Lindell-TV One Year Anniversary Special with Ben Carson, Mike Lindell, General Flynn, Ted Nugent and Many More

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: Welcome to Brannon House Live and we are live! It is our one-year anniversary of Frank Speech and Lindell TV. I'm Brannon Howse and tonight is April 19th, 2022, at 7:30 Central Time. We're breaking in early, so we start right on time. If you want to catch the full Worldview Report, you can catch that tomorrow at Frank on Lindell You guys should tweet, text, email, Facebook, and call friends as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Lindell TV.

My guests tonight will include Leo Hohmann, Karen Kingston, Daniel Greenfield, Anni Cyrus, Tom Littleton, General Michael Flynn, Ted Nugent, Dr. Ben Carson, Alex Newman, and Diamond and Silk. I think we're going to get a special call-in from Mike Lindell himself. Big night tonight as we celebrate our first year. On-air one year ago today, Lindell TV was born along with Frank Speech. Joining me now is Leo Hohmann, who is a regular here on Lindell TV.

He not only is a regular broadcaster, he's a columnist in his own right, but he also works with our news team and myself as we produce the Worldview Report each and every day. So, Leo is a big part of our production team as well as an associate producer. Leo, thank you for joining us on this one-year anniversary.

Leo Hohmann: Thank you for having me, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Well, tell us tonight why you think Lindell TV is so important before we get into a quick little news report from you.

Leo Hohmann: Well, I just think back to one year ago, Brannon. You had the Frank-A-Thon where you kicked off the launching of FrankSpeech. As I recall it, you had me on that day sandwiched in between Steve Bannon and General Michael Flynn.

Brannon Howse: That's right. That's right.

Leo Hohmann: Yeah, and to me, that was just like, I'm in my late fifties, okay? I'm finally making it on the air. People were always asking me, Why doesn't Fox News have you on? Why doesn't Newsmax have you on? You've got stuff to say that the American people need to hear. Well, you can't talk about the things that we talk about on FrankSpeech.

Brannon Howse: That's right. Those are topics that are taboo, aren't they?

Leo Hohmann: Exactly. I wrote a book, Stealth Invasion. Do you think Fox News wanted to talk about that in 2017?

Brannon Howse: In fact, your book, Stealth Invasion, after it came out, was so popular, that you were going to be a general editor. You're going to be like a big guy in the newsroom. Got the job. Had the job. It was your job. Then they found out, oops, this guy is politically incorrect.

Leo Hohmann: Correct. I was at that point contemplating that because I was being shunned by conservative media like Fox News. I was contemplating going back into the mainstream media. I got the shock of my life there that what other people considered a great accomplishment, publishing a book on the in-depth details of our broken immigration system, they wanted no part of someone on their staff who had that on their resume, Brannon. So again, FrankSpeech the to the rescue. Thank you, Mike Lindell. I now have a national platform and a voice again.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely, and you are a regular guest. You were with me today from 1:00 to 2:00 Central. You're a regular guest and you're one of our associate producers and writers that helps me put together our new script every day. This guy is a big, big part of our team behind the scenes, helping gather all these news stories and putting together the news script of Worldview Report. He's an associate producer here and again, a regular guest, but he's also a columnist in his own right at He's got an excellent website. I hope you'll mark it as a favorite and check it out. Before we let you go because again, I got Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, Daniel Greenfield, Anni Cyrus, Tom Littleton, General Michael Flynn, Ted Nugent, Dr. Ben Carson, Alex Newman, Diamond and Silk, and Mike Lindell. I have got to keep it moving tonight to get all these people in.

Leo Hohmann: Yes.

Brannon Howse: Before you go, tell us about the latest big article you have on your website tonight.

Leo Hohmann: Absolutely. It's about the engineered deconstruction of our food infrastructure in this country, Brandon. We discussed it on your radio show earlier today. I invite people to go over there to and read what's going on with our food and know that it's all being planned. They want, in the end, what do these globalists want Brannon? They want us to use their digital programmable money system, and they want us to eat their manufactured lab-grown food. Do not think that it is just a coincidence that they are deconstructing both our money system with the gradual collapse of our dollar and now our food system?

Brannon Howse: Your article is about a major railroad system company cutting back on transportation and distribution of fertilizer to our farmers during the spring when they're all planting.

Leo Hohmann: Exactly, and this is just the latest twist in the screw of a long litany of the globalists fiddling with our food system Brannon, and every time we end up the losers. The costs go up, and the supply goes down. The quality is definitely going down of the food that we're about to get put on the shelves. When they completely collapse the food system, then they'll come in and say, Well, we have the answer. It's going to be lab-grown meat, more genetically modified manufactured foods. That will not be good for the health of the U.S. consumer, either for our pocketbooks or for our physical well-being.

Brannon Howse: People think you're joking. Bill Gates has bought into this, right?

Leo Hohmann: Oh, absolutely. He the largest investor in lab-grown meat. Also, he's buying up U.S. farmland like it's going out of style. So, he is leveraging himself for the deconstruction of the food system so that he can then come in and have a built-in market for a product that nobody would have otherwise wanted. Who wants to eat his lab-grown meat?

Brannon Howse: Well, if he buys up too much farmland and he sits on it, or he puts a bunch of solar farms and wind farms on it but doesn't grow crops or cattle, then he's helping to create the crisis, and then he offers the solution too, lab-grown meat.

Leo Hohmann: It's the good old Hegelian dialectic. Exactly. You got it, Brandon.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Leo, for being with us. Celebrating our first year on the air, the one-year anniversary of Lindell TV and Frank Speech. Thank you, Leo.

Leo Hohmann: My pleasure. Thanks, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, my friend, and thank you for all you do. We'll be joined here in just half a second by former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston. But before we do, Mike Lindell joins us, the founder of Lindell TV. Mike, happy one-year anniversary on Frank Speech and Lindell TV today!

Mike Lindell: Well, thanks, Brannon. I just got some breaking news. This is hot, hot, hot off the press! We just got two more victories in Nevada today! Two more counties coming on board to go machine free!

Brannon Howse: Wow!

Mike Lindell: Two more. I think we're up to 40 some counties now nationwide. Remember, there are only 3,000 some counties but this is just in. I got a text from Jim Marchant he's running for Nevada Secretary of State. It's funny, he's been such a good friend texting and back and forth. I said, "Jim, have I given you my endorsement yet?" He goes, "No, Mike, I've been hoping for that." Well, Jim, you got my endorsement! I'm going to have him on my show later in the week. I'll tell you, he's been out there fighting, he's with the group that is going county to county. And by the way, in one county it was unanimous they all voted to get rid of them!

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Mike Lindell: It was unanimous. God is smiling on us today. That's two victories in Nevada today. Another third county voted not to purchase these Agila Signature Verification Machines. Just remember, they're out there. It's a race. They're all buying machines, Brannon. They're trying to get the machines, to delete the machines. They are trying to delete the machines all right? We're trying to get rid of them altogether, not just delete the 2020 election, right?

Brannon Howse: That's exactly right.

Mike Lindell: But that's just more news you're not going to hear anywhere else. I just heard Leo there. I wanted to come on and thank Leo. What a great add-on he's been to Lindell TV, Brannon. By the way, everybody, Brandon has picked most of these add-ons. He comes to me, he says, "Hey, this guy will be great." Boy, he hasn't let us down. He's been amazing and I like what he said there. I just came out. I was waiting in a waiting room there.

Logan wouldn't let me in. He thinks I talk too much, but that's okay. But here it's funny because Leo is out there and I wanted to get in on the Fox bash, you know. It's funny, everybody, the first thing that comes to mind, is the people who are on to Fox. It's like, what's going on over at Fox? And it's just, nothing. If you want to watch a weather channel that doesn't report hurricanes or tornadoes, that's Fox.

Brannon Howse: That's Fox. So can you believe, Mike, this year seems like multiple years because we have done so much? I mean, I was up till 2:30 this morning working. I burn the candle at both ends. I know you do as well and you have to when you're doing 24/7 like we're doing. It's just so much administrative work, paperwork, and other stuff off the air. But we have crammed so much life, Mike, into the last 12 months. If you think about the Frank-A-Thon that kicked this thing off a year ago today. You think about our first rally, the Frank Rally at the Corn Palace in Mitchell.

Mike Lindell: How about four movies, Brandon?

Brannon Howse: Yep, four movies.

Mike Lindell: The Absolute series and Scientific Proof. Then the two Frank-A-Thons and all the rallies that we've been to with the people on the road now filming.

Brannon Howse: Then going down to Mar-a-Lago and filming for eleven and a half hours. Setting up and overseeing eleven and a half hours of the great interview between you and President Trump. Which, there it is right there. I mean, that was historic.

Mike Lindell: It was historic. You know, it's like being in a movie for a year, you guys. I just kept the faith and kept the faith.

Brannon Howse: There's the Cyber Symposium with so many state legislators.

Mike Lindell: The Cyber Symposium, you guys, that was probably for me, the hardest four days, the most stressful I think I've had in years.

Brannon Howse: I would agree with that.

Mike Lindell: It was so tense because there was so much out there.

Brannon Howse: We were infiltrated. Literally, the deep state infiltrated that.

Mike Lindell: I was physically attacked on the second night. But just the spiritual warfare there that you can just feel. You guys, you could just feel the evil and good swirling.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

Mike Lindell: They did not want this out. That's the way the media are Brannon. But I'll tell you what, what we pulled off there, we did that the right away you guys, we gained, I believe, two million permanent subscribers. You know, people watching FrankSpeech. There were so many, that they tried to stop that feed. They blocked it. Remember that, Brannon, right away for an hour?

Brannon Howse: Yep.

Mike Lindell: Then, guys, 50 states were represented there and all the great help we had. Everybody was amazing. The town of Sioux Falls welcomed us. All the hotels we had booked for everybody. All the food we had laid out. It was for all the people there. But the people came and they came from all 50 states. When that ended, I didn't look, you know, I go, "Did it work?" And it worked! The media went silent on us for 14 days, completely silent. Nobody won the 5 million. Nobody tried to debunk the evidence. Even Alan Duke didn't say, "Hey, that's false evidence, sir. That's not from the 2020 election."

Alan Duke even remained silent as he is right now. Shame on you, Alan Duke. But they went silent. You know you're winning when Alan Duke goes silent on you and the rest of the country. But when that happened, Brannon, the people, were the seed. I like to think of us here, as you know, maybe not every day, but a lot of days, seeds are planted in people and we give courage and hope to people and they go out there and what this has done is spread throughout all 50 states. What sprung out of that, seeds were planted. These people went back to their states and started groups and they fought.

Look at Marylyn Todd up in New Hampshire, Brannon. She single-handedly didn't give up and now it's all over New Hampshire. Forty some percent of the people in New Hampshire want to get rid of the machines. Now, I mean, they're up from 9%. These aren't the people these are actually the politicians there is what she told us. But she got it to change there just because she wouldn't give up because she had heard and she'd seen and we planted a seed of courage at that symposium. A seed of, yes, our country was stolen.

