Globalists Get Smoked in European Elections While Constitutionalists Fight Lawfare in U.S.

About a month ago

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Alex Newman

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The Associated Press ran a story saying, “A four-day election has shaken the foundations of the European Union, with the far right rocking ruling parties in France and Germany,” shared Alex Newman, the host of The Sentinel Report, to kick off the news segment of this fiery installment of the program. Additionally, in the news, Newman reports on Biden’s pathetic attempt to “secure” the southern border and much more.  

Next up, Mat Staver, the chairman of Liberty Counsel and the former vice president of Liberty University, joins the show to comment on his organization’s attempts to stop the World Health Organization (WHO) from accumulating massive powers by stripping the U.S. of its sovereignty through the upcoming pandemic treaty. Newman and Staver also discuss Covenant Journey Academy, a new full-service K–12 online Christian academy that is available to families and private schools around the world, with more than 150 courses all taught by certified teachers, along with more than 30 college courses taught by qualified university faculty.

Finally, former Florida State Representative Mike Hill joins Newman to share how Americans can take meaningful and impactful action steps to save the country.

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