IFA's Presentation at Boone County Election Board

About 3 months ago

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IFA presented at the Boone County Election Board.  At the Commissioners' Meeting last month, we laid the foundation of our request to go back to paper ballots hand counted, as well as our work showing what appears to be some sort of a controlled mechanism in play for Boone County elections (view our Rumble Channel videos at https://rumble.com/c/c-1364642).  This modelling data came straight from the Secretary of State, Boone County Clerk's office, and other publicly available data. 

Second meeting was about cost savings associated for a paper ballot hand-counted method.   

The attached presentation was to address the cyber vulnerabilities in our election systems, and the reason we STAND for hand-marked hand-counted paper ballots.  Here is just one example discussed (https://www.wbaa.org/elections-politics/2017-02-24/secretary-of-state-department-of-homeland-security-hacked-indiana-electoral-system). 

Boone County just renewed their election systems with Microvote.   The former Boone County Clerk, now Microvote Business Office Manager, Jessica Fouts was also present.  Our team was told after this meeting that Ms. Fouts, as Microvote's Office Manager, ran the last Logic and Accuracy public testing and answered all public questions. She was "training" Lisa Bruder. The question we were asked ... shouldn't Ms. Bruder have already been prepared for her duties as clerk to run her first election?  Lack of training is one of the biggest complaints we hear statewide.  If they can't run a simple test, how do they know if their machines are being compromised?  You decide.