Kevin McCarthy and RINO GOP at War with America First | Chad Caton

About a year ago

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Kari Lake suffered a loss in court regarding her election integrity case against Katie Hobbs in Arizona. After two days of presenting evidence Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson handed down his decision claiming Kari Lake and her team failed to present compelling evidence that voters were disenfranchised and that there was misconduct directed to changing the outcome of the 2022 midterm election.

Afterward Katie Hobbs and her lawyers filed for sanctions against Kari Lake in court to which Judge Thompson denied. However, Kari Lake must pay $33,040.50 in reimbursement to Katie Hobbs at an interest of 7.5% until paid in full.

Undeterred, Kari Lake filed an appeal stating that it was for the voters and the fight for election integrity. Will she see a victory and be able to bring the other eight complaints to court which the judge denied?

Abe Hamadeh is experiencing troubles with the recounts in his election. The pendulum is swinging back and forth. Allegedly, the numbers are not adding up and it will go to his opponent for the win in an unexpected turn of events. Does this prove there is a problem in Arizona - and nationwide - regarding elections?

Chad Caton, host of I'm Fired Up, joins to discuss the issues with South Carolina and the GOP abroad. With challenges to Americans, he issues the points of actions which people must take to reclaim the Republican party.

Chad has experienced severe blowback and opposition from establishment candidates that he has openly challenged regarding their actions and service records. As the story unfolds will Americans realize exactly what it must take to save America or will they continue to be apathetic?

It appears that Kevin McCarthy is having trouble with clenching the election for Speaker of the House. As the fallout from one of his glowing endorsements Representative-Elect George Santos occurs it appears to further show exactly where McCarthy truly stands as problematic.

With the landscape of Republicans and the disappointed and indifferent base the outlook for averting America's demise seems bleak. Yet, people are rising and doing more than others to change its course. Will it be enough to make other Americans change their actions and rise to return to a better America?

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