviously, but all those things. And he knew all those experiences here. So he's a guy that had the fortitude to move forward with this whole thing.

Jeremy Dys: Your broader point, though, is right on. If the Ninth Circuit decision is allowed to stand. I fear for coaches and teachers and our public schools all over the nation because if they can be seen engaged in with a school district called demonstrative or religious activity, then they could be fired. So what does that mean? That means if you're praying over your lunch and the student cafeteria and the students can see you, well, that could be grounds for your termination if you are wearing a yarmulke or a hijab or a crucifix around your neck. Those are all demonstrative, religious displays that could get you fired from your job. And even more broadly, as we heard them argue in the court last week, if they can identify you as an authority figure, even outside of school grounds, but you're still identified as that authority figure, then you could have your job questioned as well. That could include going to church and being near students that happen to be in your class Monday through Friday. And that can't be what the possible meaning of this the First Amendment is. No one should be forced to choose between the job that they love and the faith that they have.

Sherronna Bishop: I'm sure that it's not lost on you. This push toward this radical secular humanism in schools, the transgender ideology, the radical LBGTQ left, and the Supreme Court has recognized human secularism as a religion. And yet we don't see this kind of attack on them. This is for traditional family values, a traditional common belief, and a virtuous belief at that. It's not non-social. It's not anti-social behavior. If it was anti-social behavior that Coach Kennedy was engaging in, I believe we would be seeing a totally different outcome right now and a huge rallying of the progressive radical left. One last thing that I think of is very expensive to wage this battle that you're in. How are you covering legal costs for Coach Kennedy?

Jeremy Dys: Well, we represent all of our clients for free. Our entire mission is to defend religious liberty for all Americans. And we do that because of moms and dads all over the country. Grandpa's and grandmas that say, you know what, no one should have to pay an attorney to vindicate their civil rights when they are questioned by the government. So I got to tell you, Coach Kennedy is very aware of how expensive this kind of a case would actually be if he had to pay an attorney to do it. And frankly, we got one of the very best litigators in the country on our team that argued this case before the Supreme Court of the United States. And the guy, Paul Clement, is his name. It was the former solicitor general under George W Bush. He could never afford the same attorney that Microsoft and all the Fortune 500 companies use when they go to the Supreme Court. And yet he's donated his time as well and support. Why? Because religious liberties are the very first liberty. And if we lose that, then we lose all of our freedoms entirely. So I'd encourage folks to go to and learn more about Coach Kennedy's case. But if you're inclined to support Coach Kennedy and all of our clients, we could definitely use your support.

Sherronna Bishop: Mr. Dys. Thank you. It's been a pleasure. We'll continue to follow this situation. Amazing man. Thank you so much.

Sherronna Bishop: The following video is extremely disturbing. Parental guidance is advised.

Nina Jankowicz (Video Clip): (Singing) On the ring is really quite ferocious. It's when a huckster takes some lies and makes them sound precocious by saying them in Congress or a mainstream outlet. So this information's origins are slightly less atrocious. It's how you hide a little lie. It's how you hide a little, little lie. It's how you hide little lies. When Rudy Giuliani shared that intel from Ukraine, oh, when TikTok influencers say COVID can cause pain, they're laundering disinfo when we really should take note and not support their lies with our wallet, voice, or vote. 

Sherronna Bishop: No, friends, this is not a season of The Voice or Sing. This is your new director of misinformation ordained by the Biden administration. Nina Jankowicz is your new singing superior who will govern everything you say, do, and think. And she will do it with gusto, apparently. Friends, this is one of the craziest times I have ever seen where Facebook has literally come into our everyday lives through a presidential administration of what's supposed to be the freest place in the entire world, the United States of America. Every day Joe Biden is in office, it looks more and more like Venezuela, but this time with a singing act.

