Interview with Clay Clark - Is the Central Bank Ushering in the Mark of the Beast?

About 11 months ago

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Clay Clark shares the newest update on the Central Bank and its Digital Currency. Their claims to confuse the masses that it is gold backed currency - words the patriot has been hearing for quite some time... "Gold Back Currency" however, their currency has a twist - the Central Bank Gold Backed currency isn't physical dollar currency - it is Digital Currency.... which means they can control what you buy or sell (sound familiar?). They will decide if your behavior merits a social score that will allow you to live freely or not be allow to move about freely. Their so called smart cities are giant jails... Some scary End Time Stuff....

Please get a pen and paper and take notes or share this video.... It's time for humanity to Wake up! Because if "they" got their way, humanity is doomed! The only hope for humanity truly is Jesus Christ and Him alone.

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