Joe Rogan & Dr. Peter McCullough Must See Interview Plus Headline News 12/17/21

About 2 years ago

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This week podcaster Joe Rogan had on Dr Peter McCullough for a riveting and eye opening 3 hour interview. Dr. McCullough was on fire as he went point by point breaking down the mainstream media lies surrounding covid. Why are so many doctors ignoring the successes of early treatment and putting people on ventilators to die? McCullough explains we are in the midst of a mass psychosis event that has four stages. 
A). Isolation 
B). Take away meaningful things from life 
C). Constant state of anxiety 
D). Only one way out 

Dr. McCullough says that mass vaccination, regardless of side effects and in place of treatment has been the only way out and as a result the world has gone into a cult like mental state. There are answers. People don't need to die or be locked down. 

Then, A Serbian Orthodox Bishop has come forward against what he calls the "Digital Concentration Camp." The global elite have created two classes of people and in a Communist style takeover have ushered the world into Digital Concentration camps that control freedom of thought, movement, and speech. The good news is people are waking up...well, except for sleeping Joe Biden who always gladly brings us a comedic clip.
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