Sherronna Bishop: We continue our discussion about Utah. What's going on there is about to blow your mind. So we are so excited today to have some amazing mothers out of Utah because some crazy things are happening there. They're going to be joining us today, The Two Red Pills. I'm bringing them in now. So incredible the work that they've been doing. Sophie and Jen, you guys, welcome to America's Mom. It is so exciting to have you guys here with us today. Thank you for joining us. I'm so excited to share with our audience who you are, what you've been doing, and this incredible adventure that you guys have been on as Sophie comes in. It's really exciting and encouraging to me to see people like you who have decided to take up the mantle and your own responsibility to defend your own backyard. So Two Red Pills, welcome to America's Mom. It's so good to have you here today.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): We are so excited to be here. Sherronna, you're amazing, too. We followed you for so long, and it's incredible to be on the show with you. Thanks.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, I think let's just start with your shirts for just a moment. I know that we're going to get into this, but your shirts are absolutely amazing. You know that I support Clerk Peters out of Mesa County. Utah has had some very curious things happening in your elections there. And thank you guys for your tremendous support of Clerk Peters. And I love the shirt. So we're going to make sure to get those out there. That's amazing.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): That's perfect. We actually sell them on, and all of the money goes to Tina Peters. So if people want them, they can grab them right there.

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you so much for that. Well, so tell us how you guys got started. You're two moms. You found each other somehow. Walk us through the beginnings of this because I want our audience to be inspired by what they can do in their own neck of the woods.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): Sophie, if you want to tell him about the school thing. 

Two Red Pills in Utah (Sophie): You're better at telling that story.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): Well, both of our kids were in the Salt Lake School district, which is very, very liberal. And we didn't know each other. My daughter had never stepped foot in the school. It was a COVID year. She only went there to play basketball, and that was it. She had no courses to take. So we knew really nobody. But at her graduation, this professed communist gave the speech from the state school board, or I'm sorry, from the county school board, and told the kids to get the vaccine, take their first drink, and swear. And these were all a list of things that she was telling these students that it was the best education she could think of to give them. And the advice was insane. I was just like, oh, my gosh, if she says the word abortion, I'm going to come unglued. Like it was that bad. I have never seen anything like it, and it was awful. Black Lives Matter, she said, was the most important thing she could teach them is to rise up and resist against people who push back. And it was stunning. So I didn't know who she was. I had no idea. I had no experience with the school district. My children went to a different district, my other children. And so I took a picture of her shoes, and I was like, I'm going to find her afterward. 

Sherronna Bishop: You took a picture of her shoes to go find her later on.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): Yeah. Everybody was wearing black robes.

Sherronna Bishop: That is such a mom thing. Oh, my gosh. That's amazing.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): I'm zooming in on her shoes, going, hey, everyone's got a black robe, but I am going to find you, and so I'm texting Sophie. I'm texting this chain, this telegram channel going. Is anybody else here? Is anybody else, like, want to tackle this lady with me afterward? And Sophie's like, I will. I'm not there, but I will. And it was from then on, I was like, that's my girl right there. We have been inseparable ever since.

Sherronna Bishop: One of the coolest things about COVID was we did find each other, and people woke up, parents woke up, and we said, something's not right. In a place like Utah, I would expect traditional family values, morality, and virtue. I would not expect to hear that a Marxist was invited to speak at a graduation. And so walk us through what happened then. It's only been a year that you guys have been extremely activated, and you've done unbelievable things. You have the lieutenant governor after you guys. You've been served by the district attorney. You are being investigated right now. What are you doing that is causing such a stir in Utah? I mean, you guys are just moms, right? You're just moms. What are you doing that has everybody up in arms?

