Iran Is No Longer Allowing Nail Polish, Eyelashes, and Other Basic Treatment At Salons But I Hear Nothing From The Women's Rights Activists Here

about a year ago

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Feminists Are Silent

Over the weekend (technically Thursday), the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a new ruling involving women's salons. Just like every other thing in Iran, salons are divided by gender. As a result, women need to go to specific salons with female staff and no ability to see inside the store. However, Islam is about to intrude on these salon services even more. 

On Live Up to Freedom, Anni Cyrus talks about Iran's new ruling on women's services. In this new creed, Iran is banning specific salon services permanently. So, what services will get you fined, imprisoned, and revoke your license? Eyelashes, nail polish, laser hair removal, piercings, and permanent makeup. So, basic and standard beauty treatments are banned. Meanwhile, you have Islamic women like Ilhan Omar praising the religion, taking advantage of the freedom she has. Misleading, to say the least. 

Meanwhile, the Taliban makes it illegal for women to be uncovered. That is right, the hijab is now mandatory. The Taliban government is also giving advice, stating the best hijab will cover your entire body and face (a chadori). Where are the real feminists when you need them?