Brannon Howse: And we have so many state legislators that we've interviewed since then that will say to me, When I was at Mike's Cyber Symposium. You know, they kept saying that over and over. When I was at Mikes Cyber Symposium. I'm like, wait a minute, you were at the Cyber Symposium? It's amazing the number of people that were there that we now regularly interview, and that's what got them involved.

Like the three ladies, I interviewed a couple of weeks ago on your show from Sioux Falls, who went around canvassing and then started using this idea of surety bonds to sue elected officials for not following the obligation of their sworn oath and then going after their insurance. Those three ladies watched your Cyber Symposium and they said that's what launched them to doing what they're doing now.

Mike Lindell: Right? Well, it was seeded and that's it. Think where we'd be without FrankSpeech, everybody. That went on far and wide too. Millions of people watched that over the three days. It was talked about. We had to do this. That's why it's so important, this platform, Lindell TV. Remember, Brandon, when we were attacked by Jimmy Kimmel and others.? Oh yeah, all these problems we had. But I'll tell you one thing, everybody, that FrankSocial or the social part of it, by the way, that's coming out next week, everybody.

I know Cheryl keeps asking me about that from Business Insider. It's going to be next week. Cheryl, call me tonight. Reach out to me. I'll give you a kind of semi-exclusive. A little hot tip there. But that was just part of it, you guys. I had to shift gears right away when we started FrankSpeech, and we were attacked by bots and trolls. I mean by everything you could imagine. The cyberattack on FrankSpeech was astronomical. They didn't want us here. I've spent millions of dollars on our own servers, on protection. Brannon, we have $5 million just to protect FrankSpeech from these cyber-attacks.

Brannon Howse: That's right.

Mike Lindell: But one thing everybody that kept going through thick and thin was Lindell TV. No matter that social part which is going to be out in a week. That part right there through thick and thin which is Lindell TV and I'll bet you old Jimmy Kimmel knows who you are now, Brannon. He always says, "Oh, who is that guy next to Mike there?" Boy, he knows now because he doesn't want you going head-to-head with him with your show because everybody's watching your show. By the way, it's our most-watched show here at Lindell TV. If you want to watch the news, your news section is well put together. You guys put in a lot of hours on that, too.

Brannon Howse: Fifteen man-hours a day, seven people.

Mike Lindell: Yeah, that's unreal everybody. This is what journalism used to be. This is when, back in a time, a long time ago, when journalists were real journalists. Where they didn't have to sit there watching right now for a soundbite that they can bash Mike Lindell or Brandon or somebody here and put some stupid soundbite out. Which they don't do too often anymore and I invite you all to do that tonight. The more you do it, at least you get people. They're pretty nice, though, Brannon, they put down Lindell TV or they put down So, I think we've come a long way when the media at least acknowledges us, right?

Brannon Howse: Yeah, we do. I did send you a screenshot today because you did make the news today. Yahoo!, you were the featured article today, and of course, what they wanted to say about you today is that you're a threat to democracy.

Mike Lindell: The biggest threat to democracy. You texted it to me, Brannon. Yeah, The Biggest Threat in the United States to our Democracy is Mike Lindell. You know, what a shame when they do stuff like that. That was out of Yahoo! It's funny, Business Insider, they usually all copy each other. Actually, that might have even originated in the New York Times when they come out and do their articles. There it is, everybody. The Clearest and Most Present Danger to Our Democracy Is Mike Lindell. I believe that was the North Carolina rally with our great real president, Donald Trump. By the way, everybody, I'm speaking this weekend on Saturday. He's having a rally in Ohio. I'm going to be up there. I'll be speaking there at that rally. Brandon will be there with FrankSpeech and Lindell TV.

Brannon Howse: Yep, we'll be covering it.

Mike Lindell: Great. Well, we are very excited. But you guys, just to have our voice a year later, everybody, where we have grown, it's all been because of all of you. You've done two things out there that I can't say enough of my thanks! All of us here at FrankSpeech and Lindell TV, this is what keeps the lights on. This is what pays for everything is you guys. We haven't asked for donations or whatever for this. We've offered you products, MyPillow products, which we get a cut here. MyPillow, they're supporting some 200 hundred employees at FrankSpeech. What does trickle down to me, guess where that goes, Brannon?

It goes out to the country, starting with all our injunctions, the first ones, against the state of Arizona to break to get rid of the machines. A preliminary injunction, you guys, this is it. We have all the evidence now. Now we're going to go court by court. And everyone, I've told all of you out there this last year. You know what? All those judges Donald Trump put in, our great real president, there were hundreds of them, not just the Supreme Court judges, but the hundreds of federal judges. I knew that it was going to come around. Remember a year ago, those judges kicked the can. They wouldn't look at anything. They were afraid.

They didn't want to be the first ones to look at the evidence. You guys, they were in fear. Fear for their families. You don't know. A lot of you don't know what it's like. Well, maybe a lot of you do because everybody went silent after January 6th going, "Oh, I can't even hit the like button on Mike Lindell. I don't even want to answer his phone call." Well, these judges, Brannon look what that gal judge in Florida that just voted or said, "You know what? No more masks on planes and in airports." God bless her.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

Mike Lindell: Now with these preliminary injunctions. If our coward politicians, all the Republican legislatures in all those states, including Arizona, including Karen Fann, President of the Senate. Shame on you, Karen Fann. Okay, so they should have decertified. They still should. Every day that goes by, why aren't you decertifying? Well, Brannon, we're not going to sit and wait for that to happen because we know there are cowards out there or traitors. I call them traitors.

They are either traitors or heroes. We will remember you legislatures, too, that were traitors because doing nothing is being a traitor and you know who you are. So, we're bringing these preliminary injunctions. Here they come. Arizona, your first on Thursday. This is great. One year later, we're in the greatest spot ever, everybody. This is amazing and it's because you have all told everybody about FrankSpeech and Lindell TV. Keep telling everybody you know. Tell them about Thursday night at 6 p.m., Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Yep.

Mike Lindell: Right here on Lindell TV we're going to be telling you about the first injunction. We're going to tell you all about it and tell you how everything is going to start falling like dominoes. We're going to get our country back.

Brannon Howse: It's been a great first year. Thank you, Mike, for letting us be a part of it.

Mike Lindell: What about the Thanks-A-Thon, Brandon, at your house? Ninety-six hours! I said, "I'm going to go to bed," and, Brannon goes, "No, we got to keep going." I mean, the guy's a machine. You and Logan and everybody there in the back there, it's unbelievable. I wish I would've come there for our anniversary. I had so much going on, but I know the food's really good at your house.

Brannon Howse: Well, that's because Melissa is very good at it. What do you want to say?

Mike Lindell: When are you going to have your cooking show? Weve got to talk.

Brannon Howse: We were actually supposed to film one last week when we got so busy.

Mike Lindell: Guys, we are going to have an entrepreneur show here. It's coming at FrankSpeech. I know weve got a lot of guests coming on, but I want to tell everyone we have new shows. Roger Stone is joining us.

Brannon Howse: Yes, he started today.

Mike Lindell: Sherronna Bishop and there's another one.

Brannon Howse: Millie Weaver.

Mike Lindell: I can't think of all the ones we started with. I mean, are Diamond and Silk still coming on?

Brannon Howse: Anni Cyrus has got her new show.

Mike Lindell: Yeah. Anni's been a great asset behind the scenes. But you know Brannon that Thanks-A-Thon, that was 96 hours. I wonder if Jimmy really watched half of that. I'll bet he's watching right now.

Brannon Howse: Jimmy had some nice things to say about you. Do we have the clip where Jimmy said all those nice things, Logan?

Mike Lindell:  Yeah, let's hear that.

Brannon Howse: Jimmy said a lot of nice things about you.

Mike Lindell: I remember he did. And that's why I said he's not a bad guy. You know, I think deep down he really did like our show.

Brannon Howse: Well, I think people forgot how many nice things he said about you because he did it over many shows. I think he was afraid to say it all in one show.

Mike Lindell: Oh, it would show. Yes, that's correct.

Brannon Howse: He was afraid of that.

Mike Lindell: Talking about it on every show.

Brannon Howse: So, he spread it out over many weeks. But when we finally got in touch with him, we have that recorded. So, we've got tonight still folks Karen Kingston, the former Pfizer employee, Daniel Greenfield, Anni Cyrus, Tom Littleton, General Flynn, Ted Nugent, Dr. Ben Carson, Alex Newman and we'll finish it off with Diamond and Silk joining us by phone.

Look, folks, I actually had more people today wanting to get in on this show. I had to say sorry Garland Frederico, full. Dr. Eddie Woods, full. Several people didn't respond as quickly as some of these other folks. Some of these other folks were like, boom, within an hour of putting out the email and the text, it was full. The whole night.

Mike Lindell: Hey, I like that you put Diamond and Silk on last, so if you cut into their show, you don't get in trouble. That's pretty good.

Brannon Howse: That's exactly what I did.

Mike Lindell: I love that. They just texted me. They're such sweethearts. I'll tell you what. They have been the loyalist. They just came over right away. They were all in. They knew they were going in, Brandon, those two knew they were going into the abyss. They didn't know what to expect. They were leaving it all behind. They just wanted to keep speaking out the truth.

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Mike Lindell: They wanted to talk about the 2020 election. They wanted to talk, they wanted to be journalists. They wanted to be outspoken and just have free speech and not lose our First Amendment right of free speech and not be canceled out by all those other platforms. But they didn't know what to expect and they've stuck with us through the highs and lows.

Brannon Howse: Yep. And by the way, we found it here it is.

Mike Lindell: Here's Jimmy Kimmel. This is what Jimmy Kimmel thought about FrankSpeech all year.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Here we go. Watch this. (Video Playing)

Brannon Howse: Good evening and welcome to Brannon House Live on and Lindell My guest tonight is Mike Lindell live from Los Angeles as he's getting ready to be a guest tomorrow night on Jimmy Kimmel. We're excited to have him with us. Mike, welcome. Glad you're with us tonight live from LA.

Mike Lindell: Yeah. It's great out here. We just got here. I talked to the producers and Jimmy Kimmel today, and I'm looking forward to going on the show tomorrow.

Brannon Howse: It's going to be a big night. I know a lot of people are having watch parties. I know we are. Everybody's getting pretty excited to see how this goes off. We're also really excited, Mike, about the Frank Rally taking place May 10th in Mitchell, South Dakota, at the Corn Palace. Yeah, wait a minute. Here somebody is calling me on my phone here. It's on vibrate. But somebody is calling me.

Mike Lindell: It's probably that prank caller that keeps calling.

Brannon Howse: I hope not. But wait a minute. I think this might be an important call. Let me see who this is. Hello?

Jimmy Kimmel: Mike, it's Jimmy Kimmel.

Brannon Howse: Oh, my word. It's Jimmy Kimmel. Oh, my word. Jimmy Kimmel is calling in. Oh, my. Jimmy, I don't know what to say. I can't believe you're calling in. I mean, because after all, you've been a little tough on Mike.

Jimmy Kimmel: Mike Lindell, with whom I am obsessed, doesn't seem to understand I'm his biggest fan. I have no idea what he's doing, but I love it. I do have to say his enthusiasm is infectious.