Two Red Pills in Utah (Sophie): Yeah, I think it all started with wanting to know what was going on in our schools concerning CRT, SEL, and this equity Marxist agenda that just drives Jen and me nuts because it's lies and it's all it's doing is hurting minorities anyway, you know, the whole spiel. So we, we were just out of our minds about this and wanted to get to the root of who was bringing this into Utah and who was facilitating it, who was propagating it. And so I did this humongous wide, in-depth GRAMA request, and GRAMA stands for Government Records Access Management Act. So it's public records requests. And I submitted it to the Utah State School Board of Education, and a couple of weeks later, I get the invoice for this GRAMA request. And it was $10,000. Jen and I go up to the Utah State School Board of Education Building, and we pay the $10,000. And what we got back in those records single-handedly exposed this equity committee that was bringing all of this leftist Marxist ideology into our schools. And we have proof and evidence of our state superintendent ushering in discrimination against white children. And so that was kind of our first like, wow, we need to use public records to prove and expose and reveal the corruption that is occurring in our state. 

Sherronna Bishop: Really quick. I want to interrupt for just one moment because $10,000 would have stopped most people. They would have said we can't afford this. We can't do this. This is crazy. Let's just pull our kids out and homeschool them and move on with life. I want to understand why. Why did that not stop you, and how did you cover the cost of that? Because this is happening, this inordinate fee to figure out what's going on in your own taxpayer-funded public school district.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): Yeah. So fortunately, there are many patriots that rather stay behind the scenes, do not want their faces to be shown, and want to contribute to the cause, not in the public's eye. You know Jen and I are kind of like, well, no one else is stepping up to do this and be the face of it. So I guess we have to, and we are so grateful that others have stepped up financially. And so when I put out that this request was submitted and that I was going to get thousands and thousands of emails over about a four-year span to know exactly how CRT was being brought into our schools. I posted about it, and we had patriots just step up in huge ways, two in particular that were just like, no, you are going to take my $10,000, and you are going to pay for these records. And I'm like, okay. So yeah, it's just been a beautiful experience to see people step up.

Sherronna Bishop: That's amazing. So Jen, walk us through where we're at right now and what's happening in your world that the lieutenant governor is after you. She's texting about you, linking you up with Clerk Peters, trying to create this conspiracy image when in fact, you are two very concerned mothers. And you'll see the sign behind me. A worried mother does better research than the FBI. That's exactly right. And it's the one thing that the government fears. So bring us up to date, Jen. Where are we at with all of us?

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): So after we got started in the education stuff, Sophie and I were very instrumental in overturning Salt Lake County's mask mandate, which we had found through the records. They had lost millions of dollars. And so, the federal government went after Governor Cox because that mandate was overturned. So that was kind of our first experience going, oh my gosh, we kind of ticked this guy off because he had to scramble and beg forgiveness because he was going to lose his multimillion-dollar contract by us getting that mask mandate overturned. So from there, we were working also on elections. I mean, obviously, we were all upset immediately with the 2020 election, and we had been looking into some of that stuff. But we realized here that there were groups working. But when we kept saying, Well, what do you have? What do you have? We were told they had everything. And it got to the point where Sophie and I were like, wait a minute. No one really has proof that we're seeing. We can't let this go. So we decided together. 

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): Okay, this is probably back in November or December. We were like, If no one can show us the proof and everyone else has it, but when we ask those other people, they don't have it. We're going to have to just do this ourselves. So we read the law. We figured out what we needed to do in December. We split it up. She did tabulator data, and she did video surveillance. She did ballot images and copies I requested. And this was the one that really cost me was the project backup database and the CVR Report. That's the one that, within hours, we had hostile reporters. We had men in suits at my house. We had my house bugged. You know, computers are hacked and trackers on my cars. All of these types of things are going on because I think it's the database.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Sophie): And Sherronna, these were all submitted for every single county in Utah. We requested for all 29 counties.

Sherronna Bishop: What is it that they were afraid of? This is public information due to the voter. What were they so afraid of that you were going to find?

