"Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away from Extinction" Ronald Reagan

About 2 years ago

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Sherronna Bishop: Welcome back to America's mom today. Donna Tompkins with Liberty Girls and Evan Todd 2A advocate and Columbine survivor. We look at bad bill 230 called collective bargaining for counties. And of course, today's look back is Virginia and the mass of to a 2020 rally.

Sherronna Bishop: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to America's Mom. You know, looking around this world, you wonder how much longer can we go on like this? Well, the great thing is, is everything is cyclical. It seems to come back around. We get lazy for a while, and we wake up and realize I actually need to do something to preserve the country that I love and want to live in. And then we get strong, and then we protect, and then we get lazy again. Hopefully, what we're seeing right now is an admonition to us all to stay focused, to teach civics, and to make sure that we're educating the next generation on the personal responsibility they have to ensure freedom for the next generation. It's always just one away, as President Reagan stated to us.

Sherronna Bishop: Today's show is going to be filled with the memories of the Columbine massacre and the effect of limiting our ability to protect ourselves and defend our children. The Second Amendment is under attack in ways that we only could have speculated on years ago. We never thought that it would be a crime to defend your property, defend your home. You would never have thought someone breaking into your home and you using your rights, your freedom, and your Second Amendment to protect yourself would be a cause for you to be the one who goes to jail. We're going to hear some incredible stuff today. It's a wild imagination to think that we can live in a free world again. But I think between you and me, we can accomplish this.

Sherronna Bishop: All across America, women are coming together to create organizations that help them to take back their local communities, to restore their traditional family values, their sense of safety and just normalcy, and a return to our constitutional roots. And that is happening right here in my own backyard in Colorado. And one thing to keep in mind when these organizations are being created in these groups of women are gathering together. Is the need also for protection over their identities? Believe it or not, people are still ridiculed, their jobs are so compromised, and their families are compromised when they come out publicly in support of conservative values. In my state, an organization called Liberty Girls has been formed with over 500 women from every walk of life who have decided enough is enough. They no longer want to bow down to the progressive leftist agenda that is ruining our state. They want to have a say in this matter and an incredible woman who we're going to protect her identity today. Ms. DJ with Liberty Girls is with us to talk about this extraordinary adventure. And I really wanted her to come on and share with you because I know all across this nation, very similar organizations are being built with the same concerns about protecting our identities, protecting our families, and making sure that we are not canceled by the progressive left, especially if we have family that's in law enforcement or some type of judicial position.

Sherronna Bishop: And so, DJ, thank you so much for being here with us today on America's Mom. I can't wait for people to hear your story because I'm wondering what qualified you? What made you the one who could bring all these people together and start this incredible movement in Colorado that's literally impacting the political atmosphere in this state?

Ms. DJ: Well, the funny thing is, I have no qualifications to do it. I just decided that somebody needed to step up and do something. So I did the one thing that I knew how to do. I know how to invite women to my home. I know how to make coffee. And it was an amazing thing. In our first meeting a year ago, we had 30 ladies. We bonded over stories of how our families had been affected in the last two years, and we have just grown from there. We vet all of our members, so it's an invitation-only group. So people came, and they said, this is feeding my soul. I feel like I can speak my mind. And then they invited a friend or two, and that's how we've grown. And now we're really reaching out to other counties in our state and actually other states to say, what are the women that will step up in their communities? Because we need to be doing this everywhere.

Sherronna Bishop: This is so incredible. What is the focus and intention of Liberty Ladies? You guys began gathering at a time when, believe it or not, in Colorado, gatherings were not allowed. You could only have ten immediate members of your personal family, and that was it. We were looking at $5000 fines, ticketing, and all kinds of nonsense for doing what we women do best, which is come together. So what is the purpose of your organization now?

Ms. DJ: So we still have the same three goals that we started with, which is to come together to connect with each other and to realize that we are in the majority. We just need to find our voice and being. I still hear that every day. I felt so alone. I thought I was the only one that thought like I did. And I say, No, you're not. You just haven't found your group yet. You've found them. Now, number two is to be educated because if we're going to make changes in our communities, we have to understand issues that we probably should have known more about before. We trusted people to do the right thing. We can't trust them anymore, so we're going to educate ourselves and speak up intelligently to be able to make an impact. And number three, most importantly, is to mobilize when there's an opportunity where we can come together and make an impact. That's what we need to do. And we're seeing some great successes.