Brannon Howse: Well, it is infectious. That's right. Wow. Well, I didn't prepare any notes. I didn't know you were going to be calling in. I guess the first thing that comes to my mind is, I mean if you could have a guest, you know, that you could have picked a year ago who would have been the most popular guest who would you want to have on?

Jimmy Kimmel: Mike Lindell, America's favorite.

Brannon Howse: Well, yeah, that's true. He is America's favorite. I'd have to agree with you on that. This is amazing. I can't believe it. Okay, Jimmy, you've been talking an awful lot about I mean, I can't believe how much you're talking about it. So, what is your favorite website right now?

Jimmy Kimmel: I highly recommend it. This is a huge undertaking. I recommend it.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. You recommend it. Well, good. Okay. You know, Mike thinks that once you two get to know each other and you explore the website a little bit more he thinks it might be the first website you visit every morning. Maybe even for show prep. What do you think?

Jimmy Kimmel: He's right.

Brannon Howse: He's right. That's right. Okay, hey, Jimmy, go ahead, let's let you guys talk.

Jimmy Kimmel: Mike, it's Jimmy Kimmel. Can you hear me?

Mike Lindell: Hey, Jimmy, I hear you watched 22 hours of the Frank-A-Thon.

Jimmy Kimmel: I have to admit, I was glued to this. I wanted this Frank-A-Thon to go on forever.

Mike Lindell: Oh, thanks, Jimmy. I appreciate you watching and promoting FrankSpeech to the whole nation. So, Jimmy, what do you think about the 22 hours that you did watch?

Jimmy Kimmel: That Frank-A-Thon was a wonder to behold from beginning to end.

Brannon Howse: Wow. From beginning to end.

Mike Lindell: Wow. Well, I appreciate you inviting me on your show. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Jimmy Kimmel: We are excited to have you.

Mike Lindell: Well, I know these interviews on your show go really fast. If you're really that excited to spend some time together, I can clear my calendar and come on over to the studio a little early and hang out with you if you want.

Jimmy Kimmel: Come over. Come over.

Brannon Howse: Come over. I guess he likes you.

Jimmy Kimmel: That's awesome.

Brannon Howse: Wow. This is amazing. Well, Jimmy, is there anything else you want to say to Mike before we let you go?

Jimmy Kimmel: I want to thank Mike Lindell and wish him the best of luck. Very good talking to you, Mike.

Brannon Howse: Oh, wow. I still can't believe Jimmy Kimmel just called in. You know, Mike, you guys might have more in common than you realize.

Mike Lindell: You know, actually, we do.

Brannon Howse: Wow. That was quite the call we got that night there. See, I told you he was a fan of yours, Mike.

Mike Lindell: Oh, good old Jimmy. It seems like it was yesterday.

Brannon Howse: I know, doesn't it?

Mike Lindell: I really liked it when he was drilling me for those 18 minutes. I want to say, I think he had a weak moment, everybody. He had read my book and that kind of gave me peace. When I got there, I knew it was going to be this massive hit job. Remember, ABC owns his show and Disney owns ABC. So, it's all really bad, everybody. About as bad as it gets. But I got on there and then Jimmy starts his attack, but we got to halftime and I said, Jimmy, we need to bring this country together. I said, This stuff really happened. I said, "I'm getting attacked like you were attacked last year." You know, he did blackface in the nineties.

And here's what he said. He goes, "Mike," he goes, "No, the difference is," he says, "I did something really bad. All you've done is back a man you believe in." And I just felt like he was torn and trying to get through that interview. And for me, it was actually easy because when you tell the truth every time and there are no lies, it's easy to keep answering. The terrible media had been attacking me for a long time. So, I give them the same answers. I don't change. They can keep asking me a question differently or whatever. I here's the same answer and that's not going to change. This is the evidence. It is what it is. I can't change it. It's right there. You know, read it.

Why don't you report it? But then Jimmy asked me the really hard question. He said, "Now, Mike, do you believe in Bigfoot?" And I said, "Jimmy," I said, "I've never seen one, but if I do it, you know, maybe I will." But he thought he had me on one question. He said something about an IP address. He goes, "Do you know what it stands for?" I said, "It's where the computers are at or something." I said, "I don't claim to be a cyber expert." I said, "But I hired them to validate this."

He asked me one key question. I want everybody really to remember this. He said, "Mike, what if your friend Donald Trump had won the election? Would you still be sounding the alarm about these machines if it had been the other way around" And I said, "Absolutely, 100%. The only difference would be is the Democrats, would have said, What! There's a fraud in the machines pull them down, let's melt them down, and turn them into prison bars. They would have been sounding the alarm.

That election would have been pulled down in about 2 hours because all you terrible journalists out there, and your bosses that make you not report stuff, would have sounded the alarm. A couple of years earlier, the Democrats kept saying we can't use machines. You're going to use it with a cyber-attack and steal our election. They were the ones worried Brannon, not the Republicans.

Brannon Howse: So, now that we say it, this is the headline you get. This is the headline you get today on Yahoo!: The Clearest Most Present Danger to Our Democracy" (Shows picture of Mike Lindell waving at North Carolina rally). That's today.

Mike Lindell: I haven't changed you guys. This is one year later. This is, I mean, how long has it been? Everybody knows Brandon. They don't put a headline out that says 35% of Democrats now believe 100% of this election was stolen and it was stolen through machines and inflated voter rolls. That's Democrats. These are the people, right? What we have here, you have the people and then you have the politicians and then you have the fake news and you have the non-news. We'll call that conservative media, the non-news.

Then you have the fake news. But even fake news, we are on to fake news. If a Zak, Sheryl, any of these journalists, if they ever wrote anything that had a headline, they do these bombastic headlines, but if they ever wrote anything that was 100% true, like, Hey the Evidence is Clear Inside Dominion, Look What's Inside, you know, they'd be the biggest hero in the country.

Brannon Howse: A lot of them would lose their job. Poor Leo Hohmann lost his job.

Mike Lindell: But I've told them all I'll welcome you with open arms.  I've told that to Zak, straight out. Sheryl, all of them. Quit your job. Come over here and we'll hire you at FrankSpeech. You can say anything you want over here. You can tell the truth. What a concept! You can tell the truth!

Brannon Howse: (Brannon Laughing)

Mike Lindell: It's crazy. I mean, that's just crazy that you could actually do it. You know back when you had investigative journalists, they actually had to go out and investigate things. So, I've done all that. I've hired people and done all that for them. So, stuff that comes out of my mouth, they sit there, this is their job, watching my show or watching your show or our shows and going Okay, how can I bash them? Or what can I put in there?

And then they'll call me up and I'll go, "You know what? Why are you writing a stupid story? What's wrong with you? Who cares about that?" Well, you can go over to Fox and report that nobody cares. You know, like you just told me earlier in the show, they were doing a report over a Fox about Johnny Depp or something. Things are melting around them.

Brannon Howse: That was breaking news today when I walked through the room, Johnny Depp and his former wife hurling insults at each other. That's breaking news? I could care less.

Mike Lindell: Well, here's Fox. Here's an imitation of Fox, everybody. Let's compare them to a weather channel and they can't talk about tornadoes or hurricanes. Here would be Sean Hannity giving a weather report. A hurricane's coming right down on the Fox building and Sean's there going, In the news, today we're looking for sunny weather coming down any day now. It should be here.

But you know, that rainstorm we had last week, and all the sudden the hurricane hits the building. This is Sean Hannity; I'll see you tomorrow night. Wed have the same news over and over again because he's got a script. You can't talk about hurricanes or tornadoes. You guys, all of those conservative media can't talk about machines or vaccines. It's in their thing. They can't.

Brannon Howse: Well, that's because a report came out the government, the Biden regime, was giving $1,000,000,000 to Fox and Newsmax, and companies.

Mike Lindell: Right, right.

Brannon Howse: All right. Thank you, Mike.

Mike Lindell: Yep.

Brannon Howse: All right, awesome. Let's roll quickly to Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee. Karen, welcome aboard. Thank you for joining us for our one-year anniversary. You and I have spent a lot of time on the air. Last week, we spent one hour dealing with the issue of poisons in the shots, in the spike proteins. What response did you get? What kind of response did you get from any of your colleagues or peers or friends on that one report because I saw it going out all over the place after it got posted?

Karen Kingston: So, what I noticed is after I was on your show. First of all, thank you for having me on Brannon. Can I say thank you?

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

Karen Kingston: Can I congratulate you on your one-year anniversary? I've never gotten a chance to thank Mike Lindell for just being a warrior and for funding this platform and for defending the election. Because you know, the deep state, the globalists, those who are enemies of America, they wanted Trump out of the White House because they didn't want us to know their plan. But because Mike Lindell has this platform and because of reporters and men like you, the truth is coming out. So, I appreciate all that you are doing, and all that Mike is doing and continues to fight for.

Brannon Howse: We both appreciate that. So, we are using our platform to get out the truth. There's a lot of talk about venom in the water but when you and I came on and we said, "Hey, wait a minute, I see no proof of that." Let's cut through any of that. Talk to us about what's really in this. And we said, "Look, there's no proof of venom in the water, and you went right through the patents and what did you show our audience?

Karen Kingston: I showed people that the sequence of spike protein that was found in people who became severely ill with COVID, eight samples in Europe, contain sequences from amino acids, from snake venom. So, this was obviously made in a lab, the spike protein. So, I showed people the peptide sequences of the snake venom from cobra snakes and crate snakes. There were also sequences from HIV Glycoprotein 120 and rabies.

I showed the patent section 0402 that says in some embodiments, these mRNA technologies can deliver a cytotoxic that is a toxin that kills cells. What does HIV gp120 do? It kills CD 4 and CD 8 cells, your white blood cells. What does snake venom do? It kills platelets. It wipes out your platelets. It causes damage to them. So, what happened after I was on your show is I noticed that the narrative around the water being tainted with venom stopped immediately and people started talking more about the facts.

Brannon Howse: The facts, the truth.

Karen Kingston: The facts. Yeah. And also, the fact that we talked about, and thank you for allowing me to get to that point, that the spike protein has its own separate patent and its own separate licensing agreements because the spike protein is a manmade synthetic toxin, or as some of the patents say, a chemical weapon of biowarfare, and they have their own licensing agreements for G and X to the big pharma companies.

Brannon Howse: For those who doubt this, we did 45 minutes on this at least. You showed all the screenshots of all the patents, all the research, and all the documentation. No one can argue with it. They can watch it tonight at under the Brannon Howse Live tab.

Karen Kingston: I welcome them to read the patents and read some of the studies. Then they have to read the studies in the back, and the references, and come to their own conclusions. What I love too is that when I've been on your platform, no one's ever attacked what I said, they just attack me.

Brannon Howse: So, this is love. They can't attack the patents. You're showing it in black and white. So, before I let you go, would you ever be allowed on Newsmax or Fox News to talk like this? Have you been invited on those platforms to talk about this?

Karen Kingston: No and as I said on your show on Friday, I sent an email out between May 22nd and May 30th to dozens and dozens and dozens of not just mainstream media, not just Fox News and OAN but also physicians, also media influencers, also American frontline doctors. I mean, I can't tell you everyone I reached out to and yours is one of the very few platforms. You found me actually and asked me to come on.

