Hillary Clinton's Attorney Goes After New Law in Arizona

About 2 years ago

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Emerald Robinson: Project Veritas is dropping more bombs with newly leaked comments by a big pharma CEO on vaccine efficacy or, more accurately, lack thereof. Election law remains under attack from a former Clinton operative, Marc Elias, who was instrumental in the rig 2020 election, and Libs on TikTok, Libs of TikTok. We have both for you today. Welcome to your daily dose of The Absolute Truth. The Biden administration, the CDC, and the FDA all have said repeatedly over the last couple of years that everyone, with no exceptions, needed to get double vax and boost it. But behind the scenes, as we have learned, is often a different story, as Project Veritas is once again revealing in a video leaked to Project Veritas from an AstraZeneca zoom call from December 2020, the pharmaceutical company CEO, Pascal Soriot, had this to say about the immunocompromised.

Pascal Soriot: Like, if you have immune disease lupus or some other immune condition, you cannot - or with multiple sclerosis, you cannot be vaccinated. So, there are millions of people in the world that will need protection that cannot be coming from a vaccine. So, the long-acting antibody has enormous potential.

Emerald Robinson: Now, remember these so-called health experts and Big Pharma had especially been pushing the vaccines for the immunocompromised particularly. Other effective therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies were maligned and restricted.

Gov. Ron DeSantis: The Biden administration, which revoked, outright revoked authorization for two very popular monoclonal antibody treatments in the state of Florida really pioneered over the summer. We have had people use it, and we've had good results. People have a right to access these treatments, and to revoke them on this basis is just fundamentally wrong.

Emerald Robinson: Back in 2021, I'd ask the White House the rationale behind restricting and rationing monoclonals.

Video Clip: So, speaking of the waning efficacy of vaccines. I do have another question about the President's COVID plan. He promised on September 9th that he was going to spend 50% more supply of monoclonal antibodies to states, yet the Biden administration is cutting supplies in red states by 50%. So, for example, you know, in Florida, they were expecting to get 70,000 doses this week, which they say they need. They're only getting 30,000 doses, and this is not just for unvaccinated people. In South Florida, half the people who are seeking this treatment are fully vaccinated. So, why is the Biden administration cutting these supplies?

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: That's not accurate. So, let me give you the accurate information. First of all, we are increasing our distribution this month by 50%. In early August, we were distributing an average of 100,000 doses per week. Now we're shipping an average of 150,000 doses per week.

Emerald Robinson: But Psaki's statement was not accurate, as was pointed out by the Florida governor's press secretary, who explained that they had indeed seen a cut in monoclonal. And now you hear that even the pharmaceutical companies admitted behind closed doors that other treatments, like the monoclonal antibodies, were a better option for a vulnerable group of people. Joining me now to discuss this latest bombshell is the media relations manager for Project Veritas, Mario Balaban. Mario, thank you so much for being here.

Mario Balaban: Morning, thank you for having me today.

Emerald Robinson: Mario, I think this is kind of amazing, and it just tells the story of COVID, right, and the vaccines. This video is from December of 2020. That's nearly a year and a half ago, 18 months of time in which they knew that these vaccines weren't effective, really, even for the group they said needed them most. How shocking was it for you all when you received this leaked video of this big CEO telling his staff that it's not a great option for the immunocompromised and that monoclonal was a really good option for them?

Mario Balaban: So, I wish I could say I'm shocked. But, you know, with everything that's happened in the last year with other pharma companies that Project Veritas has exposed, such as Pfizer. I'm not necessarily shocked because we've seen similar conversations happen with other big pharma companies. Pfizer employees told us that they knew that natural antibodies were better than the vaccine and that the company, rather than not, go public. So, our biggest mission here at Project Veritas is, you know, if you want to have these positions, by all means, do, but don't hide it from the public. The problem is this, as you said, in December of 2020, AstraZeneca knew this information, and we're only now releasing it to the public in 2022. So, think about how many people who took vaccines in the course of the last year who are immunocompromised could have known this information but didn't. So, that, to us, is the biggest crisis of morality in the world. AstraZeneca, as you know, is not based in the United States, but they are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. And, you know, AstraZeneca is hiding this type of information from the public. Think about what American pharmaceutical companies could be hiding.

Emerald Robinson: Well, it takes me back to other leaked or other undercover footage that you released not too long ago of an FDA executive, Chris Cole, who in private to your journalist, talked about the close relationship between the FDA and vaccine companies, food companies, how these companies spend millions of dollars, give millions of dollars a year to the FDA for their review process and to specifically make sure that the review process goes the way they want. He also made it clear that the Biden administration's plan was for annual inoculation for every American to get inoculated once a year with these vaccines. This has been a trend. Do you have more that is to drop on this issue? Do you have more coming out?

