Former Arizona Supreme Court Justice And AZ Attorney General Candidate Reacts To SCOTUS Protests

About 2 years ago

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Security tightened for Supreme Court justices as protests extend to Alito's home

Pro-choice protests outside Maryland homes of Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh



PUBLIUS SPECIAL GUEST: Judge Andrew Gould, is a former Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court and current candidate for Arizona Attorney General. 


“As a former Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court, I am deeply troubled about the protests outside the home of Justices Alito and Kavanaugh. This is nothing short of an assault on the Court and the rule of law. Judges must be allowed to use their independent judgment in making a decision.


We cannot allow a group of thugs to harass and intimidate the Justices and their families in their homes. This is a sad day for America.


Demonstrators rallied outside the Northern Virginia home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Monday evening to protest his draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade


Videos of the protesters flanked by cameramen showed people marching up and down the street chanting slogans like: "our bodies, our voice!" and "Alito is a coward!"  


Some members of the crowd carried a banner that read: "Repro Freedom for All." 




BIO: Andy’s path to public service began with his parents. Growing up, the Gould family never had a lot of material success, but they were rich in far greater ways. Andy’s parents were good, hard-working people of great faith who stressed the importance of integrity, honesty, and humility – values that inspired him to pursue a career in law. 

As a prosecutor in Yuma, Andy tried every type of criminal case imaginable, including the prosecution of criminal organizations located in Mexico. In 2001, Andy was appointed by the Governor to fill a vacant seat on the Yuma County Superior Court, where he served in that capacity for eleven years. In 2006, while serving on the Superior Court bench, he was appointed as the Presiding Judge for Yuma County. In 2012, Andy was appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals until he was given the honor of being appointed as Justice to the Arizona Supreme Court in 2016. 

Arizona needs an Attorney General who will be ready on day one to go to court and fight for their rights, and Andy Gould is the right person for the job. Andy understands the legal challenges facing Arizona because he has spent more than 30 years addressing and presiding over the most complex civil and criminal cases in the State. 

To show his commitment, Andy has stepped down from the Arizona Supreme Court – a decision that not many before him have made. But to quote Thomas Paine, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” Arizona needs leaders who are willing to sacrifice something for its people, and Andy Gould has proven he will do just that. 





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