Brannon Howse: That's right. I vetted you. I called people and I vetted you. I'll say One America News, they've carried so much of what we've done. But next to Lindell TV, and One America News, there just aren't any platforms to carry the stuff that we talk about.

Karen Kingston: Yeah, there's not. No, the mainstream won't really pick me up. But that being said, I don't say yes to everyone who's asked to interview me. There are some prominent people I've actually said no to, but it's not One America News and it's not Fox News Network. So, I did send this information out and I was definitely not asked to bring the truth forward. So, I appreciate the fact that you have me on. I appreciate that you have a strategic mindset as we talked about before and a heart after Christ so that we can see the bigger picture.

One of the things that we talked about on your platform to me that made it meaningful, what I'm doing, is I talked about the mandates that are there because allegedly a virus is a threat to national security. But it is the mandates that are injecting bioweapons into the population. The mandates are crippling our economy because they mandated it for employees. The mandates are crippling and debilitating our military, as Lloyd Austin and General Milley, are mandating that the military get injected with these bioweapons.

Men and women are being disabled and some are dying and it's hurting our children. So, the threat to national security isn't this virus it is the mandates coming out of the current administration and government officials. That phrase, that narrative was picked up by the patriot movement and was reiterated thousands of times that I've heard. That was something that you and I talked about through our intellectual conversations. A lot of people don't know you and I talk offline. You often mentor me, not in just scripture, but also in some of the political strategies. So, I appreciate that, too.

Brannon Howse: Well, we're a team. Were absolutely a team because sometimes my head swims when you talk, but we always stop, break it down to layman's terms and it keeps going because you're absolutely one of the smartest people I know in this field. Absolutely. We appreciate your work and you're a very important team member to us. Thank you for helping us celebrate our one-year anniversary tonight, Karen.

Karen Kingston: Thank you, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Thank you. Her website, folks, is

Karen Kingston: Yeah. It's still a work in progress, but it's much better than what was up before,

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Karen. is finally up. There you go. All right. Joining me now before we run toward quickly approaching General Michael Flynn, but let's go to Daniel Greenfield, columnist Daniel Greenfield. He writes over at Danielgreenfield org. He also writes for David Horowitz, the famous David Horowitz, former Marxist David Horowitz, of course, at Lots of folks know who David Horowitz is, right? Well, Daniel Greenfield writes for David Horowitz, and Daniel is a regular for us. Daniel, thank you for joining us tonight to celebrate the one-year anniversary of and

Daniel Greenfield: Absolutely. Congratulations! This is really huge. It shows the staying power of Mike, of yourself, and of an audience that just keeps fighting for the truth, tuning in over and over again, and that isn't going to let things go.

Brannon Howse: Well, we appreciate it. I want to ask you the same thing. Daniel, I wanted to ask you, you write about a lot of stuff. You're cranking out tons of articles over there at, and Why are platforms like this so important? Because I know you deal a lot with many, many issues, but one of them is Marxism, cultural Marxism, political correctness, censorship, and fascism. Why is this platform so important and why is it so important that we're marking our year anniversary?

Daniel Greenfield: We know one of the things that Mike said, you have the left-wing media, we know very much what that is. We don't need to belabor what that is. But, you know, so much of conservative media is very much focused. It's a club. It's a club run by a small group of establishment people who very much shut out meaningful perspectives, things that might bring actual change. They very much focus on making it their own little club and distracting people from the things that really matter and making them very hard to discuss.

So, you know, this is something I think, pretty much. What I and many of the guests on your show have in common is that we are basically shut out of that club. And, you know, the Internet has made it easier for people to gain traction, to go on something like here and discuss things. But at the same time, we have to break this embargo, and any kind of reinforcement of that. Any force multiplier is really valuable and FrankSpeech has been fantastic in that regard.

Brannon Howse: If we go to the website that you write over at Here's one of your articles tonight: New York's Black Lives Matter Lieutenant Governor Who Backed Police Defunding, Busted for Bribery. That's one of his many articles. I mean, if you scroll down the page, youll find more articles by Daniel Greenfield. Here's another one: The Biden Administration's Seder Makes Mockery.

Daniel Greenfield: One of the things I'm researching now, actually, is the Biden administration's decision to surrender the satellite war to Russia and China. Kamala Harris went to Vandenberg and just announced that the United States would not actually invest in anti-satellite weapons. Russia just tested one. China tested one back in 2007. The Biden administration is saying that they're going to establish international norms by unilaterally disarming. You know this is one of those things you don't hear anywhere else on the news.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Well, this one here: The Biden Administration Seder Makes a Mockery of Passover and the Jews. You are Jewish. You cover a lot of this because anti-Semitism is drastically rising, is it not, Daniel?

Daniel Greenfield: Very much so. And you know, you see this in New York, they keep blaming this on white supremacists. But, you know, in New York, it's not white supremacists it is Biden voters doing this.

Brannon Howse: The thing about that, Daniel, is I don't know how many networks will have you on, but Mike Lindell and myself, we are big supporters of the nation-state of Israel. That doesn't mean we agree with everything the nation or the government of Israel does. We dont have to agree with everything the government does to understand the importance of the Jewish people and our partnership with the Jewish state. They see America as the Great Satan, and Israel as the Little Satan, and they would be Iran who's vowing even this week that if Israel even flinches in their direction, it's going to be war, correct?

Daniel Greenfield: Yeah, absolutely. This is something that we've been dealing with for a while, and it's a struggle that goes back over a thousand years. And, you know, we're on the front lines. Obviously, we don't all agree. I mean, we don't all agree with the decisions of the United States government, especially this government. But the bottom line is that America, Israel, Europe, and so many Western countries are bearers of a Judeo-Christian tradition of a civilizational imperative that prevents us from being drowned in barbarism and war.

Brannon Howse: Well. And of course, you know, I know that when we talk about what's happening to Israel, we always hear the Palestinian, the PLO, the Muslim, the Hezbollah, the Hamas side, we never hear the truth. Which is one reason why we bring you on as a columnist and a journalist, but also as someone of Jewish background and heritage because we want to get the truth out. A lot of the media is not doing that.

They're feeding the anti-Semitism and the boycott, divestment, sanctions, and the BDS movement against Israel. Which in my mind is really nothing more than the old Kristallnacht and that's what started, of course, the Holocaust. Would you agree with that? That BDS has a lot of similarities to the night of the broken glass or Kristallnacht in Germany?

Daniel Greenfield: It's a revival of the old Nazi boycott, which was itself spread to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was backed by Nazi Germany at the time. So, there's a direct correlation there. The media very much pushes its various agendas which are coming out of Europe. It's coming from people like George Soros. It's coming out of Qatar, which is behind Al-Jazeera. It's coming from The Washington Post, which, you know, is backed by Jeff Bezos and whoever his backers are. So that's really who sets the agenda and the news that we see. Obviously, the news is unfavorable to America, and it's unfavorable to Israel. It is quite favorable to the terrorists who are attacking us.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Daniel Greenfield, thank you for helping us celebrate our one-year anniversary. Thank you for being here so many nights over the last year to bring us information that we wouldn't hear anywhere else if it wasn't for your great writing and research.

Daniel Greenfield: Always my pleasure. Congratulations again. Here's to another year and another decade!

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. And a lot more interviews with our great guest, Daniel Greenfield. Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel Greenfield: Thank you.

Brannon Howse: His website, All right. Before we go to General Flynn, one more and then we're going to grab General Flynn. We've got Ted Nugent. We've got Dr. Ben Carson, Alex Newman, and Diamond and Silk. Let's go quickly to our friend over in Alabama, Tom Littleton. Tom, welcome to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Tom Littleton: Hello and happy anniversary to you, to the crew, to Mike. God bless all of you for all the work you're doing.

Brannon Howse: Well, Tom, you and I are close friends off the air as well. So, you've kind of seen the progression. You've closely followed our launch and all that Mike and I and Logan and so many on the team have been through in the last year. What are your thoughts on the significance of this one-year anniversary? You, someone who has the website writing about what's going on within evangelicalism, Marxism, and Christianity emerging? Why is this platform so important for someone that tracks all of the growth of the deep state inside of the church today? Why is this platform so important?

Tom Littleton: Well, few people realize how important tracking the actual advance of this agenda marching through the institutions, as it has always boasted, especially the institution of the church is. So, you and I, as fellow believers. Mike is a believer. It's a wonderful opportunity to get these truths out from a Christian perspective and to get them to an audience that realizes how important this is to the country. How important it is to the gospel. I'll tell you what, we're a unique insight. I was actually on the phone with you when you named FrankSpeech. You were looking at options.

You and Jill were going through different name options. You were talking to me and talking to her and looking on your phone. And you said, Frank, Frank Speech. Yeah, that's it. You know, and I appreciate sort of being in on the ground floor. I was excited because you and I had worked with your network before, and I knew what you guys were birthing here and how important it was going to be. I'll tell you how important it is. This is really what we're up against. Let me hold it where you can see it. It's called: The Great Narrative.

This is some light reading. You've probably read this: The Great Narrative for a Better Future. This thing is, is what FrankSpeech is fighting for. The Great Narrative comes right out of the World Economic Forum. This is something the great reset, COVID 19, all of that is what you were dealing with before. You and I were dealing with how this stuff was affecting the church and evangelicals in America.

And so, this Great Narrative, they boast it's presenting their point of view and their carefully directed narrative and that it is presenting their values and theirs only. That's what we see with Mike being canceled and other people being canceled off the media. If you're not in lockstep with this Great Narrative for A Better Future coming out of the globalist and the World Economic Forum, then you're not supposed to have a voice.

But you know what, FrankSpeech, and Lindell TV, you guys are giving a voice to the truth, and that's what really matters. I'm so glad to be a part of it. I'm a viewer. I'm not just a contributor. I'm a viewer. I love it. I know how hard you guys work. I'll say that. I know how what kind of hours you guys keep and so I've had that little inside line and I really appreciate being able to be a part of it from the ground floor up.

Brannon Howse: Well, we appreciate that. Let me ask you one more question and then we're going to General Flynn and Mike Lindell's holding because I'm sure he's going to want to have that conversation with me and General Flynn. Sadly, a lot of what we're trying to warn about, and you and I grew up in a day and a time where we could get on Christian radio and talk about things.

But there's such a shift in the last 20 years in Christian radio even, that a lot of the warnings that we try to give about white privilege, which is saying, Hey, folks, that's really Marxism. Reparations, Hey, that's really about redistribution of wealth or getting people to fight against each other by using so-called race. Even though I believe there's only one race, the Bible says in Acts 17, that there is one race, the human race. There are many people groups, but one race. We try to explain, don't fall for this.

And yet we see some of the biggest church denominations in America falling for it. The sad thing is, you can't even get on a lot of Christian radio today and warn the church. So, without a platform like this, would you have many outlets to try to reach out to the Christians and conservatives, and the constitutionalists?

Tom Littleton: Well, absolutely not. And you know that I'm a Southern Baptist and I was actually representing some of this infiltration in a story you and I were covering in 2018 and they threw me out of the Southern Baptist Convention meetings in Dallas.

Brannon Howse: Just for being a reporter for us!