Mario Balaban: So, we have whistleblowers everywhere. As you know, I can't discuss what's coming out next. We do have some interesting stories coming out, but we encourage anyone who works in big pharma or government, for example, in the FDA, who was directly involved with the vaccines, to come forward with more information. We know that there's so much there. There's a lot of money, there's a lot of interest, and a lot of power. So, anyone who has information that they want to provide to Project Veritas that the public should know you can contact us at very cost tips at ProtonMail.com.

Emerald Robinson: And for someone who's hesitant, because I would think that would have to be extremely scary. It would take a lot of courage to come forward as a whistleblower. How does this process go with Project Veritas? What kind of protection is in place for potential whistleblowers?

Mario Balaban: So, we do vet every single person that comes to us. Obviously, we do not publish false information. We make sure that everything that's brought to us is factual. But once we've covered that, we are going to stand by our whistleblowers. Every single whistleblower you can see from media, big tech, or even pharma who has come forward to us. They've been taken care of. We will always stand by the truth. That's the most important thing at Project Veritas. We are a non-profit organization. We're not motivated by profit. We're not motivated by money. We're motivated by truth, and those people are willing to provide the truth that the public has a right to know. There's nothing more important to us than that. So, we can guarantee that Project Veritas will protect you, and we don't reveal our sources. If you choose to remain anonymous and provide us with documents or important information, we will protect your identity. That is a guarantee.

Emerald Robinson: What we know about these vaccines in real COVID data has largely come from whistleblowers. A lot to Project Veritas, some whistleblowers to other lawyers and entities as well. So, we appreciate the work you do because this has not been a transparent issue under two administrations, in all honesty, with the FDA, CDC, and the NIH withholding information. So, thank you for being here, Mario. And I would encourage everyone who's watching this to go to the Project Veritas website, where you can watch this story in full. We showed you a couple of clips, but there's a lot more to see, isn't there, Mario?

Mario Balaban: Yes, there's plenty more. Please check out our website, and thank you so much, Emerald, for having me on today. I appreciate it.

Emerald Robinson: Thanks, Mario. And while Psaki may have outright lied about a number of issues, including the monoclonal antibodies, it's not actually her falsehoods that had prompted calls for an ethics probe into her behavior in today's better briefing. Psaki is facing calls from a nonpartisan government watchdog group called Protect the Public's Trust or PPT for an ethics probe into her negotiations and recent contract signing with the network MSNBC while continuing to remain at the podium in the briefing room. In a letter, the group said quote, "We call upon you to investigate whether Ms. Psaki misused her position and created the appearance of an impermissible conflict of interest. We also call upon you to release records relating to Ms. Psaki's recusals and negotiations for non-federal employment," said PPT. The group particularly points out that Psaki sought to disparage Fox News while under contracts with a competitor, all the while acting as a government official. Psaki is set to leave her post in a matter of days, and it appeared to be good timing for the outgoing press secretary as the president's behavior grows more questionable. A communications official dressed as the Easter Bunny kept the president in check earlier in the week at the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, while the first lady provided instructions like a wave.

Joe Biden, President of the United States: Come to the South Lawn. Thank you, and happy, happy Easter. All right.

Jill Biden: Wave.

Emerald Robinson: And then there was this awkward moment last week when Biden tried to shake hands with, well, no one before getting lost on his way offstage. One thing you can say about Psaki is she knows when to make an exit. Coming up, do you think Marc Elias should be making news because of the Durham probe? But that's not the case. The former Clinton campaign lawyer is still chipping away at election law, particularly in the state of Arizona. We'll talk with Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward after the break.

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Emerald Robinson: A new election law was just passed in Arizona. That should make the 2022 midterms much more secure. The new law requires voters to prove they have citizenship, as Dr. Kelli Ward explains in a new video. Watch.

Dr. Kelli Ward: Hello. It is time for an election integrity update from the Republican Party of Arizona. I'm your chairwoman, Dr. Kelli Ward. Arizona is making sure that it is easy to vote and hard to cheat. Representative Jake Hoffman's bill ensuring that people who are not American citizens do not get to vote in our elections was signed into law by Governor Ducey yesterday.

Emerald Robinson: But just one day after that new law passed, Democrats led by Hillary Clinton's henchman Marc Elias filed a lawsuit to overturn the brand-new law. Why? Because Democrats will find it harder to cheat in Arizona elections. That's why. So, joining me now to discuss the Marc Elias lawsuit is the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party herself, Dr. Kelli Ward. Welcome back, Kelly.

Dr. Kelli Ward: Hi, Admiral. It's great to be with you. Yeah, the Democrats, man, they just want it to be easy to cheat. They don't really care about it - I mean, they want it to be easy to vote, but they certainly want it to be easy to cheat. Anyone should be okay with proving that you're a citizen to be able to vote in our elections, don't you think?

