Forced Transgender Indoctrination and Firing Doctors Who Gave Vaccine Exemptions In The Military To Destroy American Culture

about a year ago

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Destroying American Culture

On Let's Be Frank, Aynaz Anni Cyrus and guests, AJ Willms and Michael Lauber discuss transgender indoctrination and the firing of doctors in the US Military. Seems like Democrats are sinking their hands into the military. At the moment, army mandatory training requires soldiers to shower with transgender people of the opposite sex. This can be violated for some individuals and seems to be an active push people out of the military. 

In addition, they have no regard for freedom of religion and rights to the COVID-19 vaccine. They forcibly vaccinate soldiers at boot camp. Even if they have already received the vaccine! These recruits are also threatened with court-martial for refusing the vaccine. Furthermore, they have resorted to firing military doctors for giving vaccine exemptions.