Healing For the Fractured Soul - Session 5: Dynamics of Fractured & Dysfunctional Families

About a month ago

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Every session up until now has been paving the way for the turbulent emotional ride you are about to embark on in this session. Tonight we will focus on how our family dynamics shaped who we are and how you interact with others; this is the hard part. Where were you on the sibling totem pole? How did your family set the stage for physical or sexual abuse? Did they address it well and help you heal when the abuse was discovered? Most of what we have covered can be worked through while sipping some tea on the veranda. However, if you have suffered emotional trauma, this might be an episode you watch alone or with someone you love and trust, with a notepad in one hand and some tissues in the other. The good news is that the Holy Spirit is our Great Counselor. Not only will he guide us in all truth, but bring healing to our hearts and help us be all that God created us to be. Read More: https://www.resistancechicks.com/healing-for-the-fractured-soul-session-5/
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