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. And you know what I find interesting? It seems like Marc Elias just can't quit Arizona, right? He was really key in fighting the audit. He led the legal challenge against the audit. He also was instrumental ahead of the 2020 election in changing some of the procedures and guidelines in voting. So, what's his interest, particularly in Arizona, Kelli?

Dr. Kelli Ward: Well, just as we know, Arizona is the tip of the spear. They know Arizona is the tip of the spear. We have everything going on in this state, from illegal immigration affecting every aspect of society, health care, education, public safety, and our judicial system. We've got an economy that's being hit hard by Biden inflation may be the hardest in the entire nation. We've got educational issues. If you've seen in Scottsdale, Arizona, for goodness sake, they accused a black man of wearing blackface as a deejay. These people are converging on our state because they understand that we love to be free. We love to work hard and prosper, and Democrats just don't want any of that. They don't want a state to be leading on any of those things. So, they're here to try to prevent that and to try to turn this state blue, just like they did all of our neighbors California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, even, they're trying to turn blue. Well, Arizona is going to stand firm. We are going to stay red, and we are going to stay strong.

Emerald Robinson: So, Elias was very successful ahead of the 2020 midterms with his legal challenges and what we called friendly lawsuits to change the voting practices. What about this challenge to the new law? Will the courts uphold the law, or does Elias stand a chance of being successful in overturning it?

Dr. Kelli Ward: Well, I think there's always a chance, yes that he could be successful, but what we're learning as Republicans is how to fight this Lawfare game like warfare, but it's lawfare. The Democrats have been very good at it. They are ahead of us. Let's just be honest. But we are learning how to do it. So, we're asking for support as we fight this. We've asked the Republican National Committee to assist us in fighting Marc Elias and his cronies as they try to overturn this common-sense law to prove that you are a citizen before you're able to vote in our elections.

Emerald Robinson: Now, just to remind our viewers, who I think most know who Marc Elias is, he was also the Perkins Coie lawyer who helped to hire Fusion GPS, create the Steele dossier, and led to Russiagate. So, he's quite nefarious. But I do want to turn to another issue in your state, which you alluded to, and that's the flood of illegal migrants coming into Arizona across our southern border. Now, Representative Andy Biggs from Arizona has drawn attention to the fact that the illegal migrants are getting free smartphones from the Biden regime. It's kind of all of the Obama regime. Right. So, why are they doing that, and how can that be legal, Kelli?

Dr. Kelli Ward: Yes. I mean, Obama phones were offensive enough, right, where we gave people phones on the backs of the taxpayers. Now we're giving them to illegal aliens. I know you called them migrants, Emerald. I hate to call them migrants. I know they are migrating here, but they are migrating here illegally. They are illegal aliens coming into our country and being rewarded with little things like cell phones and big things like education, health care, and jobs. They are also wreaking havoc because, just like President Trump said, it's not always the nicest of the nice who is coming. Yes, there are people who are human trafficked across that border, and that is a tragedy, and that is a crisis. But there are also people who are bringing guns, weapons, drugs, and other humans across that border. There are people who are coming from countries that hate the United States of America coming across that border every single day. Border security is national security. It's also local security. As those border communities are seeing. With the left defund the police efforts it has made the areas around our borders and our inner cities almost uninhabitable by American citizens.

Emerald Robinson: And there was also news this week that there were 23 terrorists, known terrorists, that made it across our southern border, and they're coming into states like Arizona. How concerning is that to Arizona citizens, or are they even aware, Kelly?

Dr. Kelli Ward: You know, I think that many that are watching shows like yours are aware that these terrorists are coming into our country. But I think that there is a lot of sheep in our country who have no idea what's happening. I will tell you that as they were housing and are housing, illegal aliens in kind of posh neighborhoods like Scottsdale, Arizona. More and more people had started to wake up. Before when it was just affecting the border communities maybe they didn't care as much. But now, as these illegal aliens and many times oftentimes criminals and even as you mentioned, potential terrorists are being relocated into our cities and towns. People are waking up, thank goodness.

Emerald Robinson: So, we do a lot of this push to flood our southern border and flood illegals into the country as a demographic change. They'll say it's not, but it's pretty clear if this law is not upheld in the courts, the new Arizona law, could these illegals feasibly vote in the 2022 midterms if they don't have to prove citizenship?

Dr. Kelli Ward: Well, we saw in 2020 there were thousands of people who are illegal aliens who are registered to vote in our great state. The voter rolls have to be cleaned up. We have to make sure that only citizens vote because we want it to be easy to vote and hard to cheat. I do have to say it's ingenious that Texas has decided to send illegal aliens to Washington, DC, as well as to Delaware. And I think that Arizona should join them and join them quickly.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. Your congressmen in stem from Texas. It also suggested that the governors could just repel these aliens at the border, given Article IV, constitutional provisions that the federal government is not upholding its end of the bargain. So, that would be interesting to see. I want to ask you one quick question on midterms, another one before we end this segment, because, you know, you've got Senator Mark Kelly. Clearly, Arizonans aren't happy with a lot with the Biden administration these days. So, how is Senator Mark Kelly looking in the polls right now?