Tom Littleton: Exactly. So, yeah, we've been canceled. We know what it means. I've had my stuff taken off other people's websites, and off other media outlets because I went too far in what is speaking the truth. So, you know, Jesus says you'll know the truth. The truth will set you free and we are dealing with the tyranny of the narrative. That is what we're fighting here. That's what FrankSpeech and Lindell TV gives us an outlet to escape that tyranny of the narrative because that narrative is a lie.

Of course, it comes from God-haters and globalists and people who hate God's people and hate God's word. And so, we're able to see the truth get it out unhindered. And no, I can't imagine having this kind of outlet. You've never told me what I couldn't say. You've taken all the research as it is. You're willing to go to the hard places where this stuff leads. Just like right now, one of my latest stories is how this whole infection is spreading through Christian education and private education.

Even Francis Collins, the great pandemic industrial complex partner who's working with World Economic Forum, he's out there pushing his BioLogos poison into Christian education. So, who else would listen to that? Well, they're all buddies with Francis, and they wouldn't want us talking bad about him or whatever. We hear that kind of stuff all the time. But thank the Lord for you and for Mike and for your hardworking crew there and for being able to speak frankly and speak the truth.

Brannon Howse: I love that speak frankly. Well, we appreciate your being a regular guest and all your great research. We commend your website Thank you so much, Tom.

Tom Littleton: Thanks. Bye.

Brannon Howse: Tom Littleton checking in. Now let's run over to General Michael Flynn. General Flynn, thank you for waiting. Appreciate your being with us tonight on our one-year anniversary, General Flynn.

General Michael Flynn: Oh, my God! Happy anniversary to you, Brandon, to Logan! I'm going to say Logan's a behind-the-scenes hero as far as I'm concerned. You know, everybody that's met Logan and everybody that's been in the studio or has worked with you, Brandon, and has gotten to know Logan, and then, of course, Jill, you guys have an amazing family and the family that you've created with FrankSpeech, and with Lindell TV.

I mean, just listening to the last couple of guests Greenfield and Tom Littleton, I mean, just amazing, amazing people and all of the types of guests and exactly what Tom Littleton just talked about with being allowed to be frank. That's why I love FrankSpeech as a name because you're able to come on and be frank in everything that we talk about, and we discuss. It runs the gamut. I mean, it runs the full gamut. It's everything from lifestyle issues to world events to politics to national security and just the whole range of topics that are critical to the country.

If I could add one thing, and I think Daniel highlighted it, but also Tom as well. You know, what we have to remember is that our nation was built on a set of Judeo-Christian principles and values, and the assaults on our culture as a country, as a Judeo-Christian country, have been very real. Brannon, you know this you've written so many books about it. You've talked a lot about it for decades. I think what's happening is people in our country are beginning to wake up to the fact that we have to continue to maintain faith and the faith-based nature of our society, of our country, of our beautiful experiment in democracy, called this constitutional republic, called the United States of America.

Without the religious persecution that we experienced in the 1500s, the 1600s, and the 1700s, we wouldn't have the nation that we have today. Our founders were absolutely brilliant. Brilliant in how they crafted this beautiful constitution and I'm inspired by our ability to be able to talk about it. And frankly, as you know and as I know, many of your guests are going to call it out tonight that we are not able to speak like we speak on FrankSpeech and Lindell TV. Being able to apply that basic right that we have, which is our freedom to speak freely and frankly, that's why I love FrankSpeech.

Brannon Howse: Well, thank you, General. Let me ask you because having been the Director of National Intelligence, you have been a Lieutenant General, right?

General Michael Flynn: Right.

Brannon Howse: Having had the security clearances that you have, you understand disinformation. You understand information warfare, information operations, and psychological operations. What we're doing, I believe, General, people asked me, even a friend of mine that I grew up with from sixth grade who I have still stayed in touch with. Talked to him today. He said, "Brandon, you'll be 53 next week. Why are you working these kinds of hours? Why at your age? By this point, you've been working so many years and doing what you're doing. You don't have to work this hard anymore. Why do you do this?"

And my response is, "First, I love my job, but we are on borrowed time. And if we don't fight this disinformation, the psychological operation, the brainwashing, we're going down." Can you speak to our audience from your perspective as having been Director of National Intelligence and the importance of an outlet that counters really what is a massive national security threat coming from our own broadcast outlets in this nation?

General Michael Flynn: Yeah, and I really appreciate you asking me this. So, I want your audience to really understand that we are in a spiritual war. We are in an intellectual war. We are in a physical war, and we are definitely in an emotional war. All of those combined into this campaign that is an assault on the very fabric of our society. This idea of Marxism is very real. The Democratic Party doesn't really exist anymore. They have been usurped, taken over by a very powerful, very well-funded elite globalist group, and the name has already popped up by a couple of previous guests in Soros and Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum.

I want people to start to pay attention to names like Dr. Yuval Noah Harari. I mean, he's another one. So, we are up against a real enemy. That enemy is a globalist elite that wants to basically create one system for them and then enslave the rest of us. I'm not kidding about this. We look around our beautiful country and go, how can anybody want to do this? Well, you'd be shocked at exactly what it is that we're up against. I will tell you, because, yes, I have had the highest clearances that our nation can provide to anybody including the access to the nuclear codes, for example, as the National Security Adviser and as the Director of one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world.

So, I can tell you that propaganda is very real. We are in an information battle every day. That's why I want people to pay very close attention and dig and research. Don't just take our word for it. Don't just come in and pop in and pop out and then pop off. Get in there and dig and do the research that you need to do to get smart on the issues that we are at risk for. The one thing and I will just finish with this in terms of why you Brandon, why me, Mike Flynn, why are we not just off playing golf somewhere and retired.

Because this is not the time that we cannot do this. I have children and I have grandchildren as you have children, Brannon and I know that I will go to the gates of whatever.  You know, I will go. I will certainly meet them at the gates of h**l before I push them into h**l for some of these people that we need to hold accountable. These are people that see our country as a resource provider for them. They don't care how we feel. So, I will continue to fight this good and faithful fight.

I think that those of us in my generation, that it is our destiny as our country is now determined by the path that we decide to take. That path needs to be taken tonight. It needs to be taken tomorrow. So those people that are listening not just to the first-year anniversary of FrankSpeech and Lindell TV, but it's also to hear the message that we all have to decide now what we are going to do on this path that we are now on. We might not have been on that path yesterday. We might not have thought about that path ten years ago. But we're on it now, folks.

I want you to join me. I want you to be a champion for this country. Mike Lindell is a champion. You Brannon are a champion for this country. We need more champions out there fighting in their own ways, with their own talents against this very real enemy that we are up against. Brandon, you and I have had many, many conversations about this. The guests that you do have on all the time talk about these issues. I want more and more people to come to this network and realize this is where you're going to hear authenticity.

You're going to hear information that you're definitely not going to hear elsewhere because the other media networks and I won't even mention them, but you know who they are. They don't even allow you to have these conversations. In fact, I've been on all of them. When you say, "Hey, why can't we talk about election integrity? Why can't we talk about COVID? Or why can't we talk about these issues, right? Vaccines?" Because they don't want you to talk about it because they're afraid of being sued. That's why I love Mike Lindell and hes a real champion!

What he has had to withstand, and I know, as I've had to do over the last four or five years, these body blows from external sources, some from our own government, some from the big box stores, and some from the mainstream media. You know, sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Like I say, I will go to the gates with anybody that wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with me to defeat this enemy, to continue to have this beautiful experiment in democracy we call the United States of America, not only for my children but for my grandchildren.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. General, I'll ask you this. You and I met for the first time when you called into my radio show in November 2020. November 2020, you called into my TV show on a Sunday night. General McInerny told me he thought I might be getting a phone call tonight during my show. Phone rang. It was you. I held the phone up to my lapel. You gave us the first interview after being pardoned. Then through that, you and I became friends. I didn't even know Mike Lindell at that point. Then when I began to work with Mike, I found out you two had met each other, and the next thing you know, you're in our Absolute Proof. You're in Absolute Interference.

Then you're in the studio, you're here for the launch. You were here a year ago, right now. There's a photo of General Flynn and Mike Lindell at the desk. Thats a year ago today. There's another one. That's General Flynn and Mike interviewing Ben Carson, who'll be with us here in just a minute. So that was a year ago today. It's been an amazing year! There is another one. There is General Flynn and I at the news desk a year ago today. That's a year ago today!

So, General Flynn, in closing, you know, I have written now several books, 14 books, and many of them the last several years like Marxisanity or Marxism and Christianity emerging. When you do those kinds of books or religious Trojan Horse or whatever it is, and you start trying to warn, as I was, I have friends of mine who are Catholic, who have been trying to warn about what's going on in the Catholic Church. Like, I don't know him, but I'd love to interview him some time, Archbishop Vigano. But I have other friends of mine like Phyllis Schlafly and others that tried to warn about these things in the Catholic Church, as I'm warning about it in the Protestant church.

I know that some of my Catholic friends have just been attacked viciously for trying to warn about, Hey, this is what's going on in the leftist with the Catholic Church. And so, when I tried to warn for years about some of this leftist stuff, like George Soros and the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable funding these evangelical pastors to say we need to open the borders. Again, many outlets reported George Soros funding the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable. When I've done that, I have found, General Flynn that some of my strongest attacks online have come from the so-called conservative evangelical Christian camp and I wear that as a badge of honor. What's that, General Flynn?

General Michael Flynn: Well, I don't know if you can see it, but you probably can't see it on the screen there. But this is a map of the enemy terrainWhat you're talking about we have in the Judeo-Christian community in this country. I'll talk specifically to the Catholic side because I'm a Catholic. I will introduce you to Archbishop Vigano, who is a very good friend of mine because I would love to have him interview with you and come on. We will do that.

Brannon Howse: Please.

General Michael Flynn: We have the World Council of Churches. I know we have Catholic Charities of America that are part of this. This is a map that we have mapped out. We have done a terrain analysis, so to speak, of the enemy terrain and all of these different organizations, as you're highlighting, Brandon, that fall under this thing called the Arabella Advisors. Which is a George Soros-led organization and down below them is a whole series of nonprofits. Then below that is a whole bunch of different organizations that are also, in many cases, nonprofits.

So, a lot of this money is flowing right now into this invasion of our country. This invasion of our country is for a whole bunch of different purposes. We won't get into all those tonight. But we're talking to upwards of three million people just in this past year from 151 countries that are documented by our own Border Patrol. By our own border, CBP, and our ICE organization. So, I mean, this is a really dangerous part.

It's a guy like George Soros who controls a large body of different organizations, many of which are Christian-based organizations. We have to sort of cut to the quick and make sure that these organizations understand what they're doing. More important we have to make sure that the American people understand when they're giving their dollars, where those dollars are going. I don't think a lot of people understand that.

Brannon Howse: No, they don't. And so, General Flynn, I guess what I'm saying is I expect the left to attack me, but I was shocked that my most vociferous attacks, didn't come from the government, didn't come from the progressive left, didn't come from the Marxist, didn't come from the Islamist groups, Muslim Brotherhood. I mean, they did their job on me trying to shut down my conferences. Some of my strongest attacks have come from the evangelical camp because I was warning about evangelicals being bought off by these groups. So, in closing, I would say, what do you say when you start seeing people attacking you out of places you never expected? How do you respond to that? Do you just ignore them?

