If CPS Shows Up at Your Door Without a Warrant, Don't Let Them In, Don't Sign Anything, Document Everything and Call Your Lawyer

about a year ago

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CPS, Doing All They Can To Remove Your Children From Their Home

In Idaho and elsewhere CPS has the power to make a warrantless entry into your home with the backing of law enforcement. They can and will threaten you with forms and other paperwork to get you to sign their documents.

Miste Karlfeldt, founder of Health Freedom Idaho, is with Stew Peters. (Legal advice is not being provided. She talks of things she has seen and tells of what works and what doesn't in the fight against CPS possibly destroying your family.)

If CPS shows up at your door, here are some things for you to do:

  • Stand on your fourth amendment right: Don't allow them into your home without a warrant
  • When you allow them into your home they are looking for reasons to remove your children from the home
  • Police reports have shown very minor reasons for removals
  • If they show up at your door, call the attorney you already have on retainer and who will work for you
  • Parents seem to feel that being cooperative, will make them go away. In fact, they will find reasons for their efforts of removal.
  • CPS will use everything (repeat Everything) you say and do against you. 
  • Say nothing. Provide no access. Contact your attorney. Let him or her handle this without you saying anything. Homeschoolers are being targeted for educational neglect. Partner with HSLDA

Bottom line: Do not say anything. Do not let them in. Record everything. Contact your attorney while they are on your porch.

With all of this in mind, we would like for you to see how ruthless some of these agencies can be: 
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