Dr. Kelli Ward: Well, as the Democrats often do, he doesn't have any competition in the primary. But I'll tell you that the people that are running against him are head and shoulders above him. So, the Republicans will win. As you look across the board, Republican vs. Democrat in a generic ballot, the Republican is up anywhere from 10 to 20 points. So, I look forward to November 2020 when we have a Republican senator that we can count on to fight for the things we believe in faith, family and freedom, small government, low taxes, personal responsibility, and following the United States Constitution.

Emerald Robinson: Ten to 20 points is a big spread, Kelli.

Dr. Kelli Ward: It is.

Emerald Robinson: Thanks for being here. We'll be watching.

Dr. Kelli Ward: Thanks, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Up next, Black Lives Matter protests are to blame for the rise in black homicide, according to the FBI data. We decide that next.

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Emerald Robinson: We now know that the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests were anything but the Summer of Love as they were billed in the media. During the 2020 BLM riots, black homicides skyrocketed, according to new FBI data. Currently, the Black Lives Matter riots are being blamed for the 32% surge in black homicides. The staggering statistics don't just stop there; 2,457 more black Americans died at the hands of other black Americans in 2020 than in the previous year, according to this data from the FBI. In 2020, 9,941 black Americans were murdered. Experts aren't just blaming Black Lives Matter for these horrific numbers, but they're also blaming the criminal justice reform movement. Some say the quote-unquote, defund the police messaging triggered gangs in some of the most violent criminals to take advantage. Now, I want to bring in two law enforcement experts. Dr. Darren Porter is a retired NYPD lieutenant, and Zeke Arham is a current member of law enforcement. Thank you, general gentlemen, for both being here. I really appreciate it.

Darren Porcher: Thanks for having us on.

Zeek Arham: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Emerald Robinson: Now, I think this is a very concerning topic that often gets overlooked in the corporate media because they don't like the narrative. Darren, I'm going to start with you. Experts are blaming the surge in murder on the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, being that in 2020, we also did see a surge in white homicides. Can you really say that it was BLM that was to blame for this surge in homicides in the black community?

Darren Porcher: I think it's multifaceted. I think Black Lives Matter could have done more in connection with standing up for Black Lives. But at the same token, when you look at the perpetual narrative that Black Lives Matter drove towards, it was to defund the police and recede police protection in the communities that needed it the most, that being the African American communities. In addition to that, when you look at the final outcome of the Black Lives Matter movement, you see a lot of the people in its hierarchy have purchased lavish homes and going on these spending sprees based on money that was funded by people like George Soros or collections that have made that organization more robust. But you haven't seen a quantitative improvement in the communities of color in connection with this homicide rate. In addition to that, I look to the politicians because the politicians folded like chairs based on the sentiment of the left, the progressive left also focused on this receipt or defunded policemen movement. So, it's cumulative. It's not just BLM.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, and I remember I was in DC covering the White House during the BLM riots in 2020. And if you look, there were really black businesses, black neighborhoods that bore the brunt of the violence. You were there, Zeke, working in the protests. What exactly did you see?

Zeek Arham: I saw people that wanted the police in their neighborhoods. You know, BLM didn't speak for them and didn't represent their views. They wanted the police, and they wanted protection. They want to feel safe going to and from work. They really just want to be left alone, and they don't want to be victimized by criminals. Meanwhile, you had BLM saying get the police out of neighborhoods. You had prominent politicians saying defund the police or even abolish the police, and they didn't speak for the average American. So, I think BLM represents an extreme leftist point of view that a lot of people are now waking up to and now being more vocal about saying they don't represent us. They're not our voice.

Emerald Robinson: Then I'll have to ask you, Zeke, a follow-up on that being a law in law enforcement, did you see and have you continued to see a hesitancy in law enforcement to go into these neighborhoods to address and stop crime? Are they worried that they'll face repercussions because of the narrative that followed these riots?

Zeek Arham: Well, I think when you see cops being vilified by a ten or 15-second YouTube clip, of course, it's in the back of every cop's mind. Am I going to be the next cop that's vilified and has my family exposed and my career threatened? You know, you can't help but hesitate. I think that's what a lot of cops are doing now. And that's not going to impact these neighborhoods that need cops and need a police presence in a positive manner. You know, when you've got cops that don't want to be proactive in stopping crime, you've got cops that are worried about their jobs and about their pensions. Then it's going to have a negative impact, of course.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. Now, Darren, you have taught criminal justice at the college level. During the Trump administration, when I was covering the White House, there was this big debate, particularly the Republican Party, about criminal justice reform. Clearly, Jared Kushner was pushing for it. There were a lot of Republicans who were on board with it. But there are those who say that it is going to lead to a surge in crime and that it's not the right thing to do. How much would you say that some of the criminal justice reform that we've seen at the federal and state level has contributed to the surge in crime?