General Michael Flynn: No, I challenge them. I don't ignore them. I won't ignore them. I'm not going to back down. I challenge them and I make sure that they stand their ground for whatever they believe in, and I will stand my ground on what I believe. I think what we have to do is we have to continue to have a healthy debate. I do believe that we need more leadership from the pulpit, across the board, and throughout the church.

That church has both Judeo and Christian beliefs and values which our country was built upon, Brannon, and we have to be fearless about that. I am going to go on a sort of a campaign over the coming weeks, months, and within this next year about pastors and getting more and more pastors to run for political office. You can't talk about the Bible from the pulpit without the Constitution, so, therefore, why not talk about the Constitution as well? That's something that I want to begin to promote. I think more and more pastors need to do that.

Brannon Howse: You can't talk about the Constitution without talking about the Bible because the founding fathers, even though some of them were deists, said, Wait a minute, I may not agree with the resurrection or the deity of Christ or the virgin birth, okay, but I agree with the general principles of Christianity for good government. That's a fact. So, you can't even talk about the Constitution without the Bible. We ought to be able to say, Well, we are going to talk about the Bible and living out a Judeo-Christian worldview from the pulpit when it comes to abortion, borders, anti-globalism.

Why we're opposed to globalism. What the purpose of government and The Second Amendment is. I mean, we can go down the Bible with all of these, but then we can look to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist documents. But most of our pastors, you know what they've been trained in? Because I did studies on what most of them are trained in. Most of them today are trained in marketing and administration of a business.

General Michael Flynn: You know, what you just said is the essence of America. That is the fabric. That is the DNA that is within this beautiful country of ours. That's what we have to make sure that if we're talking about a time of resurrection that we just came through. I mean, this is a time for the resurrection of what the United States of America was created to be. I use that word created purposely. So, God bless you for all your hard work and to all your family as well for what they do. Because I know there are a lot of sacrifices that go into it.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, General Flynn. Ditto, it's a team effort. You've been here with us from the beginning. Thank you, General.

General Michael Flynn: See, ya.

Brannon Howse: General Michael Flynn checking in. I hope you'll visit his website, folks Joining me now is Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent, he's got a brand-new song out. Ted, welcome to the broadcast. I always get people saying, when I have you on, I need to have you on more often. Whoa, wait a minute. I was just expecting to see you tonight, Ted. Who do you have with you? Is that your daughter?

Ted Nugent: Oh, yeah. You know, if you want something really powerful from the Nugent household, it's going to have to include Mrs. Nugent. This is Shemane.

Brannon Howse: Well, welcome. Thank you for being with us.

Ted Nugent: Well, I'd like to start off just by saying ditto, ditto, ditto, to General Michael Flynn. Because truth, logic, and common sense are why we had to create Lindell TV. So, God bless Mike Lindell! His courage, his tenacity, his indefatigable spirit, and his energy. You guys represent the spirit of the best of the best of America that Shemane and I mingle with, we hang out with, and we create music with. We do charity work with the most giving, loving, generous, caring people in the world and that's the Mike Lindell Army. So, God bless you, and congratulations on your first anniversary!

Brannon Howse: Well, thank you.

Shemane Nugent: Faith, family, and freedom are what we're all about. What we celebrate with you and Mike.

Brannon Howse: Well, thank you for that. Now you've got a brand-new song out, right, Ted?

Ted Nugent: Yeah, it's a love song called: Come and Take It. I sent a copy to Joe Biden and to a Beto O'Rourke. It's a love song about our freedom, and if they want to start taking away our guns, I want them to start with me.

Brannon Howse: Well, they do. And are you going to let them take away your guns, Ted?

Ted Nugent: You think? I'll stick Shemane on them. I'm telling you; you think Annie Oakley was a good shot? You should see Shemane shoot. We train and practice and have a little competition with our firearms every day or so with the grandkids, my band and my crew, and our neighbors and our hunting buddies. So, there's a lot of firepower and there's a lot of sweet, delicious gun smoke in the air at the Nugent house. I promise you.

Brannon Howse: Where is your website? Where they can listen to this new song of yours?

Ted Nugent: Well, we have a brand-new record called: Ted Nugent Detroit Muscle and the Insanity of 2022. I've got Greg Smith on the bass guitar and Jason Heartless from Detroit on drums. Brandon, I'll tell you, I'm the luckiest guitar player in the world. When we unleash this all-American Motor City rhythm and blues and rock and roll, Mrs. Nugent gets up and shakes a tail feather. Then that inspires us to make even more music. So, we're very excited about this year.

Shemane Nugent: And by the way, it's at

Brannon Howse: Okay, now, now, there you go. I was about to ask for the third time, but what's the website?

Ted Nugent: Well, a lot of times I'll tell them, go to, but then they get all confused and they don't know where to go. So plus I got to tell you I just signed another thousand of these hats. It says: I Will Not Comply with the Ted Nugent personally autographed signature on it. I'm telling you what, that seems to be the battle cry across this country because bureaucrats have lost their souls. Nobody trusts any of the alphabet soup bureaucracies across this country, even though we're upbeat and rather buoyant because we improvise, adapt, and overcome.

But Shemane and I work very diligently to galvanize and inspire Americans to get out to the voting booth. We have an organization called It sounds simple, It's a clearinghouse Brannon for conservative families who believe in God, family, country, constitution, Bill of Rights, Ten Commandments, Golden Rule, Law and Order, work ethic and at we have created an army of conservative voters, many of whom have not registered to vote in the past. So, we really think what we did in Virginia we're going to do across America this year.

Shemane Nugent: And, you know, now more than ever, so many more people, more families are getting back to our roots, our hunting heritage. We're encouraging that, especially women. Women want to know how to be self-sufficient. Now is the time, ladies, to get involved in archery and bowhunting and learn how to be self-sufficient and live off the land.

Ted Nugent: Amen.

Brannon Howse: Well, let me ask you two about that because there's a lot of talk about food shortages, fertilizer shortages, fertilizer prices. Farmers can't afford necessarily some of the fertilizer to put the crops in the field. There's a lot going on. I mean, Dan Bongino, I saw last week saying, you know, call me crazy, but I think we're going to have a problem with food. Of course, Biden has come out and admitted it. I think a lot of this is manufactured. But if people knew what you guys are talking about, they would actually be able to still put food on the table, could they not?

Ted Nugent: You know, Shemane runs an incredible garden. I kill a lot of deer and squirrels and pheasants and doves.

Shemane Nugent: I kill deer, too.

Ted Nugent: Yeah, actually, Shemane has got a lot of venison this year with her bow and arrow. She shoots a Matthews bow, a real lightweight, graceful, thirty-pound Matthews bow, and she killed some beautiful deer. You have to harvest the surplus. You want to talk about the healthiest, most nutritious, delicious, and environmentally responsible diet on planet Earth? Plus, the battle cry of independence is self-sufficiency, hunting, fishing, and trapping.

That is all we eat is stuff we kill ourselves, so we know that it's pure. We know that it's organic and where it came from. So, it's catching on. A lot of people might have been brainwashed that hunting was harmful to the environment when just the opposite is true. Hunting is about balancing wildlife habitats that produce quality air, soil, and water, and even guitar players can figure that out. Shemane's educated so many people about this.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Now you can hear your new song at and find out about the other organizations like at Correct?

Ted Nugent: That's the stuff.

Brannon Howse: Now, Mrs. Nugent, have you and if you haven't, are you going to make a cookbook of how to prepare all the things you guys go out and eat?

Shemane Nugent: We do have a cookbook. It was a New York Times bestseller called: Kill It and Grill It. But we've been talking about doing a second edition. We need to do that. So, thank you for the reminder, yes.

Brannon Howse: Can you get Kill It and Grill It? Is it still available?

Shemane Nugent: Yes, it's available on Amazon.

Ted Nugent: And at

Brannon Howse: Good. All right. So, in closing of our one-year anniversary, we launched tonight. So, you believe that FrankSpeech and Lindell TV, you believe this is vital to help defend our republic I'm guessing, right?

Ted Nugent: No question. The spirit of defiance and critical thinking is the foundation of the American experiment in self-government. We don't believe in kings and emperors and tyrants. We met them at Concord Bridge and we shot them in the face. A lot of people go, Well, violence is not the answer. Well, violence was the answer at Concord Bridge. That's how we got freedom. So, we're sending a message that we do in the media every day.

Shemane's got an incredible website and all kinds of charity work. People are really returning to those roots. I think that's what Mike has always stood for. That's what you speak loud and proud and it's catching on all across this country, even though it never went away in the core families of this country. But now when we see the treachery from the government and media and academia and big tech and Hollyweird, now people are going, "Oh my God, the enemy has the biggest voice in the world. We need to shout back!" So that's what I've always done. So even my biggest critics are now going, You know that Nugent's crazy, but he was always right!

Brannon Howse: Well, yeah, I've had people call it in my radio show saying, I listened to you for years on your radio network, I thought you were nuts, and now I realize the things you were saying they've actually come true. So, I know you're hearing that same thing. So, there are some good things out of this. People that never believed us now are seeing it. They realize it really is true what we've been warning about. So, I hope they'll visit You guys are great guests. I'm glad you brought on Mrs. Nugent. We appreciate your bringing her on as well.

Shemane Nugent: Thank you. God bless you guys. We appreciate what you guys are doing. What Mike has been doing, waking people up. I think if there's one good thing, it's hard to say there's a good thing about this pandemic, but it's allowed people to open up their eyes, have eyes to see and ears to hear and realize, in fact, what is really going on.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. I agree and I want to get one of those hats. I Will Not Comply. You personally signed those?

Ted Nugent: I did. I sign them every day. That's why my guitar playing is so fast. My wrist is well exercised.

Brannon Howse: So, if I order one at or anyone tonight, they can order one and they'll get one with your signature on it?

Ted Nugent: That's right. I sign them by the thousands. Come and get them, baby.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. It says Will Not Comply. That's what it says, right?

Shemane Nugent: Right.

Brannon Howse: I love that. I love that. Thank you, guys.

Ted Nugent: Tell Dr. Ben, we love him. Godspeed.

Brannon Howse: Well, he's hearing you right now, so you just did.

Ted Nugent: We love you, Ben.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, guys. The Nugent's checking in tonight. Check out his new song, by the way, as well. All right, Dr. Ben Carson, we're running a little behind. Thanks for joining us tonight, Doctor. I know you're on the road speaking tonight. Thanks for being with us.

Dr. Ben Carson: Absolutely. Always a pleasure.

Brannon Howse: It's the one-year anniversary of Logan, I think we have a picture of us interviewing him. I think it was it was General Flynn and Mike at the news desk a year ago today. Dr. Carson joined us via the big screen right there a year ago today as we launched the Lindell TV and FrankSpeech. We've had on Leo Hohmann, Karen Kingston, Daniel Greenfield, Tom Littleton, General Flynn, Ted Nugent, and now you.

Dr. Carson, you've known Mike a long time. I'm sure he's been listening. He was on here earlier, and he and I went a little long in our segment. That's why we're running behind. Can you imagine Brandon and Mike Lindell going a little longer? What would you say to Mike Lindell on this one-year anniversary of Lindell TV and FrankSpeech in regard to why it's important that we keep doing this?