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): Well, according to the lieutenant governor's text messages, which I was able to get copies of and get unredacted through a court process, we got to see what she said underneath things that they tried to hide. They thought that I had obtained the information of the backup database illegally and that I was trying to justify having it. They thought I was hanging with a Mike Lindell/Tina Peters crowd, which ironically I wasn't at the time, but I'm like, yeah, sure, we're actually part of that crowd now. Thanks for the introduction. But I believe, and I think Sophie agrees with me, that they've deleted the data in some instances. The machines here were wheeled out days, if not weeks, after the election. So we don't even have the original machines going on.

Sherronna Bishop: It's a really quick mom moment for just a second. Totally people watching right now will relate to this. I had to mute it because my kid was screaming in the hallway, and my cat was fighting with the dog. So, I mean, this is our real lives, which is what makes this so mindblowing to me is you guys are regular people. You are just good Americans who are like, what the heck is going on with our elections? These people don't represent us. They don't serve us. They could give two cares about our families and our children in the future, and they're maximizing all of the potential money they can from the federal government to keep us in mass, to keep us locked down, and shut down our businesses. You guys are unveiling this as regular people because one, you can read, and you've read the law, you've done your research, and you are such a threat to the state of Utah. And by that, I mean the leaders of the state of Utah who are benefiting and profiting off of election fraud.

Two Red Pills in Utah (Jen): Yeah, well, the thing is, they can't figure out how to deal with moms. They know how to manipulate legislators. They know how to threaten them. They don't know what to do with the two of us. I mean, it's grassroots warfare. It's irregular warfare because it's not that we're genius. It's just that we're relentless. We love truth and God and freedom above everything. We'll go to the grave for it. And when that happens, and when you're able to talk to God, and you're willing to do what He tells you to do, we get that outside help, and we do whatever he asks, and we do it 100%. And so is it us? No, it's not us.

Sherronna Bishop: You nailed it, Jen. And I wish that I had more time with you guys on America's Mom. We're going to be bringing you guys back because there's an ongoing series of events that are playing out in Utah right now. The most unexpected state, in my opinion, in the union has the most aggressive grassroots, regular American people who are fighting for their freedom. And I am looking forward to having you guys back here next week and probably the week after until this plays out because we need to blow up the Red Pills. These Two Red Pills need to be so big that the government of Utah cannot take them down without a serious fight from the grassroots army that has been built all over this nation. I applaud you guys. You're exactly who the founders hoped we would be. Thank you guys so much for being with America's mom today. Sophie and Jen, Two Red Pills.

Sherronna Bishop: In April of 2020, we never could have guessed what the following two years were going to bring for us. However, there were times when our insightful volunteers and amazing patriots presented insights and shared them with you. It was my goal to make sure you knew what was coming and could plan accordingly. We're going to look back today on when free speech was not allowed on Facebook. We could not say COVID. We could not say shot. We could not say vaccine.

Sherronna Bishop: So we resorted to calling the COVID vaccine the lipstick. We couldn't even talk publicly about it. And quite frankly, we probably still can't. We're going to take a look back and see when we told you that the lipstick was going to become mandatory.

Sherronna Bishop (Video Clip): The messaging of masks is now finally out. You can go to, and you can see the messaging has begun for mandatory vaccines. There are 12 different messages that they're going to be attempting on our communities to see how they can guilt, shame, economically enhance using your patriotism, your love for your country and your fellow man, your love for your family, your courage and your bravery as well as your, you know, the whole shaming thing. You're a bad person if we are not sheep. And we have got to stop listening to these psychos. We've heard enough about the COVID 19 vaccine. There are doctors everywhere saying that they will not be doing it. They will not be recommending it. But we also, at one time, never believed that our whole society would be muzzling up with face masks and letting our children go back to school muzzled up. We've never been in this place, but the messaging that's been used, the marketing and sale of masks is not any different than the marketing and sale they're going to use of the COVID 19 vaccine.