Darren Porcher: In all transparency, I believe that criminal justice reform is necessary. However, it needs to be done smartly. What we saw as being embarked upon on a federal and state level has not been smart. We look at bail reform in a state like New York, for example. It was clearly something that didn't work. Therefore, you need to look or read the tea leaves to see what works and what doesn't work. When we look at the former president, when we look at people currently in office right now, I think everyone generally wants criminal justice reform. However, it needs to be done smartly and by proceeding with a smart process wiith criminal justice reform, you need to incorporate the practitioners in law enforcement. The practitioners in law enforcement have a better understanding of criminal justice reform than anyone else. But the elected officials have failed to include this significant piece. So, when we look at the criminal justice reform that's been rolled out, it's been a catastrophic failure in places like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Emerald Robinson: Now, clearly, when we get FBI data, it's a way down the road. It's not a clear picture of what's going on at the moment. It's a look back, so based on what you're seeing on the streets now. What do you expect in the crime rate in 2022? Has it dissipated down from that 2020 surge? Is it holding steady? Is it increasing? Where are we now?

Zeek Arham: I think in some aspects, it's increasing. I think in other aspects, it is sort of holding steady. I mean, when you look at the crime on the subways in New York City, something has got to be done about the crime in the subways directly because people don't feel safe riding the subway. I've spoken to many people on the street that would rather just pay for gas and take their car everywhere than save money by riding the subway. And that's not good for anyone. You know, when you've got people that don't feel safe walking down the street or just leaving their houses at night, going to the store. Doing basic, simple things, they don't feel safe. So, something's got to be done, and it's got to be done with the help of law enforcement because we're the ones out there seeing it every day on the street. So, if you don't have our input, you're basically flying blind.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I hear the same thing from my friends in New York. And, you know, if people don't feel safe, that's their number one issue. Thank you, Darren, and Zeek, for being here today and helping us understand a little bit better where we are with it and what are the contributors. Thank you all.

Darren Porcher: Thanks, Emerald. Great seeing you, Zeek.

Zeek Arham: Thank you. Good seeing you, brother. Be good.

Emerald Robinson: It's now time for your Round Up. President Joe Biden is preparing to provide Ukraine with additional defense funding. Biden is giving another $800 Million to Ukraine. This massive amount of money is just a drop in the bucket. The United States has provided $3.4 billion so far since Russia invaded. In addition, the Biden administration is also announcing its next move after losing its mask mandates on public transportation. The Department of Justice claims it will only appeal the loss if the CDC still believes masks are needed. Let's turn back to Twitter, where former CEO Jack Dorsey has had enough with CNN. He's letting loose on a lot of people. Twitter's former frontman is sounding off on CNN's false narrative. In a tweet thread, Dorsey responds by confirming CNN is fake news. He says I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it, causing the protesters to chant. Dorsey isn't just calling out CNN these days. As I said, he's also called out Twitter's board of directors. And Netflix is seeing some challenging times as well. The popular movie viewing platform saw shares drop 18 and a half percent after the streaming giant announced its fall in subscriptions. Netflix lost over 200,000 subscribers. This is the first time they've lost this many subscribers in over a decade. And that's your Round Up. The so-called experts are at it again with more recommendations for your children. Plus, we'll look at Libs on Tik Tok and Libs of Tik Tok. Coming up after the break, you'll want to stick around.

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Emerald Robinson: The experts, well, you know it's always an ambiguous panel of experts in these cases, are recommending that all children ages 8 to 18 undergo regular screening for anxiety. The recommendation is based on a national emergency declared by the AAP back in 2021, off of data gathered during the pandemic. With lockdowns and school closures, childhood mental health events did spike significantly between March and October 2020. There was a 24% rise in mental health emergencies for children ages 5 to 11, a 31% increase for children ages 12 to 17 years old. And a 51% increase in emergency department visits for suspected suicide attempts increased nearly 51% amongst girls ages 12 to 17 in early 2021, over the year of 2019, at that same period. But life is getting back to somewhat normal now, are these screenings necessary, or are they just another power grab or moneymaker from Big Pharma and the medical industry? We'd like to welcome in our mama bears to slush this out. Welcome, Stacey Langton, a MamaGrizzlies.com and the founder of an organization called The Freedom Forever. That organization is actively combating child exploitation and trafficking in America. Let's welcome back, Landon Starbuck. Hi, ladies.

Stacy Langton: Good morning.

Landon Starbuck: Hello.