Sherronna Bishop: You absolutely are. Now, one thing I'm thinking about is there's got to be a back story here for you where you have a foundation. You have roots in the Constitution. You know, the proper role of government. This is that educational piece that you're talking about and not lending or giving over our freedoms to the government in order to keep us safe. What's your past been like? What's your story? What's your story, DJ?

Ms. DJ: Yeah. My family is in the law enforcement community and has been for over 35 years. So when I saw the riots happening and the violence and no consequences, those of us that have been in that community, we know if crime is not taken care of, if there are no consequences, it emboldens people. People come out of the woodwork that has a bone to pick with law enforcement or government or whatever. And we knew it would ratchet up. And it has. And I was appalled. I thought, how are we letting this go on in our country? And it was after some riots in Denver. And I heard of a police officer getting run over by a car on purpose. And it was just like something clicked in me, and I said, we have to do something. And so I didn't know where this was going to go, but that was the beginning point for me of just saying it's time to stand up.

Sherronna Bishop: I really love that project. Veritas always says Do something. Everyone has something within them that can make a difference. And sometimes I am concerned when I look at the direction that our country is going until I meet wonderful people like you. And I think who is not doing what God has put on their heart to do out of fear, out of unbelief. They don't think that they're the ones to do this thing that's being put on their hearts. And so, for that reason, we are where we're at right now because so many of us sat down and gave our authority over to another entity or another person in a position of the government. And so it's so refreshing to hear this testimony from you. I want to be able to direct women to you all throughout Colorado and throughout the country who want to start something very similar to what you're doing in Moms for America. We have what we call cottage meetings where we do something very similar. What I really like about what you're doing with Liberty Girls is you guys have decided to get into the political ring, and you actually began interviewing candidates of the whole spectrum and giving women the opportunity to hear directly and ask those mom questions that we might not get to ask when we're out there with everybody in the community at a big meet and greet. Tell us a little bit about that. And what the what has been the reaction with that with your women?

Ms. DJ: It's been incredible. In January, I would say 99% of us didn't know what caucus meant. So that was our first goal was, a caucus for dummies. What is it? Where do we go? What happens? What's the responsibility if you step up to be a delegate? What we showed in two months of learning is that we had over 45 positions filled by gals in my group who went to caucus and said, I have to stand up. There's nobody else here doing it, or the person that's standing up isn't doing a whole bunch. So that was like amazing. So they went through county assembly and state assembly. The great part, too, is candidates have, for the most part, not always been very open when we've invited them to come to speak. Sometimes it's been at my home, and sometimes at an outdoor event. We did a sheriff's forum that was moderated. We didn't want to do the nasty debate thing. We just wanted a forum where we could give them questions and find out their stances on issues that are important to us. And so it's pretty exciting that the candidates really want to come to speak to our group. And we're a fair group. We're trying to really hear from everybody. We're not endorsing any particular candidates. We're a big group. We can't have girls who look at issues differently, but we want to be fair and give people the opportunity to share with us so we can get some good people in.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, you are such a blessing. Where can everybody find you? Please tell us where they can go, and we'll get that message out.

Ms. DJ: That would be great. So we have an email address. It is [email protected]. I would love to connect women either with a group in their area or talk with them about starting a group. I just was online with a group that started, and they were up and running in a month and a half. I gave them my whole blueprint, so it's really not hard to do because we give them everything. We'll give them guidance along the way. But the first place would be to email us at [email protected].

Sherronna Bishop: And this is what makes America so great. Nobody gave you permission. You simply acted independently and said, This is what I'm going to do to make my country better. Thank you so much for being with us today, DJ.

Ms. DJ: Thanks so much.

Sherronna Bishop: All right, everyone, buckle up for this one. The newest outrage from Colorado is called the collective bargaining for county Senate Bill 22-230.

Sherronna Bishop: Did you ever think that the state would actually mandate the unionization of counties? Interestingly enough, the price tag on this particular bill hasn't even been discovered yet. Probably never will be. It's just another opportunity for the government to control every single facet of our lives. But don't worry, as I get into this bill, know that one amendment has already been made, which says you have a choice whether or not you want to unionize. Do you know what's interesting about that? We've always had that choice. But in Colorado and states like this, where they want every single step of your life to be ordered for you, this is just one more move and the tyrannical takeover of our beautiful state of Colorado.