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, I would say to him and to all of you, congratulations, because there were some very significant headwinds that really did not want you to succeed, and you fought them off! It's so important that we have voices in this country that speak to truth, that are not afraid, and that are not just yielding to the pressures of the mainstream media. Those things are actually imposing great danger to our freedom of speech.

I don't think a lot of people even recognize that because they say, well, the government's not restricting our speech, but if big tech and the media can restrict your speech with the compliance of the government, it's exactly the same effect and it's had a chilling effect in our country. Things like FrankSpeech are the antidote for that. There are going to be more of them because necessity is the mother of invention, and we will find a way to maintain our freedoms in this country despite the headwinds that we are seeing right now.

Brannon Howse: I was watching your movie a couple of weeks ago and then one of my kids watched it as well and said, "Hey, Dad, have you seen Dr. Carson's movie?" I said, "I was just watching it a couple of weeks ago." He was watching it and I didn't know. He began to talk to me about the influence, which I'd seen in the movie. But he just wanted to talk about your movie. He was so impressed by it. He began to talk about the transformation in your life, how you were not doing well in school, and then you buckled down. Your mother really was quite adamant about putting you on a trajectory of success.

Dr. Ben Carson: Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: How your grades then took off. And, of course, we know you became a world-renowned brain surgeon, literally, for those who maybe don't know. And yet, Doctor, we see a lot of attacks on parental authority today. We see a lot of attacks on undermining parents and what parents say. You know, the Supreme Court ruled many, many, many years ago that the parents were the ones that were in charge of their kids. The government wasn't in charge of them. That the schools were never to teach something contrary to the wishes of the parents or the worldview of the parents and our Supreme Court upheld that.

But now today we see school board after school board seeking to undermine the parents, telling the kids, question your sexuality, or you can be a different gender at school, and we won't tell your parents. How would you speak to this issue today? How would your mother speak to this issue today? What would she think about it? What do you think about it? Because today your mother trying to influence your life would be being undermined by the very government of our nation. How does that set us up for having more Ben Carsons versus what they're trying to do is stop the success of more Ben Carsons through the influence of the parents?

Dr. Ben Carson: I'll give you a good example of what my mother would say or what she would do. When my brother was in high school, they put him on the vocational track rather than the college prep track. She went down to that school, and she tore that place up and she said, "My boys are going to college, and I don't care what you guys say. And they backed down.

Brannon Howse:  Wow.

Dr. Ben Carson: They backed off. But, you know, she recognized the importance of education and she also realized the importance of not being a victim. She never made excuses and she would never accept an excuse from us. She would always say, Do you have a brain? And if the answer was, yes, then you could have thought your way out of it. It doesn't matter what anybody else did or said. When you grow up like that, you grow up looking for solutions.

So that's why, in the field of medicine, when people would say, That's not been done before, you can't do that, that didn't mean anything to me. That's the reason that God gave us these enormous brains, this enormous ability to do things. That's what we need to teach our children. It's the American can-do attitude, not the non-American what can you do for me attitude.

Brannon Howse: As you travel the country and you're out right now speaking somewhere tonight and graciously agreed to join us after giving a speech and having a long day, Dr. Carson, are you hopeful for America, or are you very concerned? Can you be hopeful and concerned at the same time? Because I try to be a happy warrior and I want to be hopeful. But I'm also extremely concerned because I understand history. I understand the philosophies, the ideas, the worldviews. I'm very concerned for my country. How are you in the position of hope, being a happy warrior, but also understanding the grave situation we're facing?

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, I recognize that it is very serious, but I'm very hopeful because people are starting to wake up all over this country. I travel from coast to coast all the time and people are realizing what we have here and they don't want to get rid of it. You know, they're listening to the purveyors of hatred and division, and then they're actually comparing that with the facts. And they're saying, You know, America's actually a pretty good place.

And if it were so horrible, why would all these people be trying to get in here? And when they got in here, wouldn't they be telling everybody, Hey, don't come here, this is horrible. No, that's not what's going on, is it? And, you know, if you listen to what your ears are telling you and visualize what your eyes are telling you and use your brain, then you won't be so easily deceived.

Brannon Howse:, in closing, what will they find at Because I know you particularly have a series too for children, don't you?

Dr. Ben Carson: Yeah, You can go there. It's a free learning program that gives you the real history of what's going on in this country. You come away loving our country, not hating it, and we don't spare you anything of the bad stuff. But we put it in perspective. At, you'll see a whole plethora of things, including our new Executive 101 series teaching you about how our government works, about the various documents, and about how the Office of Management and Budget works.

How that works with other agencies, and how the whole thing operates. We need more people to understand that because we need good people to go into government because if we all throw our hands up and say, I can't put my family through this, I don't want this. What happens? What kind of people are left? We have to do better than that.

Brannon Howse: Your website is also, correct? We do have that right?

Dr. Ben Carson: is an overall site that will direct you to American Cornerstone, to Carson Scholars Fund, and to some of the other things we're doing. But you can go directly there also.

Brannon Howse: I know you've had a long day of traveling and speaking, and we appreciate and are honored that you would take time tonight to join us as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Lindell TV and FrankSpeech. I know I join our audience in thanking you, but also our immense respect for your story, for your perseverance, for your example. You're one of those Americans that a lot of us can point to and just be so thankful that you're on our team.

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, thank you, Brannon, and congratulations.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Dr. Carson. Dr. Carson checking in. His website is All right, then we are going to go to Anni Cyrus and then Diamond and Silk. I'm going a little over into their show tonight. Let's go to Anni really quick. Anni, thank you for joining us on the one-year anniversary. Anni, by the way, is not only born and raised in Iran, but as you know, she's the Associate Producer here at Lindell TV and yesterday her new show Live Up to Freedom started. Anni, I don't have the whole lineup memorized, but I think you're on at 2:30 Central Time every day, correct?

Anni Cyrus: That is very correct. Yes, 2:30 Central Time every day, Monday through Friday.

Brannon Howse: Annie, you joined our team a few months ago. You know, the hours we work because you and I are oftentimes talking in the wee hours of the morning. Can you believe what has been developed here at Lindell TV? I mean, you've kind of jumped on board in the last several months and watched it. What do you think?

Anni Cyrus: I'll be honest since you emailed me asking who can come on tonight and thankfully, I've got a spot. I've been thinking about how to phrase this fast, short, and to the point. So, I'm going to do my best. On a personal level, my story is a little unique compared to every other person involved at Lindell TV. I think I can say I am the first immigrant who has joined the lineup at Lindell TV. Part of my smile and I can't get rid of it is not just the dream coming true that as a former child bride, as an ex-Muslim who has been oppressed in my motherland, then silenced in America by the left and the Muslim Brotherhood, to have the opportunity to have this broadcast where I can sit here, tell the truth, nobody tells me the categories.

You have never told me to say radical Islam or moderate Islam. You have always told me to tell the truth. So, it's that dream, not only that I finally found my place, but now I have the audience who needs to know the danger everyone else is trying to hide from them. I hope I'm making sense. But on a personal level, it's amazing to be here. Even though I joined the team about eight months ago, you were so kind to bring me on early on. I believe the first time you had me on was on July 3rd when President Trump had a rally and you were covering it.

That was the first time I actually came on air on Lindell TV. When I look back, am I surprised? No. Am I proud? Absolutely. You have given so many people, including myself, as you said earlier tonight that we are on borrowed time. Someone like me has been on borrowed time for the last 20 years when I had the chance to come to America and start a new life. So, to have that opportunity, to have that option and as I said on my show yesterday, on my first episode, I am, first of all, grateful to our Lord and Savior for protecting me through everything so I could stay alive and tell my story.

Then, of course, Mike Lindell. I mean, if he wouldn't go against everybody's wishes and put Lindell TV together, come to you, and let you produce what you're producing we wouldn't be here. And of course, you are third because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. You always put faith in what I do, and you always supported me. So that's where I'm at today. I can't wait for the next year and the next year, I don't know. As Daniel said, A decade, maybe two. I don't know. As long as I'm alive and I still can put proper English sentences together.

Brannon Howse: Well, you do great in your English. You know, Anni, you're the second guest tonight to say something that I think is important for the audience to know. That is, we have never said to you, You can't talk about this. You can't talk about that. You can't say this. Tom Littleton said that same thing. You know, when we pick guests, we vet them, and we verify them. And of course, you and I have worked together for several years.

We were introduced by our mutual friend Phil Haney, the former Department of Homeland Security officer, who you and I both believe was murdered two years ago this past February. But he was the one who introduced us. And, you know, when we bring guests on and give them their slots, we don't sit around and tell them what they can and cannot talk about because we trust them. If we didn't trust them, we would never put them on the air to start with. So, I appreciate you mentioning that to the audience.

The audience knows from your own testimony and that of Tom Littleton that we don't control our guests. We let them speak freely. And that's, I think, important for the audience to know that there's no overall arching control going on. We want our broadcasters to speak truth and what is on their hearts. Before we go to Diamond and Silk and wrap it up let me ask you in regard to what you do talk about here and your new show that just started yesterday.

How many networks, conservative networks, conservative TV, or outlets would even carry what you're saying as a former Muslim, as someone who was sold as a child bride when you were 13 by your own father. As a child bride, which we know really means sex trafficking, you were thrown into Sharia court, a Sharia jail. You were beaten because you broke the Islamic laws, like letting your hair come out of your hijab or skipping or singing or dancing or whatever. How many outlets will let you tell your story?

Anni Cyrus: None, none of them. I was invited to Sean Hannity's radio back in 2011 and to his TV show on Fox. After I went on the air for the radio, they canceled my interview for the video because the producers couldn't convince me to say radical Islam, so they canceled me on air.

Brannon Howse: Wait a minute, I've never heard this story. I'm hearing this story for the first time. You first went on. What did you go on first? What did you say? On what radio?

Anni Cyrus: Sean Hannity's radio.

Brannon Howse: Okay. So, you were on his radio show. Were you a guest on his radio show?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, in 2011. This was when he was extensively covering the Islamic terror. So, he had me on his radio show, the morning show, and he talked to me about where I come from, what happened to me, all that. Every time I would say, under Islam, he would correct me with, radical Islam, or radical Muslims. So, if I understand correctly, your father was a radical. You know, he kept correcting me on an error. But even though my flight ticket, my hotel, and everything was already booked for me to fly and go to a studio as his guest, they canceled me, my flight, my hotel, everything, because I did not agree to correct myself on-air and say radical Islam.

Brannon Howse: And the reason why is because there's Islam and there's Islam. That's it, right?

Anni Cyrus: Exactly. But because it's kind of like a Sharia. When I always say don't say Sharia law, because Sharia already means Islamic law. So, you don't want to be redundant. When you say radical Islam, you're being redundant because Islam means radical. You don't say radical, radical Islam. It's just Islam. Islam equals kill them, convert them. Convert them, kill them. Kill them, convert them. Convert them, kill them. Now, this is what we're covering on my show.