Emerald Robinson: So, of course, we saw an increase in anxiety and depression amongst children, especially teenagers, during the lockdowns. Kids weren't going to school. They weren't interacting with their friends. They were isolated, but does that mean that there's still a national emergency that requires every child to be screened for anxiety over the age of eight, Landon?

Landon Starbuck: Well, I have an increasing concern about this next step of why now and what purpose does it serve? Is this creating a precedent to assault more of our parental rights? I think we have a right now to question every mandate and dictate coming down from these higher institutions. And my question would be, what would then follow? Would a recommendation for a psychiatrist follow? Because one of the quotes that I saw in conjunction with this news story is that they said that most mental health illness manifests in childhood and adolescence. So, what they're saying is that this isn't a result of the crazy lockdowns and driving more and more kids online, where that is the associated risk and connection between the rising rates and anxiety and depression. What they're saying is that this is now potentially part of a normal identity of depressed, anxious kids that are just being simply diagnosed as children. So, that alarms me, and I also want to know what parental rights we have to refuse these said examinations?

Emerald Robinson: And there are other contributing factors potentially to the rise in anxiety, for example. I mean, it's a meme, but it seems to be true. If you look at this meme, it says that the case is for these kids often present pronouns, right? They present the therapist with their pronouns. So, this whole ideological push is increasing, as you've noticed, Stacy, because you're a school board mom who has pointed out the porn and the queer theory push on students in our public schools, some in private, largely public schools. How much do you think that's contributing to an increase in depression and anxiety that might be occurring in children?

Stacy Langton: Well, I think definitely exposing kids to gender, queer ideology, and that type of pornography has an effect. And I think it's traumatizing, and it's an indoctrination method. So, I think that would definitely make a child's anxiety level because, you know, I'm an adult, and I think most adults get uncomfortable being shown that type of imagery. I worry that if you're taking this into the realm of the doctor's office and the doctor is asking a lot of questions about, oh, well, do you feel this way or that way? Or do you sometimes not feel like a girl or a boy or whatever they're given, you know, biological sex is. But then that's going to result in some kind of a referral to a mental health professional who's then going to actually further contribute to that child's demise of their mental health? Because that's something that I'm hearing very frequently in these kids' stories who have transitioned and then later regretted it, is that they were sort of pushed along through that process by the medical professionals or the psychologists or the therapists they came into contact with. You know, they have a tendency also to prescribe meds. I think maybe the vast majority of these kids don't need medication. But that's just a knee-jerk reaction on the part of a lot of physicians. So, it has become, I think, a downward spiral of cascading events, and the medical profession has lost a lot of credibility in the last two years, especially with COVID and everything at this point.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. We've learned that puberty blockers are a big moneymaker for pharmaceutical companies. But I agree with you on more access to our children to indoctrinate them. And I think that my concern, particularly, Landon, is that if your child is in this counseling, this evaluation. Exactly what's the line of questioning? What are they telling your child? I would suspect that you're not going to be there. Right. They're going to have sole access to your child. So, what do parents do now that they know about it? How do they fight this, Landon?

Landon Starbuck: Well, I think that the president has already been set in places like California, where now, if you are 12 years old, not only do parents have no right to be in a room, but they don't even have rights to your medical records, even though you're paying your health insurance for these children. You know, I think it goes back to the question, whose children, are they? And we have to fight for parental rights on every front because it's coming in from so many angles. Its coming in from the new industry of gender transitions. Its coming in from the upper academia and the medical institutions. There's a lot of money to be made here, not just in the psychiatric drugs. But also in the referrals, in the transitioning and the hormones, all of those things that Planned Parenthood now, and that connection with them being in schools are happy to facilitate. So, there's an incentive, a dangerous incentive for these industries to come to swoop up our children and exploit them via profit sexualization and more. So, as a parent, I think we have to be very involved. If you can pull your children out of the schools where those connections are happening and protect them. You know, there are options and choices, micro schooling. Parents are really at a juncture in life where the decisions we make now with their education and when they're exposed to what will affect the trajectory of their lives forever.

Emerald Robinson: I hear from a lot of moms who do want to get more involved, not just in regards to just their children, their particular situation. But get more involved like you ladies, Landon and Stacy. So, if they did want to, I know both of you probably have resources out there, so if we could just take some time to share that. Stacy, I'll start with you. Tell us how moms get involved and maybe learn something from your organization.

Stacy Langton: Yeah, sure. I have a website. You can go to my website and take a look at that. It's MamaGrizzly.org, and I just wanted to add on the subject of how do you protect your children on the individual level? I think it's critical since this kind of thing is going to be coming through your annual pediatrician appointments, right. When you go with your child, it's absolutely critical that you remain in the room. There is never a time when you should be asked by a physician or a nurse to step out of the room. I actually just went through this last week with one of my older sons for the sports physical. You have a right to stay in the room and be present for whatever questionnaire they're going to give. You can interject or intercede and say, hey, that's not an appropriate question. You know, I don't want my child answering that question. So, you really do have to kind of - it's unfortunate, but be prepared mentally to defend yourself in the room. Most of the time, there are many doctors who are very nice and very respectful, and they won't challenge you in that exercise of your parental rights. But you do kind of have to be mentally prepared for battle every time you walk in the door for an exam.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, I know I feel bad about it starting your parental rights. Now, Landon, where do moms find resources from your organization?