Sherronna Bishop: So let me share with you collective bargaining for counties. This bill is created to engage in collective bargaining, organize, form, join or assist an employee organization or refrain from doing so. That first one alone, organize, form, join or assist an employee organization or refrain from doing so is very telling. We already have the option to do that. It does not need to be put into another law that strips us from our ability to self-govern. Engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection. Communicate with other county employees and with employee organization representatives and receive and distribute literature regarding employee organization issues.

Sherronna Bishop: I'm pretty darn sure people already do that too in Colorado. You also can have an exclusive representative at formal discussions concerning a grievance, a personal policy or practice, and any other condition of employment. Oh, my word, that exists already too. What is Colorado doing besides trying to make sure they have their thumb over every decision that is made? See the counties in Colorado. 60 out of the 64 are conservative. This is just one more way for this leftist, progressive legislative body that is controlling Colorado to insert itself into the conservative areas of Colorado and dictate the outcome. We've already seen what unions have done to our schools. We've already seen what unions have done, even for the construction workers of Colorado. We are unimpressed and even more unimpressed with this bad bill.

Sherronna Bishop: When bad things happen to us, we're not always sure exactly what to do. Our special guest today, Evan Todd, is both a 2A advocate for all of us in America and a survivor of Columbine. One of the worst days in American history happened right here in Colorado. Evan Todd is with me to discuss our Second Amendment rights and that horrendous day. It is such an honor to have Evan Todd with us here today as a Second Amendment advocate, a survivor of Columbine, a father, and such a great patriot. We are so blessed to have you, Evan. And thank you for joining us on America's Mom today. Welcome.

Evan Todd: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Sherronna Bishop: Yeah, absolutely. So you have quite an extensive history in defending and protecting our right to bear arms. Tell us a little bit about you and how you got on this path.

Evan Todd: Yeah. It started really when I was 15 years old. I'm a survivor of the Columbine massacre. And I knew about guns, obviously. I never really had a position before that. And I didn't know that it was a political hot button. But I did learn quite a bit in the aftermath of that tragedy. And I asked myself a lot of hard questions on whether we do need the Second Amendment or we should own guns. You know, this was a path that I went down, and I researched and deliberated. And, you know, I had a lot of internal struggles looking at these issues. But when I went down that path, I realized that the Second Amendment is important. The Second Amendment actually saves more lives than it does. 

Evan Todd: The only reason we live in the civilized society that we do, and I would argue the only reason we've seen the advancement throughout the world is because of the founding of the United States of America. And that is in part due to the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment. You go through all ten and our whole structure of government is by the people and for the people. And that's the only reason we enjoy the life that we do today. I don't look at it through a small lens of just this one issue. I see the impacts that it has overall in every aspect of our life. And you know, I say very often, and I've said for almost 20 years.

Sherronna Bishop: So your experience has been the Second Amendment, the foundation of our Bill of Rights. This is what has made America great and the rest of the world so incredibly unlimited potential, unlimited possibility. And everybody largely lives in more peace because of our founding in the way that we do things in America. I know when I wanted to have you on to talk about the Second Amendment and to talk about your personal experiences, it is from a global perspective as we're watching kind of the breakdown of America under the Biden administration. 

Sherronna Bishop: I watched you on the steps of the Denver Capitol when Beto O'Rourke came to Colorado to let us know he was going to be taking our guns from us. And you were a real agitator that day. How does your Second Amendment activism, how does that play out? And you've become such a resource for people to look to because you are that person that the betas of the world say they're trying to protect. We just want to protect kids. So we want to get rid of all of the guns. We want to make sure there are as many restrictions on the ability to carry as possible and what kind you can carry and what bullets you can buy, and how many rounds you can have in your chamber. How do you speak to those things, Evan? I mean, you are the person they claim that they're trying to protect.

Evan Todd: Yeah. And you know, there's a formula that authoritarians and people who want to control your lives use. And it goes into every industry, whether it's the food and drug, whether it's medicine, whether it's the Second Amendment or firearms. The government has notoriously created and made issues worse. And I mean that by one of the things I think the problem with having school shootings is we have gun-free zones. These schools in these communities have no way to protect themselves. That is a government-created problem stemming from a bill that Joe Biden pushed the crime bill in the 1990s. It changed over the years into the current legislation that is now in the current law that it is now. But that has perpetuated the problem. The school system is completely devoid of a moral compass, and it is creating these killers in the school system. That's something that is largely ignored that we need to really have a serious conversation about as well. But getting back to this formula, governments create this problem, and then they come in as their white knight savior to try and help and save you. And that's exactly what they're doing now.

