Exposing Everything with Special Guest Jake Gartrell

About 2 years ago

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She's So Right Show

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Exposing everything? Jake Gartrell seems to be well versed on nearly everything medical, Covid, election fraud and healthcare corruption. We cover conspiracy, incompetence and political propaganda, all with laughs and a bit of humor, and plenty of talking.... IG: @jakegartrellTwitter: @JacobGartrell Viral vid on IG: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-DMriD8hmBU&feature=emb_logo Thank you so much for subscribing and listening! Your rate and review means a lot too! Please check out our partnerships and affiliates at WWW.SHESSORIGHTSHOW.COM ?Thank you to our generous sponsors Dillon's Restaurants www.dillonsrestaurant.com United Gold Group for your support. www.unitedassetgroup.net/

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