Landon Starbuck: So, FreedomForever.US, and follow me at Landon Starbuck, where I often make commentary on these specific issues. I just wanted to add that we get to choose who our pediatricians are. If we choose all alternative health, we get to interview these people. Nobody has a right to access our child and violate our conscience and our consent without us explicitly giving them that access to our child. So, doing that due diligence as a parent, and also keeping children offline for a lot of this propaganda indoctrination to then have them go seek out and seek out doctors like this that will affirm whatever it is they need to be affirmed, anxiety, depression, transitioning, all of those things. So, that is another huge thing that parents can do and keep those mental health risks and exploitation risks down.

Emerald Robinson: Well, thank you both, ladies, for being here to help parents navigate this questionable time in our kids' education and medical care. We appreciate your time.

Landon Starbuck: Thanks so much.

Stacy Langton: Thanks, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Speaking of memes, it's time for our lives on the TikTok segment for this week. The time now for our Libs on TikTok segment where we show you what the kids are doing on the Chinese communist company platform. Joining us now to expose the craziness is the editor-in-chief of the Bucalupoo, Sophia Carbone. Sophia, good to see you again.

Sophia Carbone: Thanks for having me back, Emerald. I actually posted a poll on my Twitter account recently asking Gen Z, what concept they struggle with most, and everyone said overwhelmingly healthy relationships. And this first TikTok is a perfect example of that.

Video Clip: So, we start with, are you a Republican? Let's go over here first. No, but I voted for Trump. Call him stupid. Block - Are you a Republican? Yes. Block. Easy. That one's simple - Are you a Republican? No. Lol. Need more info, but we can trust him a little bit. - Are you a Republican? I'm not into politics. Red flag. Point out their privilege. If they say, white male/privilege doesn't exist. Block. If they accept it. Sex. If they say no, are you a Republican? Sex, then marriage.

Emerald Robinson: She's got it all diagrammed out. You know, I have to say, she actually might be doing a favor for some of those conservative men on these platforms because they don't even have to worry about potentially getting involved with a crazy liberal because you already have you blocked. You feel bad for the men who make it to marriage before knowing that.

Sophia Carbone: Right. My heart goes out to them. The next TikTok kind of plays off that last one. We all have seen in recent years how far left the Democrat Party is going with people like Bernie Sanders and AOC, and amongst young people, there is no exception. And this next TikTok is just a prime example of that. Check it out.

Video Clip: Okay. Just normal drinks with coworkers. Relax, be chill. Don't say anything too crazy. I'm gay, and I hate cops.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I think it's so crazy because we talk about these young people like this and how they say things like that. You know what I heard the other day over the weekend that there are now schools that are putting cat litter out because there are certain kids that identify as a cat, or there's the whole dog collar issue because some kids are identifying with dogs. And you watch these videos, and you say, well, now I understand how we're getting there.

Sophia Carbone: Yeah. There's no more moderation, and everything's on everyone's sleeve now. And it's not just a personal problem. Everyone else has to comply to how you identify.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. The Liberals aren't even pretending to be just liberal anymore. They've gone, full-blown commie. Now, Sophia, I didn't want to turn to the actual inspiration for this segment. We were inspired by this segment, by the account on social media, Libs of TikTok, who posts these crazy videos just like you show us every week of liberals and their shenanigans on TikTok. Now, she recently was targeted by a Washington Post hack pretending to be a journalist. Now, Taylor has been targeted. She targeted this anonymous Twitter account called Libs of TikTok yesterday. The Washington Post revealed personal information related to the Twitter account in regards to her address and her current employment. Taylor Lorenz is known by many, especially in Washington, DC, and the press pool there, as an awful person that uses her influence to target conservatives. But just last month, Taylor put on a performance by pretending to be the actual victim in all of this. Listen.

Video Clip: You feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the Internet to destroy your life. And it's so isolating - And terrifying - It's horrifying - It's a tool to silence people, especially women and people of color. My cell phone number getting out there, people calling, people harassing my family members, stalking me like all of that is incredibly terrifying and invasive. And it's bled out into the physical world, too, which is even more terrifying.

