Exposed - Nikki Haley's Hidden Backers and $83 Million Dollar Crime Against Trump

About 2 months ago

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The Lance Wallnau Show

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Dive deep into the shadows of political intrigue in this explosive episode, where we uncover the secret forces backing Nikki Haley and reveal a staggering $83 million maneuver against Trump. Explore how Lance navigates through biblical narratives, drawing parallels to modern-day political dynamics, persecution, and the quest for truth amidst a tumultuous American democracy. From the lessons of Paul and Barnabas facing opposition to the resilience required in today's political climate, this episode offers a compelling analysis that connects ancient wisdom with current events. Tune in for a journey through faith, power struggles, and the enduring hope for a better world, all while cutting through the noise to bring you the unvarnished truth behind the headlines.

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