Kathryn interviews Steve Byers

About a year ago

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Kathryn Raaker

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Our guest today is Steve Byers. Steve is running for Treasurer for Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee. Steve has been called a “Serial Entrepreneur,” but in the 1980s, they just called him a hard-working person. At ten years old, he diligently delivered newspapers, and in high school had a lawn business that made more money than most college graduates. He went to college for Computer Engineering, worked for Bell Northern Research, and developed a large Amway business. After learning leadership and success principles, he led development teams from western Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Steve started a technology consulting business culminating in projects for IBM, the CIA, and federal forensic trial support. After a solid decade in the technology business, he moved on to develop businesses in aviation, real estate, education, beekeeping, and insurance, and he hasn’t stopped.

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