Emerald Robinson: Oh, the irony. Taylor even went to these anonymous Twitter accounts and family members' homes and grilled them as well. But her harassment didn't stop there. Taylor even went and messaged a person that she thought was associated with the Libs of the TikTok account. She threads them by saying, you are mentioned as the administrator for the Libs of the TikTok account. Is that your account? Please let me know a.s.a.p. because you're going to be implicated as stating a hate campaign against LGBTQ people. Well, Taylor's bullying didn't stop there. She also emailed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, press secretary Christina Pushaw and gave her a one-hour deadline to respond to her allegations. Christina supports the account. So, now we've reached out and invited Taylor to the show. But believe it or not, shocking, she didn't want to come on. The Washington Post communications director got back to us and just said that Taylor was way too busy to join us, but we offered her an invitation to come on at any day, any time. That still stands, though she has yet to reply to that offer. We also asked the Washington Post communications director for comment. We asked them to condemn doxing private citizens. They did not. Then later in the day, they put out a statement basically saying they support Taylor's doxing. So, Sophia, you're the expert here. You are a TikTok star in your own right as well, with millions of followers. What is so bad about reposting content these liberals themselves are putting out there on the public platform that anyone else can see on TikTok?

Sophia Carbone: Well, you know, TikTok is largely - there aren't many prominent conservatives on there because, as we've talked about in the past, you know, it is owned by the CCP. So, it's a little bit of a liberal, echo chamber. It's their safe space. If you're not on a certain side of TikTok, as we call it, you're not going to see those videos. So, when they're actually exposed by a great Twitter account, love the Libs of TikTok account with a huge following, and more people are starting to see the craziness, the absurdity that's out there, especially when it comes to people that are teaching your kids, doctors, and pediatricians. You're seeing that they are biased and trying to instill this liberal agenda onto children. And when a popular, very good Twitter account is simply reposting those, it's exposing those to a broader, more conservative audience that some people have an issue with. People like Taylor Lorenz, it's okay when she's stalking people showing up at their homes and doxing them. But when it's done to her, it's a problem.

Emerald Robinson: I have a quick question. I want to follow up with you. I think this draws attention to and questions over where you draw the line between a public figure, as the Washington Post is claiming, that this person behind the lives of TikTok account is, even though she's anonymous. She was really just a real estate agent. She's not a public figure. So, where do you draw the line between public figures and private citizens in a situation like this on these new platforms like TikTok?

Sophia Carbone: I think that really starts to get into a larger debate over even just whether Twitter and TikTok themselves are private platforms versus public squares. But if you have made a point to make an anonymous account, I totally understand wanting your anonymity and that people should be respecting it. For someone like Taylor Lorenz, it's one thing to even just expose a name, but that violates individual respect. Fine. But to go and post an address, she's basically inciting people by saying that she's starting a hate campaign, which isn't true. All the woman is doing is reposting TikToks onto Twitter. That's not starting a hate campaign. So, for Taylor to post her address or place of work, all of that, and to direct people saying that she is being hateful, she's doing X, Y, and Z when in fact, she's not. That's harassment that's going that's crossing a line. So, no matter even if you're looking at as an anonymous person, a private citizen, no matter where that line is drawn. Taylor's crossing the harassment and the stalking line by showing up at people's homes.

Emerald Robinson: Totally. She's like DCs premier stalker. Thank you, Sophia, for being here. If you want to see more of Sophia's work and expose liberalism, visit her site, the Bucalupo. She's got a lot there for you to have fun with. Now, coming up, Governor Ron DeSantis never gives up. We'll tell you how he's doing now.

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Emerald Robinson: There's a reason Ron DeSantis is the most popular governor in the country and a GOP favorite to be president one day. He not only fights the culture war, but he wins. Just take a look at what he did last week. Did he sit back and enjoy the victory over Disney as the company was criticized around the world for its pro-pedophile stance? No. Instead, he pushed for more. He took the fight to the groomers who run Disney. Just watch.

Gov. Ron DeSantis: But I am announcing today that we are expanding the call of what they are going to be considering this week. And so, yes, they will be considering the congressional map, but they also will be considering termination of all special districts that were enacted in Florida prior to 1968, and that includes the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Emerald Robinson: What is the Rating Creek Improvement District? It's basically a business zone in Florida where Disney gets to do whatever it wants. DeSantis tells you that he's stripping away Disney's special status in Florida. He's also telling you that the era of woke corporations is over, at least in Florida. As one Florida lawmaker said, Disney is a guest in the state of Florida. And today, we remind them of that. If you go woke, then DeSantis is going to make sure that you go broke. He is imposing costs on corporations for embracing woke ideology, which is one reason half of America has relocated to Florida. Try driving down the street there these days, but he didn't stop there. DeSantis and his team discovered that critical race theory was sneaking into Florida school textbooks, even into the math curriculum. So, what did he do? He stopped the books from being adopted immediately. The Florida Department of Education rejected 54 math textbooks submitted for approval in Florida, with 28 of them being rejected because of critical race theory. Isn't that fantastic! Let's hope that more Republican politicians follow the example of Ron DeSantis and take the fight to the Communists. And that's The Absolute Truth.