Fresh Off Her Victory, Tina Peters Joins To Discuss What Lead Her To Run for Office in Colorado

About 2 years ago

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Mesa County, Colorado Secretary Of State Candidate Tina Peters

Sherronna Bishop, America’s Mom welcomes Tina Peters, Colorado Secretary of State candidate. Tina Peters talks about being a candidate in the state assembly. Clerk Peters was a business owner for 32 years, and decided to run for office.

In the 2021 Colorado election Peters had backed up the Mesa County server in case it was needed for an audit. When comparing the backup with the current results it showed that things were altered or different. Because of this, the current Secretary of State had people raid Peter's office and came after Peters and her staff.

The indictment stated none of this. So the cover up is in full effect. Despite this, Tina Peter’s is still running for Secretary of State against Jena Griswold.