Interview with Charlie Jordan - The Coming Storm

About a year ago

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Charlie Jordan shares a Prophet word of Kim Clements about a harsh time, mentioning NY City and much more. Charlie had prophetic dream that fits in with the place we are today as described by Kim.
A precious friend and intercessor (I didn't get to mention in the show) also had a dream just last night about the EBS going off on our phones! I believe this is a "Joseph Prepare for a time" moment. Also, Truth is spoken on this channel - Prayerfully you won't find it harsh to expose those involved in satanism or witchcraft... because what's been happening around us has been happening in the background while churches slept and quenched the Spirit of the Lord, being too worried about what men will think and not what God was saying. A very interested and anointed conversation. If you enjoy ... Please like and share!


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