Governor DeSantis, Ban The Jab!

About 4 months ago

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Alex Newman

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It is long past time for the free state of Florida to completely ban the poisonous COVID-19 "vaccinations," announced Liberty Sentinel CEO Alex Newman and Dr. Joseph Sansone in this episode of The Sentinel Report. Dr. Sansone, a psychotherapist and author, is asking Floridians to make a 1-3 minute video and upload it to social media, asking Governor DeSantis to ban the jab in the Sunshine State once and for all. 

Additionally, Alex covers the most pressing news that will help you remain free. From Argentina's installation of their new president, Javier Milei, to Cuban spies infiltrating the deepest sectors of the U.S. government, The Sentinel Report is your one-stop shop for all things freedom.

Finally, Scott Powell, an author and entrepreneur, steps into the program to discuss the upcoming destruction of one of America's most unique historical monuments and how you can help save it before it is abolished.

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