Sherronna Bishop: And I want you to know, there's never been a vaccine created in a year ever pro-human coronavirus vaccines they have been working on for 20 years. They have never been able to put one forward because it is very dangerous. It has caused massive neurological issues to the test subjects, which are the animals. It is not good for human consumption. It doesn't work like that. It's not going to be effective, but it is going to. In Bill Gates's own words, he believes over 700,000 people will die just from the side effects alone of the COVID 19 vaccine. They are going to use guilt, shame, patriotism, love your neighbor, religion, and finances.

Sherronna Bishop: I mean, you're already seeing it on Jared Polis's page where he's talking about masks are your pathway to freedom. What? We have a constitution for that. Masks have nothing to do with my freedom. So I'm just telling you guys right now, you better get real serious about your freedom and your liberty and the health of your children. I don't care if you're pro-vaccine anti-vaccine somewhere in between. I do not care. This COVID 19 thing that's coming down is not good. This is not good for society. It is definitely not good for our children. I posted about EMF, which is a side effect of vaccines. Vaccines are medications. You guys, not everybody does great on them.

Sherronna Bishop: Not everybody thrives when they get a vaccine. But with COVID 19, we're looking at a forced vaccination or validation of your papers that you either have antibodies or you have had the vaccine in order to operate in society. You guys, this is crazy. This is nuts. And, you know, I wouldn't believe it had I not read it myself. And I wouldn't believe it if I weren't hearing from these other doctors and watching Dr. Fauci and Scarf Lady tell us that now we need to wear goggles. If you've been that person who's like no mask, but you're going to send your kid back to school wearing a mask. I want you to understand that the research is already coming about, coming out about the hyper propensity of sexual assault on your child in high schools.

Sherronna Bishop: And from the data that I'm reading already, you cannot tell me that this is not going to be a major problem. But you know what? If we won't stand up against these masks on our kids, do you think the passing of SB 163 isn't going to lead to your child getting the COVID 19 vaccine at school? Good luck with that. That's why we fought SB 163 so hard, because it allowed the government, the public health department, to decide what vaccines your children must-have.

Sherronna Bishop: And if you haven't opted out, guess what? You've opted in. This is not a conspiracy. And, you know, five months ago, people were saying, those of you who aren't wearing masks, you're going to be dead, you're going to catch it. We're all going to die. We still haven't worn masks, and we're not dead, and we're healthier than ever. And I am all about freedom. If you want to get a shot, go get a shot. You want to wear a mask. You wear a mask. But freedom doesn't mean that you get to tread on me and tell me what I'm going to do. The shot doesn't equal your freedom. The mask doesn't equal your freedom. And I am asking and begging you, parents, if you're sending your kids back to the public school where they require masks, you find a way, you find a way to get your kids out of those masks because there are bigger problems coming ahead for if you don't figure it out for your kid.

Sherronna Bishop: In a free society, members do not worry about what they say. They don't worry about their associations and affiliations in friendship groups. They don't worry about the books that they read. They don't worry about the sites they go onto on the Internet and who they're connecting and collaborating with. But when you are under tyrannical rule, all of those things become suspicious and reasons for a dictatorial government to throw you in jail, take your freedom, isolate you from the rest of the public, and cause extreme fear and uncertainty in your life.

Sherronna Bishop: It's happening everywhere. Friends, you're not alone. But the best and greatest thing we can do is keep being loud, keep being vocal, get as big as you can to protect your right, your rights, rather, in America, to do as you wish. Say what you want to say. Believe what you want to believe. And of course, your property, you protect the things that you have earned and that belong to you completely. It's never been more critical than right now with this crazy what's up with that moment we shared with you today? And we literally have a minister of misinformation in America based on her judgment over what you say. We will determine whether or not you make it onto the domestic terrorist list. This is a time like no other that requires us to be bold to be courageous. 

Sherronna Bishop: I'm so excited to keep bringing to you guys amazing people who are showing you what can be done. It's worth it. This is the greatest nation that has ever been ordained by God, and we intend to keep it. Have a great rest of your day, friends, and we will see you back here on America's mom on Wednesday.