Fires, Explosions, and Chemical Disasters Occurring Repeatedly in U.S. | Health Tracking Devices Implemented in East Palestine | James O'Keefe Forced Out of Organization | Col John Mills

About a year ago

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The East Palestine catastrophe continues. While the city suffers from contamination and rapidly occurring health emergencies President Biden flies to Ukraine under the radar on President's Day. While his nation, from which he usurped authority of the people, is rapidly enduring several crises from fires and chemicals he offers another 500 million dollars to Zalensky while denying aid to Ohio.

The outcry from the American public is rightly heard. Yet, the powers that have enjoyed unrelenting control turn their noses up to the people in need of aid and protection. As more tragedies occur, people like Pete Buttigieg avoid them until they deem it's safe to visit them.

However, sinister actions are beginning to unfold as the nation watches its former self dive into despair, suffering, and an uncertain future that appears more unsteady daily. Unexplained events and suspicious surveillance implementations continue to knock the citizens off the course of recovery. Now, they witness their fellow citizens apparently poisoned and murdered before their eyes.

Colonel (RET) John Mills shines a light on the foolhardy, but purposeful, visit of Biden to the Ukraine. Did he just show the people how far his indifference is to them by his despotic photo op with Zalensky?

As the nation faces upheaval of dissident and true journalistic organizations it might miss the serious national security threat before its eyes. Colonel Mills raises the alarm on a dangerous threat from China and the inability of the Pacific to deter its advancement.

Is America under an attack from within?


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