Roger Stone & Joel Gilbert On Michelle Obama Possibly Being The Democratic Candidate In 2024

About 2 years ago

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The Democratic Nominee for President in 2024 Is…Michelle Obama

Many people realize that control of the democratic party is not in the hands of Joe Biden. That control is held by Barack Obama and the most likely candidate for president by the democrats is Michelle Obama. Joel Gilbert states that she has been practicing running for president since 2016. She follows the same steps that Barck Obama used when he was a candidate. He explains by saying she was the keynote speaker for Joe Biden at the 2020 democrat convention. This spot is usually reserved for the next upcoming nominee.
She will be the next democratic nominee and base much of her campaign on a life story that is more racially divisive and fictitious than what Barck did. Joel has deep-dived into her history of work and education and will reveal the discrepancies in his upcoming book.


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