Interview with Dr. Jim Meehan - True Dangers of Child Vaccination and More

about 6 months ago

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Dr. Jim Meehan a long time Warriors for the protection of Children by stopping mandated vaccinations. Dr. Meehan explains that when more American Children die in the first year than any other developed country, we have to understand we have a National Tragedy and we must stop it! The science is there! Children aren't just dying from abortions, they are being poisoned and altered through big pharma!

We also talk about What is a MRNA Injection? Is it a Vaccine or a gene altering therapy guised as a vaccine so the companies can't be sued because of the damaged caused by it. Long Haul Covid and Vaccine Adverse Events.

Mindset Health Solutions and Dr. Jim Meehan are ready to stand with you and help you reverse the poisons that have been forced on us! Please Watch and Share.

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