Evan Todd: This problem is perpetuated. They don't want to solve this school shooting problem or any of the other problems until they have the control to do so, until they are controlling our lives until they control the food system, or until they control the banking. That's what they've done over and over and over for the last hundred years. And so that's one thing we need to recognize is what this formula is and what they're doing. And Beto O'Rourke is just the next pawn in this scheme to grab more power within the government. And we have to say no on principle and on this fact alone.

Sherronna Bishop: And I think that's why you have so much authority to speak. The idea of you are virtuous because you're saying, I don't want guns because I don't want kids to die. Right. That is the direction that they always go with the gun argument. And when, in fact, the reality is we must have more guns in order to protect more people and teach them how to do it. Harrison and Klebold were picture-perfect examples of what you need to create to make more killers. What they listen to, what they watch. They were left alone, and they were allowed to essentially do whatever they wanted. They didn't have a lot of parental control going on. I've listened to the mom actually tell her story, and it's devastating. And I have no judgment over her because, ultimately, these kids made their own decisions. But if you wanted a roadmap on how to create psychopaths, they provided that. And it's weird to me to see in the schools that we're seeing this antisocial behavior that they were doing being advocated for and pushed in our schools right now. What do you say to that?

Evan Todd: Yeah. You know, our schools and our kids are being they're under attack both mentally, physically, and spiritually in our school system. It's no wonder that the problem of school shootings, depression, suicide, gender confusion, and all the issues that our kids are facing these days is a direct response to parents relinquishing their authority and their power to raise their children. And the more the schools raise our children, the worse things are getting. And that's something that parents need to take a real hard look at.

Sherronna Bishop: It is. And I'm wondering, from your perspective, what have you seen? What are the statistics about the schools that allow for teachers to be able to at least conceal carry in order to protect their classrooms? Is that a thing? Is that something that actually happens? Are teachers allowed to carry in schools?

Evan Todd: Yeah, the vast majority of schools are left unprotected, or they have a rotating SRO. But there are about a thousand schools that have carried concealed teachers, staff, and faculty over the last 20 years. And over the last 20 years, there have been zero incidents at those schools. So, I mean, the evidence is very clear that when we arm and get our teachers and parents involved to protect our schools, the schools stay protected.

Sherronna Bishop: I absolutely see that to be the truth. I've always thought when you walk up to a property, and you see a do not carry on this property, it's like a big, beaming, blinking sign that says vulnerable people here shoot first.

Evan Todd: It's common sense.

Sherronna Bishop: It seems like it. It really does seem like it. So where are you at now, and what are you doing? I see you all over the place. And it's sad to see the anniversary of Columbine come up again. But now that you're a dad and you're looking at the future for your children, what is your perspective on national issues and global issues right now? I know you spend a lot of time researching and talking about these things. What's your perspective as someone who's been in just an unbelievable situation, and you've dedicated your life to know what our principles are to be free, to live free. How do you see the national conversation right now and the direction we're going?

Evan Todd: It's very disheartening the direction that we're going. You know, I've seen things develop over the last 20 years as I've been involved in current affairs and political issues. Honestly, I think we have some rough waters ahead of us, and I think people need to prepare for that. We have an out-of-control government. We have bloated businesses that are massively powerful that are controlling a lot of the decision-making. And this is, so we have many problems, corruption within our own system. But then globally, I think there's also a power struggle that's going on that we're still learning about every day where, you know, I look at it as a mafia. I think all these global elites have the same vision that they just want to control it from their point of view. So I see a lot of mafia wars, and this is what the world events look like to me. And so I think we're under attack from within and without. And I think people really need to wake up to that fact and really get involved and really do what they can, whether it's in their niche in their community. You know, there's a ton of things that we need to do, from school choice to reinstituting parental rights in our systems. We need to take care of our elections. We need election integrity because, without that, none of this is going to happen. And that's the most civilized and best way forward is through this process to, you know, make sure that the people's rights are being protected and not just heard, but protected because you can have 99 people want one thing and the other person want another. But if that violates that one person's rights, that's what needs to happen. It's not just a mob rule. We are not a democracy, and we need to keep educating people that we are a constitutional republic, even if we don't act like it.