Today, I went over just two verses of the Quran, that's all. Every day we're going to dissect Sharia, we're going to dissect Islam, we're going to talk about Iran and the Iran deal and the Taliban and ISIS until everyone who's willing to listen to my program will learn, that there is no such a thing to as coexist. There is no such a thing as Hussein Obama said, and I quote, "Let me be clear, Islam is part of America." That cannot possibly happen, that cannot exist because Islam cannot be part of anything. Islam will come in and it will consume that thing.

A person, a land, a nation, the history of a country. It will consume it because in the Quran it says that day of peace will arrive when every breathing human is a humidiana, a Muslim. So global caliphate is the end goal. I'm hoping, with my program, thanks to you and thanks to Mike Lindell and Logan, and Ragan. I love these two kids. Sorry, guys. I know you're not kids, but for my age, your kids. Thanks to all of you I get to inform people about the truth and I can speak frankly about the dangers of Islam on

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. And we know, like our buddy Sharon, his daddy was a beer-drinking, pork-eating Muslim from Iran who said, I don't want to live under Sharia. And he got out of Iran as a former high-ranking military official six weeks before the fall of the Shah. So, we understand there are Muslims that don't practice. I mean, obviously, he's a beer-drinking, pork-eating Muslim, but that doesn't mean that Islam changes. Maybe he didn't follow it, but we don't go around saying moderate Islam. While there might be Muslims that don't follow it. That's different than saying Islam has a moderate version or an extreme version. There's just what the Quran says. There is just Islam, correct?

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, and that's the thing, as you said, Sharon. Sharon left Iran before the revolution and a lot of moderate Muslims in America are drinking beer and eating pork and having girlfriends. But the point is, can you do this in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, or any of these fifty Islamic countries and get away with it? No. In Islamic countries, if you're caught drunk, or if they catch you drinking alcohol, you can be sentenced to 99 lashes. The maximum you can purchase is 45. So, you're going to end up serving 55 lashes. The maximum I have served was 25 lashes. And I'll tell you what, by the fifth or sixth, I was out. I woke up. They were done.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Anni Cyrus: So, it's like, yes, you have the choice of not following every word of Quran and Sharia in moderate countries like Western countries like America, where there's freedom. Yes. But when they conquer the entire West, when this is also an Islamic country, then you can't be a moderate anymore. You have to be a Muslim, which we know as radical Muslims.

Brannon Howse: You're covering all this at Live Up to Freedom on your brand-new show that started yesterday, 2:30 Central, Anni Cyrus, the host, Live Up to Freedom, 2:30 right here?

Anni Cyrus: Yes. Every day, 2:30, and it will be archived on our website every night so they can find it under the TV tab, Live up to freedom.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Anni. Appreciate it. Glad you're on our team.

Anni Cyrus: Before I go, can I say one more thing?

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Anni Cyrus: I'm not sure if Diamond and Silk are hearing this or if they're already in the queue. But I just want to say on a feminine side of me, I cannot tell you how excited I am to be on the same lineup as Diamond and Silk on Lindell TV. I just had to say that.

Brannon Howse: Say, I know they're in queue, so I know they heard it. We'll get their response right now, Anni. Thank you, Anni.

Anni Cyrus: Perfect. Thank you.

Brannon Howse: With that, we do welcome Diamond and Silk. I guess you guys just heard, that Anni is a big fan of yours.

Diamond and Silk: Oh, we love Anni. Thank you so much. Congratulations! We love everyone on the platform.

Brannon Howse: We're cutting over into your show. My segment with Mike went a little longer tonight, so we're cutting into your show. So let me just ask you, so we don't cut into too much of your show, which will come on right here after this. When we started Lindell TV, you do know that you two and Tamara Scott and Alex Newman, you guys were the first three people I called in the same week, I think the same day. So, I wanted Diamond Silk on this network. When Mike said, "Yep, go do it, Brandon, start building this network." I said, "I want to call Diamond and Silk." He said, "Do it." So, I don't know if I ever told you or if you realized you two were one of the first phone calls I made.

Diamond: Oh, wow. Thank you, and thank you for even thinking about Diamond and Silk. The one thing I love about FrankSpeech is it is a place where we can express how we feel. We can hear from the audience. It's a place where you can get information that you may not get in the mainstream media, not even on Fox. And so, we really appreciate the platform. It is very informative. Things that we knew nothing about or we may have heard but just didn't know if it was true or not.

Now it's coming out to be legit and you know you're doing something whenever you have more viewers than some of the mainstream media. You know you're doing something right when you talk about things for months and then the mainstream media picks it up as if they are the ones that, "Oh, well, now look at what we found out." But they found it out through the FrankSpeech platform. So, I just appreciate being on FrankSpeech. I love everybody over there. I love our audience that patronizes us, supports us, and supports FrankSpeech, Lindell TV, and all of us. I'm just excited about everything.

Silk: Yeah. It is hard to believe that it's been one year. I'm telling you every night we come to an audience talking to people that truly appreciate us. We appreciate them and that's for and now we are about to embark on FrankSocial where we can now have a conservative platform to be able to really socialize and give our thoughts without being censored or scared to even speak our truth. We're grateful for Logan and Reagan being behind the scenes, taking care of everything.

It feels like to me we birthed the baby and now that baby is one year old. We have to continue to nurture it, feed it and grow it and let it become something where whenever you need the news, you know where youve got to go. Youve got to go to because, you know, only there is where you're going to get the real true news.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Let me ask you guys this. You guys have a lot of fans. Whenever I mention people on our network and I bring up your name, the folks I run with love you. I mentioned your names the other day to someone. Oh, I love them. But you guys also have a lot of people that really don't like Diamond and Silk. Why is it, do you think, that you guys are a gaslight, trigger, they need safe space, the liberals. What is it about Diamond and Silk that makes them go so out of their minds?

Diamond: Well, you know, we tell the truth, and a lot of time people don't like to hear the truth, Brandon. They get so caught up in their way of thinking and their way of doing things, doing the same thing, even though they're getting the same results. And so, when two black chicks who are down with politics come along and say, 'Wait a minute, you have to come off that Democrat plantation, these people are lying to us. They're not going to do anything for us. Maybe you do need to vote differently." Listen, we disturb the status quo.

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: They don't like the status quo being disturbed. So, what they try to do is destroy you among your own.

Silk: Right.

Diamond: Don't listen to them but listen to somebody that has got their butt cheeks out. But don't listen to two conservative women that are telling you to pull your dress down. You see what I'm saying? That's how the liberals do. And so that's why it's up to people to think for themselves. You have your own minds. You don't need anyone spoon-feeding you a narrative.

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: So, here's the deal. The more they hate, the more we continue to educate and we tell them we can no longer vote for a system that keeps handing us crumbs. Anybody that voted for this Biden regime, you get less than crumbs. You aint getting nothing but high inflation, high gas prices, and high food costs. That's what you're getting. Then these people, I heard what today that he's talking about, he spoke to Obama talking about he's going to run in 2024. Well, first of all, you shouldn't have run in 2020 because you didnt do nothing! Eighty-one million people didn't vote for you. And the one thing I want people to stop doing, stop allowing this Biden regime, this slob mob, to lie on you.

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: If you are a black American and you know that you're not part of the 81 million people, I didn't vote for you. More black people didn't vote for you because I didn't vote for you. But I think the thing is they allow this regime to lie on them. And then the regime slapped them in the head with some food stamps or a little stimulus and they hushed them up. But you can't pay to hush Diamond and Silk up because I don't need your food stamps. You know, get out the way. You don't have to give me a fish. Show me how to fish and I can catch a whole bundle of them and fry them. That's how I believe.

Brannon Howse: Amen! So Silk, what Diamond saying, Silk, is that you guys destroy the narrative so bad.

Silk: That's right. What I want is for the government to just get on out of our way and let us fish in the pond openly, period. Okay? Get out of our way. Get your feet off of our neck. How dare you black women, now hear me closely, how dare you Black women get the gall to speak out and say what's really on your mind? Because see, for so long, especially within a black community, you've been bullied. You were bullied into silence. How dare you come out and say what you're really thinking? So now Ive got to shut you up.

Ive got to hush you up because you done found out the truth. You done had a great awakening to what we've been doing to the community, to this country. And that's why even now on these different social media platforms, how dare you all come out and say that we ain't done nothing for the country? Here they are old as I don't know what. Done turned that White House into a nursing home and sitting up there doing what for the country? Absolutely positively nothing but being in a government position for over 40-50 years, always saying, Give me another chance. I'm going to fix this; I'm going fix that.

When they are the one who is creating the problem, you all, they've been creating the problem. Then turn around and say, Well, this is how we going to fit this, and all they do is mess it up even more. Everybody knows Jim Crow Joe did not get 81 million votes. We already know that. We already know that there was some cheating that went on in this election. One thing I love about FrankSpeech, I love about Mike Lindell, I love about you, Brannon is that you said, Diamond and Silk, you can talk about anything. We don't care. You can talk about anything. You can talk about the election, you can talk about the corruption, you could talk about the vaccines.

You can talk about the scam-demic if you want to. We can talk about that. And it gave us an outlet to be able to speak for the voiceless. To say what needed to be said for people that just didn't know how to say it. So that's why we so appreciate FrankSpeech and even our enemies come to FrankSpeech to hear Diamond and Silk.

Diamond: They sure do. Yes, they do.

Brannon Howse: They do. They absolutely do. Well, we love you guys. I called you guys up about a week ago, actually, and at the end of your show, and I said, I'm just checking in. We're coming up on a year. I want to make sure you guys are happy because as we go into year two, we want to make sure Diamond and Silk are still on our team. So, you're one of the first groups I called. The groups I called were Tamara Scott, Alex Newman, and Diamond and Silk. Those were the three groups I called. I want to keep you on the team. So, you guys know we love you here. Mike loves you here. Mike and I have often discussed how much we like having you on our team. We added Roger Stone yesterday at 4:00.

Diamond: Yeah, I heard. So that's going to be interesting. Look, we love you all. We love FrankSpeech. We love Mike Lindell. We love you, Brannon. We love all of you all. And thank you for giving us a safe space to speak. And thank you for allowing us to use our First Amendment rights, we really appreciate that.

Brannon Howse: It's our honor and folks, their whole show is going to air in its entirety. So, we're not taking away any of their show tonight. Thank you for letting us cut into your hour a little bit here, guys.

Diamond: All right. Thank you.

Silk: It's well worth it.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, guys. Diamond and Silk checking in. They are our last guests for the night. That's our year anniversary right there, folks. Was that amazing or what? All right, look at what we brought you tonight. We never even stopped for a commercial. That's the way it is a lot of times here on Brannon House Live, we go without stopping for a commercial because we're so busy trying to get you the truth. We just hope you'll notice the lower third banner there. But a lot of networks wouldn't do what we do. But again, we're trying to get out truth.

Brannon Howse: Well, thank you to Logan. Thank you to Reagan. Thank you to all my guests tonight. Thanks to Mike Lindell and thank you to you for your faithfulness and your support as we mark tonight, today, the one-year anniversary of the launch of FrankSpeech and Lindell TV. Let's go into year two and reach more people with truth and save America! Thank you so much for watching. Have a great night. I'm Brannon Howse. Take care.