Introducing MyCoffee, The Best Coffee On The Market

About 2 years ago

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Mike Lindell Introduces MyCoffee the Best Coffee Ever

On Lindell TV Friday Mike introduced his special brand of coffee, MyCoffee now available on his website for U.S. Entrepreneurs and their products. Using the promo code COFFEE7 people can save 25% and enjoy the best coffee available on the market today!

This coffee Mike explains is available in a variety of Roasts and sizes, whole bean or ground it is non-GMO and organically grown. In fact, after sampling the coffee he had to find out more about it and flew down to the source. This family-owned grower has as their source fields in Honduras that are only good for one thing, growing coffee. And it is amazing.

Honduras Coffee Connection

On his trip to the grower, Mike was shown the process from field to processing. For 15 to 20 years this family-owned business has had a process where they test every batch and only select the very best. Unlike the nationwide chains whose process is designed to produce every batch the same, any batch that doesn't make the cut is sent back.

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