Sherronna Bishop: Evan, can you run for governor, please? My last question for you, and we're going to wrap up our time. Elon Musk. Your thoughts.

Evan Todd: He's a brilliant guy. I don't think he's the hero that many people think he is. And some of the things he's doing are incredible. You know, his rocket ships, and even we'll see how it pans out on Twitter with his free speech. But, you know, he's a very smart businessman who has an interest in artificial intelligence and neuralink and things like that. So I think people need to be wary of what he's doing. And yeah, we should support him when he is protecting people's rights and call him out when he's not. And that's how we should view every single person, I think.

Sherronna Bishop: Evan Todd, it's always a pleasure. I can't wait to have you on again. Second Amendment advocate, father, and constitutionalist, I appreciate you more than I can say. Thank you for being on America's Mom today.

Evan Todd: Thank you. Have a good day.

Sherronna Bishop: In January of 2020, in Richmond, Virginia, the birthplace of America, the largest rally that I've ever been to in my life was held by over 100,000 Virginians. And actually, quite frankly, Americans from all over the country descended upon the Capitol to tell the governor, we will not comply with your tyrannical Second Amendment violations of the American people. This is our look back today, the Virginia rally of 2020.

Sherronna Bishop (Video Clip): You'll see that suddenly the Democrats believe in borders as they put up a cage around all of the protesters today, contesting their legislators, treading on their Second Amendment rights on all of our Second Amendment rights, because what happens here sets a precedent for the rest of the country. And as you know, they peddle these bills from state to state to state to school, grab on to it and try to pass it for them. We're hearing a lot of talk about Bloomberg financing, the shift in the governor here, that basically Bloomberg flooded all of the races here with money, and it ended up being a name recognition game. So the same supermajority issue that we have in Colorado. They have here in Virginia.

Unidentified Individual (Video Clip): I'll tell you that in Iraq, we used to confiscate weapons from the citizens, and we used to tell them that, don't worry, we'll defend you. And then, at nighttime, we'd go back to our bases in the safety of our own compound, and they were left out with the insurgents unable to defend themselves. So oftentimes, when we went back into those villages, they weren't the same villages that we had visited the day before. When we confiscated those weapons, they had been decimated by the insurgencies that had radical ideas. And I think what's really radical is giving up your ability to defend yourself from radicalism.

Sherronna Bishop (Video Clip): Wow. Thank you. That's a real-world example right there.

Sherronna Bishop (Video Clip): You might recognize this lady. It's cold here. You look like you might be a millennial. Yeah. Is that right? How did you escape socialism?

Unidentified Individual (Video Clip): Oh, man, that was good. I was a Bernie Bro. I got a gun. I got a pistol. And then I realized who's passing all the laws restricting that? And I just completely turned on it.

Sherronna Bishop: It's incredible what we can do when we come together to defend each other's natural rights. When we focus on the individual, everybody wins. And what happened in Virginia told us we still have the power with the people when we come together. It wasn't long after that that the COVID policies of isolation and separation began, and it weakened us as a people. We're finding our way back now, and more than ever, we need to continue to come together. These massive rallies that Trump is holding all over this country isn't just to elevate Trump. It's to bring you and me back together to give us that unity over our natural rights and protections that form the greatest country we've ever seen. We have to show up. We have to take the risk that maybe your name will be put on a list. Are you even a patriot if you haven't had the FBI bust your door down yet? This is our time to shine. Freedom-loving, American-loving, freedom fighters. It's our time right now. And more than ever, I need you on those front lines to stand up and stand tall. Don't let your career shut your voice down. Don't let your employer limit your reach in your own community if you've been compelled to stand up for your children at a school board meeting. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows a business to keep you and prevent you from doing that. On Friday, we're going to have a wonderful interview with a teacher who is learning. It's more important to live your real truth, the freedom-loving truth than it is to comply with bad policies that limit your reach and ultimately end up harming your community.

Sherronna Bishop: You're the solution that you are looking for. I look forward to seeing you all here on Friday for an incredible interview with a fantastic teacher who just wants the opportunity to give your kid the best education possible. Remember, all that's necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Visit us at www.americasmom.net, and we'll see you guys back here on Friday.


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