Interview with Bruce Van Natta - Died Crushed Under a Semi-Truck; Saved by Angels

About a year ago

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Bruce Van Natta died after being crushed in half under a semi-truck. When he died his spirit man rose to the ceiling as he witnessed angels touching his body where he was literally crushed in half. Being dead 10 mins or more - one of the 10 emergency workers comes and calls him back as he is floating in spirit above. He is pulled to his body - but not wanting to be in it - he leaves two more times. However this woman will not stop and he is pulled back after entering the tunnel twice. When she spoke certain words, it helped him choose the difficult journey to life and the long journey to healing. Such an amazing supernatural Praise you JESUS! GOD IS AMAZING story... Please Like and Share, Share, Share.

Bruce's Website:
Books: Saved by Angels
A Miraculous Life
and more

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