Healing For The Fractured Soul - Session 4 Fight - Flight - Fear - Faith

About 2 months ago

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Fight, flight, or freeze... Yell, run, hide, comply - these are trauma responses that are triggered by stressful events or memories of abuse or trauma. Ideally, our parents would have taught us how to react to situations that seem bigger than we are, in a calm and rational manner. Unfortunately, most of us were thrust into daycare, public school, or abusive situations where we were left on our own to figure out how to navigate the hard things in life. We relied on our own underdeveloped emotional responses and those of our peers, which led to our inability to navigate difficult circumstances that came our way. I have good news! Jesus came to heal our hearts! The Gospel is filled with scriptures on how to rewire our trauma responses and make them FAITH responses every time. Tonight we will get down into some grit and grime in our heads, letting the Holy Spirit do a deep-clean on the sources that make us tick so that when the troubles and tribulations of this world come our way, we can react with the peace of God and a sound mind. Read More:

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